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okra eXpress hosts numerous multinational events bringing together investors and targeted major players from industry and government with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world markets.

Innovative features of okra eXpress

  • okra eXpress is a public relations Great British small business running big projects whilst cutting a slice across the continent offering original, creative, innovative, services with a difference and in line with quality.
  • At okra eXpress we help to maximize responsible investment in this changing world of clean energy and carbon friendly green environment in the modern age. 
  • At okra eXpress excellent positioning is fundamental. okra eXpress offers super efficient, diverse and dynamic strategic global market services to better position companies in a clearer light.  
  • okra eXpress is a carbon-friendly PR business. The colour green forms part of the corporate colours at okra eXpress as green is highly associated with environmental sustainability.
  • At okra eXpress, we broaden our knowledge base and in-still great work practice and modern approach to embrace the latest thinking in strategic processes for  corporations across the globe.
  • okra eXpress is an intellectual thinker with diverse and positive capabilities of taking on board a broad overview of issues and press ahead with forward planning.
  • At okra eXpress we are averse to consulting more than informing to ensure that  we are all fully above board in line with high professional standards and quality.
  • Quality is the key at okra eXpress. If you have learnt from our experience, then our past is a success
  • Get Connected. To Stay Well Connected at okra eXpress.
Background:  okra eXpress was launched in 2007 by Bertha Oluwole, an astute and highly respected and creative, PR and investment practitioner. Bertha is a positive consensus builder with soft skills. Bertha is a postgraduate executive MBA professional with excellent degree of people management, interpersonal and soft skills. Bertha is a careful script writer, a lady of great letters, with a rare combination of qualities admired by many for her tenacity and soft diplomatic skills. Bertha's practical experience is underscored by her diverse qualifications in journalism - advanced media law, politics (major), with European studies, law, general and strategic business management with Applied Information Management: Digital Technology, and languages. 
The services at okra eXpress are aligned with quality and as a recognition to that, okra eXpress was officially launched in the prestigious Georgian restaurant, HarrodsKnightsbridge, London, a classic and up markets venue in swanky London, and the appropriate cachet for the quality and brand values that okra eXpress stands for. 
Incidentally, The Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique - This is Latin, meaning, all things forr all People, everywhere. okra eXpress cuts a slice across the globe.
Get a swift plug in at okra eXpress. Get connected, to stay well connected at okra eXpress

What's Next @ okra eXpress in 2015 

okra eXpress echoed.  okra eXpress is delighted to inspire, project manage and host the following events listed below.  We are actually thrilled to confirm that we have an excellent line up of global formidable speakers, and industry experts for the for forthcoming okra eXpress events to boost investment.
  1. http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlEU - China Trade and Investment  boost - event @ okra eXpress
  2. http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlEU - US Trade and Investment boost - event @ okra eXpress
  3.   Investing in Expanding Markets - Clean Energy, Green Bonds, Energy efficiency projects Investment boost event @ okra eXpress
  4.  British Investment Summit event @ okra eXpress
  5. Investment boost - event @ okra eXpress
  6. Emerging Telecom, Media and Technology – The rising potential of Technology: Pace V quality: Who is ahead of the game in this digital modern age? event @ okra eXpress

  7. Going Forward - Strategic Human Capital Magement in the modern age, this 21st Century. Looking Ahead. How do you identify qualities in the people you employ? How do you overcome social, cultural and linguistic barriers in the work place, be it, public office, be it multinational company, be it family business and what have you. Your talents are unique, you make outstanding contribution to the organisation, why are you getting paid less? What mechanism do you have in place to identify training needs to ensure quality and high professional standards are not seriously compromised.  Should interested candidates for the role be disqualified just because they do not have the academic university qualifications you require? To what extent should other qualities be considered for the role in the absence of academic qualifications?. Be it, great character, be it, soft skills, be it, tenacity and diplomatic skills, be it, politeness, be it, willing to learn and has a pleasant personality, be it, reliability, able to embrace and practice the traditional principle, values, culture, and practice of the host country? Discuss all these and other real life experiences at the okra eXpress event.

  8. Held to AccountBring back our intellectual property. Carbon Copy V intellectual property infringement.  Enough is enough. Intellectual property has legal implications. Ever heard of intellectual property infringement? This is the modern age, in the  21st Century. One can snap out of carbon copying the quality work of others. One can snap out of that if one wants to and one knows that! One final question very briefly, are you up to speed with intellectual property law? Discuss all these at  the okra eXpress event.

  9. http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlHorizontal tricolor flag bearing, from top to bottom, deep saffron, white, and green horizontal bands. In the center of the white band is a navy-blue wheel with 24 spokes.EU - India Trade and Trade and Investment boost - event @ okra eXpress

  10. http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlEU - Africa Trade and Trade and Investment boost - event @ okra eXpress 

 okra eXpress hosts numerous multinational events bringing together investors and targeted major players from industry and government with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world markets. okra eXpress cuts a slice across the globe offering original,  creative and unique PR, media and event mangement services with a difference and in line with quality. Quality is the key at okra eXpress.  If you have learnt from our experience, then our past is a success.  

Incidentally, the photos below are extraordinary photos taken at the okra eXpress events inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress. Alert: Copyright. okra eXpress owns the copyright of the photographs below.  


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