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Established in 2007 okra eXpress an iconic British brand, cuts a slice across the globeoffering creativeoriginal classic and unique services with a difference and in line with quality and high professional standards. okra eXpress was set up by Bertha Oluwole,  highly regarded, ▶bright◀, modest, creative, clever, ▶fair◀and a quite international observer with excellent listening skills, retentive memory and the ability to take in mental notes on matters and Bertha always asks the right questions directly to the right people that matter. Bertha is a trained mediator better able to positively take matters in her stride and that is commendableBertha can offer her strategic and comprehensive capabilities of taking positive steps to be vocal to help put right in "great faith", unfair, improper, flippant and unacceptable behavior affecting others often the voiceless who, for reasons that should never be acceptable, allows themselves to be incredibly naive and nervous for others to put them in a vulnerable and obliging position, intimidating them into silence, which should never be encouraged and allowed to happenWe heard about the dreadful happenings of vulnerable young girls, young women, youths, with potentials
In the light of this, 

we stand tall together for child protection. We are better prepared and compelled to use our influence and authority to urgeGifts: Pens & Pencils Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen the authorities to  END MODERN DAY SLAVERY - PUT A STOP TO GANG RAPE - FULL STOP! on a matter of the gravest urgency and concern and to take into consideration the very serious situation with which the young girls, Youths, Young Women are faced with. We are highlighting this matter of extreme importance for the authorities to:
  • Expedite the process of an independent and  impartial investigation without hindrance.
  • For the findings of such an investigation to be made public
  • What medical treatment these Young Women, Youths, Young Girls have received, when and by whom?
  • Are there any signs of forced abortion or medical ill-treatment. If so, who carried out the forced abortion and where exactly were the forced abortions and or ill-treatment carried out? (In someone's back garden, in hospital, in a car garage, filthy sheds, please specify the exact location. Please also release the full details of the medical doctor(s) who carried out the forced abortion and medical ill treatment.
  • Do we know of possible medical ill treatment, health risk, unsafe abortion that has lead to confirmation of the now-deceased if any? What does the toxicological report show? Are there any signs of forced, and unsafe abortion? 
  • Can you please urge the relevant officials to cooperate with the prosecutors? 
  • Held To Account: For those responsible to be brought to justice in accordance with high professional Standards.Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01bAs you can appreciate, this unbearable situation is quite disturbing and has caused deep concerns and distress to myself and I believe many others. Let's not forget, the whole world is watching!
    How embarrassing to see the high professional standards of our great and beloved country drop down into the drain
    . because of these  idiots, uncivilized people who are not polished. Not good! Freak! We need to take back control of our traditional principles, values and standards and raise standards back up again where it belong... Our government does oppose such improper and unacceptable practices. However, the persistence of such brutal abuses may somehow highlight the failure of the authorities to adequately investigate reported abuses which these uncivilized, evil GANG rapists are involved and to effectively prosecute those responsible. It is in this circumstances that I petition you to use your influence and authority to initiate a A full, impartial, fit and proper investigation to be made public for the general members of the public to know what is actually going on and what positive and robust steps have been implemented to redress these dreadful unresolved issues. I am quite heartily adding my great support to the appeal to stop GANG rape and can I please call for the abolition of Modern Day Slavery in general?  I would be obliged for a response by return and your assurance that those concerned will be brought to justice in accordance with our traditional high professional standards. That is the current position, there is no turning back! Just one more thing very swiftly, surely, you will agree with us that young girls, youths, young women have potentials and must NOT be treated like used Tea towels, igniting their bodies to go into auto pilot, like these young girls are ever ready battery and washing machines.Buy Miele WDD030 Freestanding EcoPlus Comfort Washing Machine, 8kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White Online at johnlewis.com Refrain from treating young girls like a luggage - this side up, stop treating young girls like conveyor beltfinish, next >>>>  the evil, uncivilized "GANG" rapists would pass on the young girls to other members of the "GANG" rape network to have a go treating the young girls like conveyor belt. PASS IT ON! Good Lord, these GANG rapists are evil men are NOT decent, civilized and polished, and some of them are married have robbed these Young girls, Youths, and Young Women off their dignity and respect. No amount of financial gain is worth compromising your respect and dignity. We have traditional principles, values and culture and we stand tall by them. Remain seated otherwise and you will end up sitting on your hands.. Freak!  Good Grief. You sometimes wonder. Let's put some thoughts into the mental and emotional stress these young girls, young youths, young women have had to endure at the hands of these evil GANG RAPIST NETWORK . This is very awful and uncomfortable for us all to bear and comprehend.   
  • must point out very briefly and quite heartily that Young girls  have qualities, and they are very worthy, therefore identify and utilize their qualities accordingly.
Young women, Youths,
Bertha is an astute and strategic public relations, legal and public affairs professional, business intelligence and legal researcher, communications, media, events logistics, and media practitioner with excellent project management, tenacity, diplomatic, people management and soft skills. Bertha takes a long term view of things. Bertha is not really into quick fix, dashed off and horrid work thatnd she is not easily swayed. Bertha is at one with everyone and does not follow the crowd. She is quite capable of striking on her own and she knows what button to press when, how and where...

Bertha is a part-time smart artist, but her original, inspirational smart artwork designed and created with elegance, style and grace are NOT for sale. Nevertheless, Bertha maintains a regularly updated list of all the owners of her swanky smart artwork. Bertha quite heartily gives away her enchanting and intriguing collection of smart artwork to loved ones - family and friends without charge, to touch their golden hearts with unconditional love, and to grace them with divine comfort, inspiration, unconditional love and affection. A classic symbol and clear indication of her rich and growing intimacy, unconditional love and affection with her loved ones, family and friends. Bertha's practical experience is underscored by her diverse academic  qualifications in Politics (Major), with European Studies, law,  journalism - advanced media law, post graduate degree in Business Administration -  Executive MBA - general and strategic business management - Applied Information and knowledge management - digital technology.Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP.jpg 
Bertha has enjoyed a distinguished career working in litigation, advocacy, strategic administration, legal and public affairs. Bertha is admired by many for her positive interpersonal skills, and fair approach. Bertha better understands simple things. When matters are left in Bertha's Great hands,

Bertha  is better able to stand tall
for the benefit of others to benefit and flourish. Bertha is kind at heart and quite generous with her unconditional love and affection. Nevertheless, Bertha does not suffer fools gladly. Bertha has a particular skill in choosing her words carefully whilst putting her points across directly, leaving the listener's integrity intact and how it should be. Bertha has been a board member for an organisation regulated by the UK authorities. Bertha served on the board whilst working in her capacity as  UK government employee dealing with strategic PR, legal and public affairs. In her role in litigation, Bertha was instrumental in translating legislation into workable policies and procedures, setting up and leading a specialist project team to better improve the quality of the legal services, drafting legal manuals, delivering advocacy skills training to the specialist project team, representing her employers in various courts across the UK, including, formerly, Central London County Court in Baker Street, London, Clerkenwell County Court, London and Dacorum County Court, outside London, conducting advocacy in court, presenting in excess of 160 legal cases per month in court, offering unrivaled intellect, and running files in all areas of the law. Bertha has a particular skill in entering into negotiation with opponent barrister and presenting the full facts of the matter to the judges in court of course after delving deeper into the legal matter, utilizing her strategic legal research capabilities, drafting witness statements and injunctions with statement of facts after carrying out extensive legal research. Bertha lives up to her nameBertha - meaning Bright. Always look on the bright side of lifeBertha, nicknamed, Erin, as in the enchanting movie, 
Erin Brockvich
Erin Brockovich (film poster).jpg
is skilled in creating strategic communications and credible links with opponent barristers, often resolving legal intricacies without challenge in the best interest of her ex-employers. Bertha is a board level consultant. From 1997 - 2002, whilst Bertha was in full time employment working in litigation, legal and public affairs, as a UK government employee, Bertha served on the board of an organisation regulated by the UK government authorities. Bertha was a member of the board and the Lady Chairman of the board of management regulations, audit, compliance, legal and public affairs Committee. As a board member, Bertha offered quality and high professional standards. Bertha has been involved in series of high profile and often complex cases on behalf of her ex-employers during her career in litigation. The interpretation of legislation and ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements forms a significant part of Bertha's work. Quality legal services loomed large in all the her roles Bertha carried out in legal and public affairs. Bertha was head hunted by her ex-employer and offered a strategic role as legal affairs consultant to set up a specialist project team and take a leading role to strategically project manage and redress unresolved and complex legal challenges her ex-employer was faced with. Bertha accepted the legal and public affairs role after her interview with
Invitation sent to Bertha from Her Majesty's Treasury interview for the role of Lead Policy Officer.
→ Her Majesty's Treasury is the UK government's finance ministry, maintaining control over public spending setting the direction of the UK's economic policy and working to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.
Bertha also received other invitations to attend interviews for the roles appended here under:
Invitation sent to Bertha from HSBC for the Quality Manager role - "Treating Customers Fairly" interview working in the HSBC Quality Department to embrace and implement the Financial Services Authority's (FSA's) Treating Customers Fairly initiative working across the Bank to embed the learning from "Treating Customers Fairly" within every HSBC department, process and transaction. The Quality Manager - Treating  Customers Fairly role encompasses everything from strategy and culture, sales and advice to product design and financial positions. The Quality manager was required to offer a thorough understanding of the UK retail banking and regulatory environment market. (One must point out that Corporate Finance was one of Bertha's favorite module at the Business School in London, where she successfully obtained her Executive MBA, precisely when the Business School was at that time, ranked 2nd in the UK, 3rd in the Europe, and 10th in the World rankings of Executive MBA (eMBA), ranked by the Financial Times. As part of the requirement to obtained Executive MBA, Bertha had to do the compulsory Corporate Finance module. Guess what? Take a wild guess, unlike the other business students in her class at the business school who were working in finance, banking and insurance, not only was Bertha, the only Black Lady and as a matter of fact, Bertha was also the only Executive MBA candidate who was working litigation, legal and public affairs.Nevertheless, Bertha scored distinction in Corporate Finance exam and distinction, in Corporate Finance project assessment - Bertha scored higher marks than the other business school students who worked in the Banking, Finance and, Insurance industry. As a matter of fact, Bertha thought that the three hours slot 
Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, London - May 2007.jpg
 that was allocated for the Corporate Finance Exam was too long. Bertha successfully completed the Corporate Finance exam with great ease and well before the three hours allocated exam time slot and successfully scoped a distinction she is very much used to scope. Of course, Bertha - okra eXpress achieved all her Great accomplishments at the London based Business School, under the strategic direction and leadership of the then Dean of the Business School, Lord David Currie, a highly regarded Economist, Professor, who is currently the Chairman of the Competition & Markets Authority - CMA. 
Competition and Markets AuthorityDavid Currie
  Incidentally, Bertha was the only black FACE 

and black Lady in  the male dominated Executive MBA class at the business  school that time.Nevertheless, Bertha was not very bothered about that! - In fact Bertha was the only black FACE and black Lady to scope th Executive MBA award on graduation day. It was very difficult getting into that highly ranked business school which was one of the reasons why Bertha selected that Business School, because the bar was highly raised and the London buses in that area integrated very well with the London Underground. Which worked out well going home late at night. Unlike the MBA course where students attend classes every day full-time, Bertha's Executive MBA's requires Executive MBA candidate to work full time during the day, and attend lectures at the Business School two evening a week, (three hours in two days, total six hours a week, and Bertha, her class, et al... had to better prepare for exams every eight weeks.). Bertha got into the business school with more than the what was required as entry requirements such as -  2:1 and above, First Class degree, 5 years of managerial experience and high GMAT score. Bertha is a model. In her spare time, Bertha's Piano fingers, Ladies fingers are on show.
 Bertha is a Hand 
and Feet 
Image result for okraexpressModel. Incidentally, round about siix weeks into the Executive MBA course, at the Business School, Bertha was kindly asked to become the FACE of the business school for national,  and global marketing and PR campaign worldwide to better enhance the MBA and Executive MBA intakes.  Bertha's extraordinary photography made the front cover of the glossy business school brochure / prospectus Moving on, moving on very swiftly, FSA becomes FCA... The story continues... Incidentally, on 19 December 2012, the Financial Services Act 2012 received Royal Assent, and it came into force on 1 April 2013. The Act created a new regulatory framework for financial services and abolished the Financial Services Authority. (FSA). Specifically, the Act gave the Bank of EnglandBank of England.svg responsibility for financial stability, bringing together macro and micro prudential regulation, created a new regulatory structure consisting of the Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee, the Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority.Financial Conduct Authority.png
Invitation sent to Bertha from The Law Society, England and Wales, interview for the role of Events Manager.
→ The Law Society England and Wales is the independent professional body for solicitors. The Law Society represents and supports their members, promoting the highest professional standards and the rule of law. 
Invitation sent to Bertha from Eversheds - now Sutherland: Interview for the role of Business Development Manager.
Invitation sent to Bertha from Great Ormond Street Hospital. (GOSH), interview for the role of Head of Communications. The Great Ormond Street Hospital, (GOSH) Great Ormond Street Hospital.jpgwas founded by the now- deceased, Dr. Charles West, (1816-1898Charles West photographed by G. Jerrard (from Wellcome Images).jpgDr . Charles West was a British physician, specialized in pediatrics and obstetrics, especially known as the founder of the first Children's hospital in Great Britain, the hospital for sick Children
Souvenirs: Harrods Bears & Soft Toys Harrods My Harrods Teddy Bear in Great Ormond Street, London. Great Ormond Street Hospital opened its doors at 49 Great Ormond Street in 1852 on Valentine's day Image result for valentine's day de beersImage result for valentine's day de beers
Incidentally, Sir Michael Rake,Sir Michael Rake - World Economic Forum on Europe 2011.jpg
the Chairman of BT,BT logo.svg and Director of  S&P Global S&P Global logo.svg will function into his new role as Chairman of Great Ormond Street Hospital in November 2017
Invitation sent to Bertha from Stroke Association, interview for the role of Deputy Director of Communications.brain clot
Health Explained: What is a stroke? Credit: BBCProfessor Anthony RuddProfessor Anthony Rudd of St Thomas' Hospital in London explains what happens during and after a strokeHe explains what happens in the brain, what effects it may have on the body and what the prognosis is for recovery. You can hit on the BBC website to know more about stroke. Credit: BBC, Last updated, 23 August 2010 
Invitation sent to Bertha from the United Nations for the P4 senior management interview for the role with the United Nations, UN, working in the area of Public Relation, Media, administration, legal and public affairs.
Bertha accepted the  legal and public affairs role offered by her ex-employer. The head hunting blurb sent to Bertha from her ex-employer stated the following: 
Hi Bertha,
Re: Long time no speak
As always with me there is a business angle! I am after someone with legal experience to work on a project at .... to harness the problem of .... and proceed to
go to court as necessary. I mentioned I knew someone who was legally qualified and single minded.... they said who! I said Bertha. Mr... said yes she worked with us and her work was high quality. You have obviously been doing the right things. Are you available....? If not lets have lunch sometime?
Kind Regards, Mr.... Head of ....◀
Incidentally, Bertha was nearing the completion of her fixed term contract elsewhere for another client conducting advocacy in court in relation to their back log of unresolved complex court cases. Once Bertha successfully completed her fixed term contract, she then immediately started her legal affairs consulting role offered by her ex-employer. Upon arrival at her new role as legal affairs consultant, the managing director chaired a meeting with Bertha and the other relevant heads of department and Bertha was presented with the brief from the previous board meetings with the bundle of documents relating to the unresolved and complex legal challenges Bertha was hired to sort out. Bertha then realized that the magnitude of the unresolved legal matters were extremely severe and complex, than initially thought. Nevertheless,  six weeks into accepting the legal affairs consulting role,  Bertha swiftly translated legislation into strategic and workable policies, and quality practice that essentially saved her ex -employer in excess of £500,000, possibles fines, plus court costs for serious breach of legislation and of cause reputation damages was also brewing in the background. The computer systems were prone to concessional breakdown seriously compromising the successful completion of required tasks by the employees. Bertha also identified and swiftly rectified a technical glitch in the computer digital system and also encouraged her ex-employer to practice and swiftly put in place credible, efficient, and creative digital technology and communications mechanism with profound effect. ▶Incidentally, credible digital technology helps to expedite the process of strategic communications. Digital technology is NOT ▶Rocket Science◀ a trained Monkey can do it!
Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP.jpg 
Bertha also set up strategic digital systems to expedite the process of administration to help redress the legal intricacies efficiently and in the best interest of her ex-employer. Bertha quite cleverly  incorporated intricate knowledge, regulatory compliance, appropriate business dynamics, strategic human capital management, organisational behavior, applied information and knowledge management concept, analysis and framework into the project to gain profound effect. Quality practice and transparency were of utmost importance for the specialist project team under Bertha's leadership and clear direction. Associated records of file notes and quality legal practice guidelines were published via the Intranet and resource library which Bertha helped to set up as well as the concept of hot desking were proved extremely positive. Incidentally, a UK regulatory body highly praised the sterling efforts of Bertha's work and placed a high premium on the strategic policies and quality legal services along with the policies Bertha drafted and implemented to address the legal problem. Incidentally, the UK regulatory body also confirmed that Bertha's strategic policies, and her clear approach and all the measures taken under Bertha's strategic leadership and direction exceeded their expectations and advised that other organisations experiencing the unresolved legal challenges should learn from and mirror image Bertha's strategies into their agenda plan of action and work plan. Incidentally, a UK government department in Whitehall, Admiralty Screen (411824276).jpgswiftly welcomed and embraced Bertha's legal affairs strategic policies and advised that Bertha's strategies ought to be used as a blue print for other organisations to implement into their policies and procedures. Bertha is a result orientated, innovative, creative and modest professional, who takes a long term and positive view of things. Bertha lives up to her name Bertha - meaning Bright, "Always look on the bright side of life". Bertha has exceptional level of diverse expertise and a wealth of knowledge ideal for public, private sectors and industries in this digital modern age. In the course of Bertha's career in litigation, legal and public affairs, she took up a number of opportunities which presented themselves, but which have not taken her away from work with a predominantly journalism, public relations, media, legal and public affairs dimension. Bertha held two roles whilst she worked full time in litigation in the 90's - yonks ago in the 20th century, to be precise, offering her diverse capabilities through the provision of legal services, she also worked on a part time basis at the BBC,  where she gained considerable quality training and experience in journalism at that time, Bertha was also nearing the completion of a part time university course in European Politics and the Media. Bertha was very fortunate to gain quality experience in accordance with high professional standards in journalism, presenting and producing BBC news under the strategic leadership and direction of ▶BBC's Shaun Ley,Shaun Ley 
a highly regarded, courteous, fine, well polishedcivilized  and honorable BBC journalist and presenter, a noble, gracious and polite gentleman with adorable mannerisms, and notable credits presenting: 
→ The World at One
→ The World this weekend
→ Dateline London
→ BBC Radio 4
BBCs Shaun Ley's 
diligent work will ever live in my memory". Bertha - okra eXpress adds
Incidentally, yonks ago in the 90s, the 20th century, Bertha worked with the talented and professional team at the BBC to produce BBC Newsroom South East's previous news programme.
→ BBC Newsroom South East was BBC's regional news program me for South eastern England. It was launched on Tuesday 28 March 1989 as the successor to  London plus, the South east.
→ The program me was in turn replaced by Sound Today in the Heath field coverage area between 1992 - 2001, (When this area was switched to South East, today and the Oxford coverage area from October 2000). South East today in Bluebell Hill and Dover coverage areas from September 2001 and BBC London News in Crystal coverage area from October 2001.  Many years later after Bertha gained journalism experience at the BBC, she received an invitation to participate in the BBC's Question TimeBBC Question Time.png
a current affairs programme, chaired by BBC's David DimblebyDavid Dimbleby 01.jpg, a highly qualified polite, gracious, courteous, fine and well polished, civilized honorable journalist and presenter, who is not in any way intellectually arrogant. How refreshing! Bertha adds. At the time Bertha registered her interest and attendance to participate in the BBC Question Time, Bertha was working full time in litigation as a UK government legal and public affairs employee and also a board member for an organisation regulated by the UK authorities. Never the less, Bertha attended and positively participated in the BBC Question Time on Thursday, 11 January 2001 in her capacity as a concerned general member of the public. And this was what Bertha said to the BBC Question Time audience. "I am fully aware of Lord Blah blah blah's positive and robust agenda plan of action. But given the circumstances currently subsisting, I think there is a need to expedite the process of carrying out an investigation sooner, rather than later. ▶" Bertha's unedited, swift, punchy and straight to the point soundbites delivered in the BBC Question Time debate chaired by BBC's David Dimbleby, David Dimbleby
on Thursday, 11 January 2001 was well received◀ (Basically, there were sufficient gravity to warrant a formal investigation). → Here's yet another swift, punchy and straight to the point soundbites that came out of the BBC Question Time on Thursday, 11 January 2001, ▶ {Why on EARTH is it that some young girls, youths, {the young females who are not girls, but not yet women NEVER feel adequate and completely fulfilled about themselves UNLESS after they have had breast implants?Breast implant Why? What? Tell me, talk to me, why on EARTH do these young girls feel this way about themselves freak!}◀fast forward 21st century → breast implant... precisely that's what we are talking about >>> this is still happening - oh dear, you sometimes wonder Somehow! This is very sad, disappointing and outrageous! Young youths, young women, perhaps you can consider enjoying your youth, and stay ▶natural◀ somehow rather than try to out grow your youth. What a shame - I am not into these sort of things I see as rubbish and nonesence. I am not amused. Young youths you are just a beginning woman remain a▶natural lady◀ and embrace and enjoy your youthful age. You can snap out of the idea of having breast implant, if you want to and you know that! You do not have to respond to everything you hear. Particularly, rubbish and nonescence, careless, daft and irresponsible question like "Are you beach body ready? freak! Walk away, gentlyImage result for gucci ballet shoeswithout looking back in anger. freaks! = Their flippant behavior is sign of weakness, insecurity and lack of confidence! Keep walking ahead. Because you have nothing to say. What on EARTH were you going to say. You say nothing. walk away- you have nothing to say to these daft, careless and irresponsible question. Keep a dignified silence and walk away gently looking ahead. As the magnificent Irish pop super star, recording artist, singer, musician and philanthropist, the one and only Ronan Keating, Ronan Keating (8532953277).jpgwould say "You say it best, when you say nothing at all". Indeed Ronan Keating's song which is easier to listen to, "You say it best, when you say nothing at all", formed part of  the sound track credit for the  wonderful and triumphant must see movie, Nottting Hill, A poster with a large picture of a woman shaded blue on it is stuck to a wall. A man walks in front of it.starring the one and only Hugh Grant Hugh Grant 2014.jpg
and the one and only Julia Roberts, Decent, civilized gentlemen of noble character would choose their words very carefully. Young lady, you are NOT beach body ready- only idiots think you are!. This behaviour is quite clearly a kick in the teeth.
logo-asa(Advertising Standards Authority. (Advertising Standards Authority ASA, is the UK's independent regulator of advertising across all media. The ASA makes sure Advertisements across the UK media stick to the advertising codes). Some people like taking Liberties at Liberty. Incidentally, the now-deceased Sir Arthur Lasenby (13 August 1843 - 11 May 1917)Liberty department store London.jpg
was the London Merchant, and founder of the Image result for liberty store image
Liberty & Co, the quality and luxury goods store
Ladies frown upon daft behavior, foolish questions such as "Are you beach body ready? Daft men ask daft questions and are not well polishedcivilized and courteous. Walk away with any anger and ranting -  Walk away from the nuisance, before you get carried away and the next thing, you find yourself getting into the man's car with his gang, et al.... and some of these men are married men in gangs. They use dreadful vulgar language freak!, not nice words, evil men treat women like they are some sort of used Tea towelsSouvenirs: Harrods Tea Towels Harrods Signposts Tea Towel Set freak! - awful not fit for purpose! Steer well clear away from these awful, useless men. Cross over the road safely, walk away The cover of Abbey Road has no printed words. It is a photo of the Beatles, in side view, crossing the street in single file.
gently Image result for gucci ballet shoesWhat a saga
You are Madame Freeman - Mrs. Freeman, Lady Freeman, retain your wings, raise the bar, get up and go, walk awayImage of a card handed to pedestrians in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1921. Reproduced in Street Rivals: Jaywalking and the invention of the Motor Age by Peter Norton, Technology and Culture, Volume 48, Number 2, April 2007
press ahead to the next best thing to fill in the day quite heartilyThese  idiot men are not civilized. and polished! Better-still, they are not worth your peripheral vision.
Evil, uncivilized men  do not deserve a look in.

Look the other way! Otherwise, you will probably end up with unexplained headache. You don't want to form part of their statistics. Not cool...You are not beach body ready.  You are young, naive and fresh faced! As a youthyoung girl, there are great girlie things you can consider with your friends your ageImage result for okraexpresswhen you can and when school work is not in the way
Climb  rocks

climb walls
Prince Charles clings to the climbing wall in the Channel Islands Prince Charles, Prince of Wales climbs on the new traversing wall in the new gym at Grainville Secondary School on July 18, 2012 in St Helier, United Kingdom
Bake a cake Chocolate battenberg
and have  huge slices of the cake with cream then go for a long walk to shake it off! 
Learn more about the iconic Danish Mermaid
A man photographs the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen
Read great books. Ever read the book "You Bastard" written by Professor David Sims
Portrait of Professor David Sims
Professor David Sims, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour,
Cass Business 
School, City of London 
Brief synopsis of the book"You Bastard": A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations David Sims Abstract Our patience with forming interpretations and reinterpretations of others behaviour is not unlimited. The time comes when we lose interest in trying to understand, and conclude that another person is behaving in a way that is simply unacceptable. This paper explores the narratives that go with immoderate indignation, even for those best versed in the idea that they should attempt to understand the perspective of the other. The paper offers a reflexive comment on the difficulty of analyzing such a topic, on the grounds that the phenomenon under discussion can debilitate analytic writing. Three narratives are discussed in which one person was seen as behaving in a despicable way by others. The description and analysis of the narratives are used to offer a narrative understanding of the process by which some people become indignant with others. It suggests a narrative construction of how sense is made of indignation, particularly in cases where two narratives come up against each other. It concludes by considering how the process of being indignant can produce conflicting emotions of joy and guilt for those involved. Keywords:
  • Narrative, 
  • Indignation, 
  • Emotion,
  • Storytelling, 
  • Sense making A pluralist view of the world is no defense against a sense of indignation towards colleagues who are seen as having behaved in an unacceptable way. Organization theorists have long made jokes about the gap between the relativist language of much of their professional discourse about the world and their capability of single-minded practical anger at others behaviour. There are times when any relativism of view disappears in a cloud of heartfelt indignation. Then an interested, exploratory stance to what the other person thinks they are doing becomes impossible; it is replaced by a clarity that the other person is up to no good. The internal discourse changes from  one in which the other is ‘construed as behaving strangely’, or as ‘seeing the world differently’, or even as mistaken; the discourse becomes one in which they are 
  • ‘Wrong’
  • ‘Wicked’
  • Simply "a Bastardand should be treated as such - "Bastard". Not everyone would use the word ‘bastard’ for those with whom they are angry; however, the word was in very widespread use in the situations in which I have seen indignation eXpressed, and was certainly used by several participants in all three of the narratives quoted in this paper. I shall therefore use it without further apology or circumlocution, trusting the reader to translate between it and other words that eXpress indignation if appropriate. Organization Studies. The End.
Well, you can read another book. Ever read the book Callanetics
by the now-deceased, Callan Pinckney, 26 September 1939 - 1 March 2012
 Callan Pinckney.jpgSuper Callanetics [Official DVD]
"My only competition is plastic surgery".  the now-deceased, Callan Pinckney, 26 September 1939 - 1 March 2012  The author of the book, Callanetics
Ever tried making home made Jam? 
Bertha loves strawberry jaand she loves strawberry jam beautifully made
So Bertha 
simply makes her own home made strawberry jam beautifully
Ever tried mountain climbing,
Cancer survivor climbing a mountain using crutches. Credit: BBC 5 Live. A bone cancer survivor has told BBC 5 live she climbed a mountain on crutches. Nikki Bradley was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer when she was 16 and was told that she would have to use crutches for lifeCreditBBC 5 Live, 14 April 2017
Image result for okraexpressHello dearest one! I am a profoundly deaf youth and grew up using both English and British Sign Language, (BSL)SignatureI completed my GCSE and Diploma in Photography Course. In the last five years, I have worked for an event management company, okra eXpress,photographing speakers  and delegates at several evening events at okra eXpress which took place at the House of Commons,House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg in Westminster 
and which focused on investment in Africa and India. I have worked for the Bromley Youth Music Trust on several occasions for example documenting a day out for a group of pianists at Finchcocks Early Museum keyboard where they tried our different  keyboards, listen to a lecture recital and then took part in an evening concert before a packed audience. I have also done some work for K College, photographing a government's visit. If you are interested in my  work or would like to have a photo shoot, please don't hesitate to contact me via Bertha okra eXpress Email, bertha@okraexpress.com (and we will arrange something:) I am available Monday to Saturday Times must be arranged. With many thanks:) Michael Watson. (Mr.). Bertha - okra eXpress echoed. Michael Watson, (Mr.),has a Great command of the English Language and writes very well with beautiful handwriting Fountain pen writing
Michael loves writing and he writes beautifully.Quill pen
Indeed, a hard working honest and trustworthy profoundly deaf promising youth with great potentials, willing to learn, well polished with impeccable character. Michael loves playing the piano and he plays the piano beautifullyGrand piano and upright piano.jpg

Image result for okraexpress
Incidentally, the fantastic profoundly deaf youth, turned highly qualified Photographer, Michael Watson (Mr.)Image result for okraexpress
 is a constituent of The Rt. Hon. Jo Johnson.Official portrait of Joseph Johnson crop 2.jpg
The Rt. Hon Jo Johnson was appointed Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation by the new Prime Minister , 
The Right Honorable, Theresa May in June 2017. Theresa May Official.jpg
Established in 2007 okra eXpress echoed, "Our youths of today are the Prime Ministers tomorrow. Investing in our youths is actually a short term investment that would ultimately yield  potential dividend in the long run. And there is no question about that". Yes, of course, one would need to tap into resources, (Time, Finance, and Human Resources), all these resources are worth it if you take a long time view of things, we will gain sustainable dividend in the long run. Indeed, that is the icing of the cake for all to flourish  together. 
okra eXpress adds.
climb trees,

Teething problem?Pierrier Water Dear? For just Great friends?
You keep calling me DearWho is the Dearest
Blair and BrownPerrier Balloons
Make it ice cream next time with that brown
"thingy", on top, I think they call it brown flake? No chance. You get no brown flake this time. Read my lips, take what you get, until you get what you want!  
Years of tension and behind-the-scene fights were glossed over as Tony Blair bought his Chancellor Gordon Brown a Mr Whippy from an ice-cream van during the 2005 election campaign. Sadly their faces failed to hide the awkwardness.
Chillax. Dearest, You just cannot burn the candle 
on both ends at the same time, running up and down like a maniac, workings your fingers to the bones, rising up  like the beautiful early birdA red breasted robin sits perched on a pole.
doing an "allnighter" like that owl. Chillax Dearest, to "beef up" your beauty sleep.Chilax, Learn from Blue KenDearest, Chillax! Ken Clarke QC is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel,  Blue Ken can strike out on his own and doesn't need to follow the crowdSleeping like a baby: Justice Secretary Ken Clarke drops off at the cricket yesterday as he took some time off

News, views and InterviewsCredit: BBC, Last updated, 29 May 2012 

Politicians at play: Chilled or lax? Credit, BBC's Norman Smith

Chief political correspondent, BBC News Channel, Last updated, 29 May 2012
We're in the middle of a eurozone crisis. The economy is in recession. There are precious few jobs around. And until the past few days the weather had been utterly dreadful. 
Ken Clarke "chillaxing"
So in that sort of climate do we really want to see ministers taking it easy, yawning in the sunshine, feet up, enjoying the cricket as Ken Clarke was at Trent Bridge this week? But should we really get that upset about our political leaders "chillaxing"?
okra eXpress adds, Thank a trillion to The Right Honorable Ken Clarke CH QC MP Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke QC, MP 
We learn new
things everyday. See we have learnt a new word chillax, thanks to Blue Ken Chillax!
tried plain
 Watch a musical Evita-Incidentally, Evita is a musical with music by the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber, AndrewLloydWebber3.png
a composer and impresario of musical theatre. Incidentally, Bertha is fortunate to have met Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber, on a fine sunny day with glorious ray of sunshine in December 2010 at the Sothebys Logo.svg Bertha - okra eXpress, a part- time artist, 
accompanied by invitation from the Lady Chairman of the William Robert's Society, Mrs. Pauline Paucker to attend an auction at the Sotheby's to honour the great work of a highly regarded British painter, (the now-deceased, William Roberts RA, 5 June 1895 - 20 January 1980)William Roberts (painter).jpg After the art auction, Bertha - okra eXpress  and the Lady Chairman of the William Robert's Society decided to have light Sotheby’s Restaurant, London
 tea at Sotheby's but first Bertha had to make her way to the foyer at Sotheby's to accept an up to three minutes telephone call Bertha prearranged to accept before the art auction at Sotheby's. It was at the Foyer at Sotherby's that Bertha and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber met and subsequently entered into fruitful, productive and fascinating discussion with him. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber was very impressed with the work Bertha does at okra eXpress. That bright sunny day, Bertha - okra eXpress was triple booked, after the auction at Sotheby'sBertha - okra eXpress also attended a party at the Dorchester in MayfairThe Dorchester Hotel Logo.svg  organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Londonthe-dorchester-alain-ducasse-table-lumiere-plate-settingalain-ducasse-at-the-dorchester-restaurant-heritage-tomatoes-summer-menu-resized
News, views and InterviewsCredit: BBC, Last updated, 12 February 2015 
Prince Charles with Saudi Arabia"s Prince Sultan bin Salman

Prince Charles visits ancient Saudi Arabia site at Al-Ula

Prince Charles has been given rare access to ancient archaeological sites at Al-Ula in Saudi Arabia, as he continues his tour of the Middle East.The Prince also met with the new King of Saudi Arabia, with whom he raised the case of the jailed blogger Raif Badawi. BBC's Nicholas Witchell reports. 

News, views and InterviewsCredit: BBC, Last updated, 19 February 2014 

Prince Charles takes part in Saudi Arabian sword dance

Prince Charles, wearing a traditional Saudi uniform, dances with a sword during traditional Saudi dancing
The Prince of Wales wore traditional robes and carried a sword as he took part in a ceremony as part of a festival of culture in Saudi Arabia. Prince Charles joined members of the Saudi royal family for the Ardah - or sword dance - in the capital Riyadh.Prince Charles, wearing a traditional Saudi uniform, dances with a sword during traditional Saudi dancing
The prince wore a traditional ankle-length garment, known as a "thobe", for the all-male ceremony which is usually performed at events such as weddings. He is touring the Middle East, where he is visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Credit: BBC, Last updated, 19 February 2014 

And a little bit of history? More about the British Painter, The now - deceased, William Roberts.  (the now-deceased, William Roberts RA, 5 June 1895 - 20 January 1980)William Roberts (painter).jpg The British Painter, (the now-deceased, William Roberts RA, 5 June 1895 - 20 January 1980was elected a full member of the Royal Academy in 1966 (he had been an associate member since 1958), and he continued to depict large-scale urban scenes in his paintings until his death in 1980After his son had died intestate, The Guardian revealed that the Treasury Solicitor Civil Aviation Authority Head Office, London (18827487).jpg(Incidentally, The UK Government Legal Department (previously called the Treasury Solicitor's Department until 2015 is the largest in-house legal organisation in the United Kingdom's Government Legal Service).
had control of a large number of works by 
 the now-deceased, William Roberts RA,  which it refused to lend to an exhibition at the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then it has been announced that 117 of these works have been allocated to the Tate Gallery in lieu of inheritance tax, and the Tate will also house the remainder. a number of the works allocated to the Tate went on display at Tate Britain (The original Tate Gallery, now renamed "Tate Britain")from May 2012 till March 2013. Roberts's short account of his early years (written in 1977) appeared posthumously in 1982. In 2004 William Roberts: An English Cubist by Andrew Gibbon Williams, the standard monograph on this painter, was published. 

from The Guardian, News, views and InterviewsCredit: The Guardian, published on 15 Monday 2004 at02.31 GMT
The loss of the most important private Roberts archive is a heavy blow. More than 70 paintings and drawings, from private and public collections, including the Tate's, will be included in the show at the Hatton Gallery at Newcastle University. But more than 400 more, including family portraits, Roberts's earliest boyhood and teenage drawings, and studies for major public works, are in a locked store in the care of the treasury solicitor. The office deals with Bona Vacantia cases, an arcane term dating from the Norman Conquest meaning vacant goods and applied to property which passes to the Crown when the owner dies without making a will and without direct heirs. The treasury solicitor's office has refused to lend any of the works. The attorney general's spokeswoman, who answers for the treasury solicitor, said the pictures were unavailable because they were being formally valued, pending a decision on whether they should be sold or kept as part of the national art collection.Excerpt from The Guardian, News, views and InterviewsCredit: The Guardian, published on 15 Monday 2004 at 02.31 GMT  Thanks a trillion to the then Minister for Culture at the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, The Right Honorable David Lammy, FRSA, MPOfficial portrait of Mr David Lammy crop 2.jpg who under his strategic leadership and direction helped a Great deal for the general members of the public to secure rights of access to the art works of the 20th Century British Painter, (the now-deceased, William Roberts RA, 5 June 1895 - 20 January 1980).William Roberts (painter).jpgThe Right Honorable   David Lammy is a British MP, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tottenham since 2000. The Right Honorable   David Lammy, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, London - The Royal Society of Arts.jpg
became Parliamentary under-secretary in the Department of Health. In 2003, The Rt. Hon David Lammy, was appointed as a Minister in the Department for Constitutional Affairs. As a member of the UK Government, he voted in favour of authorization for Britain to invade Iraq in 2003. After the 2005 general election, The Right Honorable Davis Lammy was appointed Minister for Culture at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. In June 2007, The Rt Hon.David Lammy was appointed as a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. In October 2008, he was promoted to Minister of State and was appointed t the Privy Council. In June 2009 until June 2010, when Labour Party lost the general election, The Rt. Honorable David Lammy became Minister for Higher Education in the new Department for Business Innovation and Skills. The Rt. Hon David Lammy, studied t the  School of Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies., University of London, obtaining  a First  -Class degree. The Rt. Honorable David Lammy went on to become the First black British to study at Harvard University when he won a place to study for an LL.M. at Harvard Law School, The Right Honorable David Lammy was called to the bar of England and Wales
.Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01b
in 1994 at Lincoln's Innthat he had joined as a student member and practiced as a barrister for several years. Between 1998 and 2015 the William Roberts Society furthered the appreciation and promotion of Roberts's work, being established as a registered charity in 2002. Incidentally, the former neighbor and friend of the now deceased William Roberts, Mrs. Pauline Paucker, with others, set up The William Roberts Society. Mrs. Pauline Paucker, a historian, who has been the Lady Chairman of The William Roberts Society, and formally a teacher at a UK based Boarding School for Bright girls, the same school where the disgraced Kids Company CEO Camila Batmanghelidj's mother also taught at that UK based Boarding School for Bright Girls.

Incidentally, Bertha's money ain't funny and unfortunately, Bertha donated money to Kids Company by buying a book published by a friend, of the disgraced Kids Company CEO Camila Batmanghelidj, Mimi Howes a fund raiser for Kids Company, who wrote and published a book she flogged on Bertha's face to buy for the Benefit of the children.Batmanghelidjh photographed in 2005 for a BBC documentary, Tough Love, about Kids Companyt
The Gist of  happenings at Kids Company under the management of its disgraced CEO  disgraced Camila BatmanghelidjCredit. BBC, Last udatd, 31 Jly 2017. 

Kids Company troubles timeline. Credit, BBC Last Updated, 31 July 2017

June 2015: Local authorities in London are warned the charity is having financial difficulties

29 June: Ministers Oliver Letwin and Matthew Hancock approve a £3m government grant despite concerns being raised

2 July: It emerges the charity has been told it will not get more public funding unless its chief executive, Ms Batmanghelidjh, is replaced

3 July: Ms Batmanghelidjh announces she is to step down

but denies the charity has been mismanaged

31 July: The BBC learns an investigation into allegations involving Kids Company has been launched by the Metropolitan Police

Image result for metropolitan police car bbc

4 August: Sources tell BBC Newsnight the charity is to close and the Cabinet Office is to try to reclaim the £3m

5 August: The charity confirms it has closed

6 August: Former staff allege it failed in its handling of allegations of serious incidents, including sexual assaults

7 August: David Cameron says the closure is "sad" but defends the £3m grant

14 October: Documents suggest the problems at Kids Company were raised with trustees as early as 2002

15 October: Ms Batmanghelidjh and chairman Alan Yentob give evidence to MPs and again deny the charity was badly run

3 December: Mr Yentob resigns as the BBC's creative director in the wake of controversy over his role at Kids Company

28 January 2016: The Met Police investigation into allegations of abuse is closed

24 April 2017: The Insolvency Service reported to have written to lawyers acting for Kids Company's former board members to warn them that it is minded to pursue disqualification proceedings against them

31 July 2017: The Insolvency Service announces it plans to bring proceedings against former directors of the collapsed charity.  Excerpt  From the BBC News, Credit. BBC. Hit on the BBC for more, Last Updatd, 31 July 2017

You sometimes wonder what is actually behind those foolish smiles with hidden and ill thought agenda with serious consequences or others. I just shows the disgraced CEO had no regards for the children and she failed in her duties to respect the children. You sometimes wonder! freak.... Not Cool! For Bertha the  unscrupulous CEO Camila Batmanghelidj and her Kids Company fund raising friend Mimi Howes will always be remembered in her golden heart as the two women who got Bertha to Pat with her Cash thinking that her money, donations in Bertha's own little divine way, would  benefit the children at Kids CompanyNot only that the unscrupulous CEO Camila Batmanghelidj, used to love the  limelight and the Media with her silly smilesBatmanghelidjh interviewed by John Humphrys on the Today programme, 6 August 2015
CEO V see E oh - what type of CEO are you? You just cannot give a full account of happenings? What rel Surely, the children at Kids company would have been able to tell the Kids Company (See E oH - CEO) of the Universal Principles of Accounting = Every Debit Entry Must have a Corresponding Credit Entry. This is not rocket Science. It is the simple and clear Universal Accounting rule! -  A Strict Principle Accounting Practice
Bertha felt cheated and robbed. Hindsights are Great. Bertha could have donated her money to a credible and caring Children's hospital instead of donating her money to that unscrupulous Kids Company. Freaks. Very sad, disappointed and outrageous. Bertha felt robbed having to Pat with her Cash.  Very disappointed, but not downhearted. 
House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svgCamila Batmanghelidjh with Alan Yentob in front of the Commons Public Administration Committee, 15 October 2015

Kids Company ex-directors facing bans. Credit. BBC.Hit Last Updatd, 31 July 2017Camila Batmanghelidjh

Incidentally, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.jpg
 is a musical with lyrics by Tim RiceTim Rice - 1981.jpgand music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber. AndrewLloydWebber3.pngThe story is based on the "coat of many colours" story of Joseph from the Bible's Book of Genesis. Bible Colour & Learn - The Book of Genesis Incidentally,Philip Schofiled, Philip Schofield.jpg
a television presenter currently employed by ITV and most recognized for presenting the lifestyle programme, This Morning which he has co-hosted since 2002, and has also hosted other programmes on the channel. Philip Schofield tried his hand
at theatre and took over the role as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat from Jason Donovan on the West End Stage at the New Victoria Theartre not to far from where the iconic British Brand, okra eXpress was beautifully created. In 2007, the name of the British iconic brand okra eXpress was discussed and agreed by Bertha over lunch with two British historian  at The Royal Academy of Arts Royal AcademyThe Keeper's House garden
Dead Rabbits 
In 2008 
okra eXpress celebrated its  First Birthday under the beautifully lit up magnificent roof of the Great Court Restaurant at the British Museum.
British Museum
British Museum in Bloomsbury, London 
Court Restaurant food
Court Restaurant coffee
Court Restaurant food
Court Restaurant food
Court Restaurant food
Court Restaurant food
Since its official launch in the Georgian restaurant, in Harrods, Harrods.svgthe home of the beautiful Grand Piano, in 2007, Bertha held all the events at okra eXpress in Mayfair, Hiltons Hotel, Mayfair, Hilton , the Royal Overseas League, in Green Park,
in Green ParkGreen Park, London - April 2007.jpg
Piccadilly,Open Happiness Piccadilly Circus Blue-Pink Hour 120917-1126-jikatu.jpg


Established in 2007events at okra eXpress were also held in in Parliament, House of Commons,House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg  Palace of Westminster, 
and of course at the the former home of the former British Prime Minister, The now-deceased William Ewart Gladstone, FRS, FSS, 29 December 1809 - 19 May 1898).1271754717 william-e.-gladstone.jpgat his house at 10 -11 Carlton House Terrace, Pall Mall, Mayfair, Image result for 10-11 carlton house terracewhere it all began. The first events at okra eXpress and was held. The Carlton House Terrace is a street in the St James's district of the City of Westminster in London. Its principle architectural feature is a pair of terraces of white stucco-faced houses on the south side of the street overlooking St James's Park.St James's Park Lake – East from the Blue Bridge - 2012-10-06.jpg These Terraces were built on Crown The Crown Estate.pngland between 1827 and 1832 to overall designs by 
( the now deceased John Nash,John Nash.jpg  18 January 1732 - 13 May 1835) John Nash was a British architect responsible for much of the layout of Regency London under the patronage of Prince Regent, and during his reign as George 1V.)  but with detailed input by other architect including  now-deceased, Decimus Burton, FRS FRSA FSA FRIBA (30 September 1800 - 14 December  1881). Decimus Burton.pngT
They took the lace of Carlton House, and he freehold still belongs to the Crown EstateThe Crown Estate.pngThe former home of the former British Prime Minister, 10 -11 Carlton House Terrace is a handsome building in all Mall, Mayfair. The End. okra eXpress adds 
Learn more about the historian, Dr David Starkey, CBE FSA RHistS, 
constitutional historian and a radio and television presenter. David Starkey LSE.jpg
Excerpt from the House of Commons Newsletter - FACILITIES Focus - Newsletter for the Staff of the Department of Facilities in the House of Commons February 2009, published on the third page,  Under the strap line: "It's all about teamwork"relating to a letter Bertha - okra eXpress sent to Sergeant - at- Arms House of Commons. It's all about team work. The following is an extract from a letter sent to Josey.... and Peter... , Attendants in Portcullis House, regarding a recent event in the Attlee Suite. The letter came from Bertha Oluwole, the director of an organisation,
okra eXpressEstablished in 2007  that organizes specialist events and who enthusiastically acknowledge the invaluable contributions Josie, peter and members of the of the various teams who work so well together to make sure that events in Portcullis House run smoothly and professionally.
Ms. Bertha Oluwole Wrote
Gifts: Pens & Pencils Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen
"Thank you very much for the tremendous part you played in ensuring that all the meeting facilities were ordered, delivered and up and running for the event at okra eXpress  (UK, Japan, Africa Business and Trade Links Event). Bertha - okra eXpress, asked Josey that and Peter pass on her heartfelt appreciation to the "Swift and French Maintenance Team) for getting the room ready so quickly after the previous event. Ms. Oluwole - okra eXpress was equally fulsome in her praise of Andrew... of Westminster Sound systems and said he was just amazing. Andrew and his team helped to set up all the technical equipment, liaised with His and Her Excellencies, the High Commissioners and Ambassadors and helped them set up their PowerPoint presentations. They also recorded and produced very professional audio and video DVDs which Bertha's stakeholders "adore"! Asked to complete post event at okra eXpress event evaluation form and comment on the event at okra eXpress, delegates and participants, who included High Commissioners and Ambassadors, said they found the House of Commons venue and the service they received excellent and "nothing less than spectacular". "This is the sort of service the Portcullis House team usually delivers and is an excellent example of people working well together. A real five star performance! I'm very pleased their friendly, professional and responsive service has been acknowledge. It reflects  great credit on them and on the department", said James Robertson, (Mr.), Director of Accommodation, Serjeant - at- Arms House of Commons. Excerpt from the House of Commons Newsletter - FACILITIES Focus - Newsletter for the Staff of the Department of Facilities in the House of Commons February 2009, published on the third page,  Under the strap line: "It's all about teamwork"relating to a letter Bertha okra eXpress sent to Serjeant - at- Arms House of Commons. It's all about team workHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg
The Serjeant - at- Arms of the British House of Commons is a parliamentary official responsible for order in the House of Commons House. The role is now mainly ceremonial. The House of  Lords also had a Serjeant-ataArms (this title was often distinguished by the use of hyphens), dating also from the 15th Century. His duties were merged in 1971 with those of Black Rod. The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, generally shortened to Black Rod, is an official in the parliaments of several Commonwealth countries. The position originates in the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, House of Lords.svg, Incumbent, Lt Gen David Leakey CMG CBE since 1 February 2011. Lt Gen David Leakey.jpg
In the United Kingdom, Black Rod is responsible for maintaining the buildings, services and security of the Palace of Westminster. 
Parliament at Sunset.JPG
The extraordinary photograph of the Palace of Westminster with Elizabeth Tower Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, London - May 2007.jpg
and Westminster Bridge, viewed from across the River Thames. Sir Charles Barry by John Prescott Knight.jpgThe now-deceased Sir Charles Barry, 23 May 1795 - 12 May 1860 conceived the winning design for the New Houses of Parliament and survived its construction until his death in 1860. The now-deceased, Sir Charles Barry a British architect, best known for his role in the rebuilding of  Palace of Westminster (also known as the Houses of Parliament) in London during the mid-19th century, but also responsible for numerous other buildings and gardens
Ever tried climbing rocks? 
The south-west face of the 3,000ft granite monolith El Capitan (File picture)
carefully, and safely, when you can and feel able and when you can be supervised by an adult. You can also go out for a meal and or watch a show. Remember to take your ladies handbag with you. Ladies, you should never put your ladies handbag on the floor. When not with you, your ladies handbag can be left on a tableor somewhere safe, but not on the floor. You will never see a gentleman leave his wallet Billfold Wallet in Deep Shine Amazon Brown Croc & Stone Suede from Aspinal of Londonon the floor, not unless, when he wants to give his pocket a rest!. Moving on and moving on very swiftly...Try DIYWhitney Houston- Greatest Hits Cover.jpg
If you have the right tools, you can do DIY with great ease and fun too. Try DIY, other
wise, you will probably end up with butterButter fingers
You just cannot change a light bulb?Light bulb 
Most tools are powered by energy. And a
bout reliable tools? Try John Lewis Partnership - Never knowingly undersold. The now deceased, John Lewis (Mr.) (24 February 1836 - 8 June 1928 was the founder of the John Lewis department store in Oxford Street, London. His son, the now-deceased, John Spedan Lewis (Mr.), (22 September 1885) was the founder of John Lewis Partnership. You can also have a picnic in the park? How about Richmond Park. Take a walk in the park. Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, London - April 2011.jpg
 the now deceased, John Lewis, the Brewer, (Mr.) (1713 -1792), secured public rights of access to the park in 1758. It seems we have to keep things within the spirit of the John Lewis family. Moving on swiftly...Forget about breast implant. freak! Learn more about
the now-deceased, Van Gogh 
A head and shoulders portrait of a thirty something man, with a red beard, facing to the left
30 March 1853 - 29 July 1890, the sun flowerVincent Willem van Gogh 127.jpg artist was a Dutch Post - Impressionist painter who was among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western Art. 
 Look out for the charming, sweet little bird - Robin Red Breast. Image result for okraexpress
in Richmond Park or a park in your community. 
Seven things you never knew about Robin Red Breast. 
Credit: Fergus Collins, Editor: BBC Country File MagazineBBC Countryfile Magazine issue #127

1. Both sexes of robins have red breasts A red breasted robin sits perched on a pole.and both puff out their chests as a sign of aggression. In breeding season, males can be particularly ferocious – attacking each other bloodily and even, very occasionally, killing a rival. 

2. The robin became Britain’s bird of Christmas largely because Victorian postmen,

who  wore red tunic, were known as robin red breasts. Robins began to appear on Christmas  cards and other festive missives as a symbol of the red breasted messenger.

3. The robin is one of our few bird species to sing throughout winter. Both sexes sing and this is thought to be a way of maintaining territories ready for the breeding season. 

4, Robin eggs are pale but heavily freckled with rust as if exposed to damp.

5. Robins nest in banks or tree crevices but often choose strange sites in gardens and houses, including inside letter boxes Royal Mail.svgand car wheel arches.

6. The robin was voted Britain’s national bird in 2015 but this was first decided in 1961 when the International Council for Bird Preservation were set the task of choosing Britain’s national bird. Instead of opening the debate up to public vote as in 2015, the decision was made after a long correspondence in THE TIMES newspaper.The Times front page

7. In Europe, the robin is a more timid bird than in Britain, where it regularly followers gardeners (especially when they’re digging) in the hope they might turn up a tasty worm. Back in continental Europe, the robin has been observed following wild boar, which also dig the soil in search of tubers and roots. No doubt, Forest of Dean robins are doing the same with the growing population of wild boar there. Credit: Fergus Collins, Editor, BBC Country File Magazine. The End

Image result for okraexpressokra eXpress adds IncidentallyRobin Red Breast is the only bird on this Great EARTH that sings beautifully at Christmas time. Image result for christmas robin red breast bbcImage result for christmas robin red breast bbcChristmas tree outside Downing Street

In fact, Robin Red Breast sings quite lustily throughout the great festive season. 
A dew covered holly bush with bright red berries in a garden
Well, if you remove Christ from Christmas, you are left with M&S MarksAndSpencer1884 logo.svg
Nativity crib scene
About: Poinsettia - Credit: BBC. Last updated,  14 October 2014Poinsettia plant with red leaves.
Poinsettia plants are white-leaved for most of the year, but often turn red in winter. A Mexican legend tells the story of a child who could not afford a gift for the Christmas Eve service. Christmas stockingsGathering a handful of flowers from the wayside, the child remembered that a gift given with love would be acceptable to Jesus and her spirits rose. As the child knelt before the nativity scene the plant bloomed into a brilliant red before the eyes of the congregation and all who watched felt they had witnessed a Christmas miracle. The End, Credit BBC. Last updated, 14 October 2014
okra eXpress echoed.  Tis the season, for Count down - School Nativity Plays
School nativity in 1995
This movie caught my fancyWatch a movie
 Mona Lisa Smile Monalisasmile.jpg
Staring Julia Roberts, Julia Roberts Cannes 2016 3.jpg
Grease ver2.jpgstarring 
Olivia Newton- John, AO OBE
Olivia Newton John (6707495311).jpg 
and John Travolta, 
John Travolta Deauville 2013 2.jpg
or an uneven third? Movie, Flash Dance,   
starring,Jennifer Beals, Jennifer Beals at GLAAD Awards cropped.jpg
Take very great care of yourself. Have a great week. okra eXpress adds
Have a great week. Breast implants v  Wonder bras = wonder bras, push up brasWolford Sheer Touch Push Up BraLogo of Wolford 
are much better and cheaper than 
breast implants. Breast implants =  Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).Well, if you insist, personally in my view, quite frankly, I  am not into plastic surgery unless when there is a great need for plastic surgery to be carried out to correct some sort of deformity! If of course the deformity is not actully controlled by medication, then plastic surgery may be considered. But that medical advice has to come from a highly qualified, honest, and reliable  charming, medical doctor I  trustcapable of patching things up quite beautifully. okra eXpress adds
Health is wealth. Perhaps you can consider refraining from complaining about what you do not have, and be very grateful and thankful for what you have and somehow, spend your quality time creating what you want but not at the expense of somebody's else's misery. Just one more thing very briefly,  
Birthdays are signs of great health. The more you have them, the more you live. Live, embrace and enjoy your great life to the full. Life is precious. Indeed, when you smoke, I smoke, and why should I become a passive smoker? I dislike it.It breaks my heart... My body matters!
Health is Wealth. Prevention is better and cheaper than cureWell this is where the Advertising Standards Agency comes into play. logo-asa(Advertising Standards Authority). You will need to offer the people choices - To buy or not to buy cigarettes? Cigarettes kill. Cigarettes can kill  smokers and passive smokers Your actions create liabilities for others. Do you understand? We thank you so much for your understanding. Next time round, make it pink! Pink makes girls wink.... Food & Wine: Truffles Harrods Marc de Champagne Pink Chocolate Truffles (125g)
 okra express adds.Moving on swiftly.....The BBC swiftly sent Bertha a copy of the BBC Question Time debate in VHS video format. Bertha subsequently converted the VHS video format into DVD digital video using her quality skills and diverse capabilities in the area of digital technology - applied Information and Knowledge management, which she gained as part of her post graduate degree in Business Administration, Bertha successfully completed with high top credit - in simple terms, ▶distinction◀ ▶Bertha is a modest genius and not just a pretty face◀Bertha was actually thrilled to have been given the great opportunity to participate in the BBC Question Time debate yonks ago on Thursday, 11 January 2001 shortly after the end of the 20th century to be precise. Incidentally, The BBC Question Time panel consisted of:
→ Trevor Cavanagh - Political Editor, The Sun Newspaper
→ Oscar winning independent film producer, Lord David Puttman
→ Conservative MP, Hon. Julie Kirkbride
→ Liberal Dem MP, Nick Harvey
→ Labour MP, The Rt. Hon Margaret Beckett
▶BBC Question Time journalist and presenter in current  affairs and political programmes, David Dimbleby◀
▶BBC's David Dimbleby is a highly regarded journalist, political commentator, and a television presenter of current affairs and political programmes, now best known for BBC's long running Question Time television series. Long involved in the coverage of national events, David Dimbleby has anchored the BBC's coverage of every general election since 1979 and the United States elections. BBC's David Dimbleby has presented and narrated documentary series on architecture and history. BBC's David Dimbleby is known for: 
→ BBC Question Time
→ Presenter
→ BBC UK General Election
→ Night Anchor / Commentator
→ BBC National Events
→Anchor Commentator◀
Bertha plays an integral part in her capacity as director at okra eXpress, and she ensures that ▶sustainable trade, foreign direct investment - the three letters FDI◀are always at the forefront of the work at okra express since okra express was launched in 2007 in the prestigious Georgian Restaurant, in Harrods, the quality and luxury goods store in Knightsbridge. Quality sits right at the gracious heart of Bertha's concern. Quality is the key at okra express. At okra express, we work with various carefully selected reputable multinationals, governments and organisations to include, The European Commission, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO,  The European Council, The African Union, The European Parliament, and the African Caribbean Group of States, (ACP), to address challenges affecting today's diverse global environment, whilst dealing with all aspects of regional and international trade issues through creative and innovative project design, and strategic delivery with the ultimate aim of maximizing positive trade, foreign direct investment - FDI prospects. At okra express, we provide unique services with a difference based on quality and high professional standards. okra express works with a diverse range of public and private sector strategic and highly regarded and positive partners dealing, with trade, foreign direct investment, (FDI), regional and international trade affairs. Most of the work at okra express is aimed at helping organisations and companies meet new and emerging business potentials. okra express stands tall at the heart of most efforts made to better enhance sustainable trade, business and development, and (FDI), Foreign Direct Investment. 
Testimonials and blurbs at okra express.Quality is at the key okra express
▶ "Bertha - okra express is ▶exceptional◀and will be of great help to us". Boris Martor, (Mr.) Partner, Eversheds Sutherland.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express. How can I resist when put so beautifully. You are clearly a woman of ▶many accomplishments◀bordering on the ▶polymath◀ Have a nice weekend". Andrew Bone, (Mr.) Director of International Relations, External and Corporate Affairs". De Beers Group
▶"Bertha - okra express , ok, Great opportunity.... Thank you for the effort and the opportunity, also great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people last night. Use me as a contact into PepsiCo - happy to help". Ian Hope - Johnstone, (Mr.) Director, Agriculture Sustainability for PepsiCo.
▶"Nice one, Bertha! - okra eXpress  (ok). It's very good of you to offer this, let's see how they would respond. I can confirm 5.45pm slot Wednesday, and I will give you a call
tomorrow to discuss (alternatively, you can call me about 10am). Regards, Mark C. Lewis, (Mr.) Managing Director, Commodities Research. Deutsche Bank.
▶"Bertha - okra eXpress, it was a great pleasure to host the event and to work with you". Adrian Verdagay, (Mr.) Lawyer, Trade, EU and Competition Group, SJ Berwin - now King & Wood and Mallesons
▶ "Dear Bertha, okra express, thanks again for the invitation to represent what we are doing on water
Image result for okraexpressat Nestle. Attached some slides that you can share with participants. You can connect my presentation / name to any of the official Nestle website. Best, Carlos". Carlo C. Galli, (Mr.) Techmical and Strategic Advisor for water resources, Nestle
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you, I will await your answer later today. Best, Sami, PepsiCo
▶" Hi Bertha - okra express. Ok, hope you had a nice weekend.. I am so glad to hear the positive feedback from last night's event - thanks again for all your help in getting every thing set up. Best, Sami, PepsiCo
▶."Madame Bertha - okra express, you are really helping us and we are really grateful. We will support your actions so that something can be achieved and I know we can achieve something together. Let us do it that way and let us work closely together". Cheikh Niang, (Mr.) Charge d'affaires, representative of the African Union to the European Union, Permanent Mission in Brussels.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole (Bertha - okra express), Congratulations for the impressive speaker list. The European Council had one clear success story in Africa last year. It was naturally the 3rd EU - Africa Summit. You will find the digital link below. With best regards, Timo Ranta, (Mr.) Cabinet Member, The European Council.
▶ "Hello Bertha - okra eXpress, ok many thanks for lining up some great guest speakers over the past few weeks. One of our correspondent Ben.... is based in Brussels. I will copy him into.... your email regarding your event at okra eXpress in Brussels. Many Thanks, Richard... BBC Planning Editor, (Mr.) BBC
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole Bertha - okra expres, I would like to thank you most
sincerely for your kind thoughts and to wish you a most successful event in March. With assurances of my highest personal regards. Yours truly, Dr. Chambas, (Mr.) Secretary General, Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States, ACP Headquaters.
▶Dear Madam, (Bertha -  okra express) I am writing on behalf of Mr. Rudischauser, to thank you for your kind invitation for him to speak at the event at okra eXpress.... I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Philip Damuzey, (Mr.) (Head of Unit, Directorate - General, Development and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States, European Commission), has accepted to replace Mr. Rudischauser and join the event at okra express panel... Mr. Damuzey will provide you with all the information for the event chairperson at okra express ..Mr. Ridischauser joins me in wishing all success in the organisation of the conference at okra eXpress.... He is looking forward to receiving a report on its conclusion. Sincerely yours, Paula Rath, on behalf of Mr. Klause Rudischauser, (Mr.) European Commission.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole - okra express, Thank you very much for your invitation to H E. Mr. Wolfgang Ischinger (The German Ambassador to London), for the above mentioned event at okra express Infortunately, the Ambassador will be unable to participate due to previous engagements, however, Mr. Achim HOLZENBERGER, Economic Counsellor at this Embassy, will attend the event at okra eXpress on his behalf. We would appreciate confirmation at your earliest convenience. Yours Sincerely, Claudia Kelly, (Ms.) Ambassador's Office, German Embassy, London.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole, okra express, Thank you for your email including the amended programme. As requested earlier, please find enclosed a CV of Mr. Holzenberger for information. Kind Regards, Claudia Kelly, (Ms.), Ambassador's Office, German Embassy, London.
▶"Hello Bertha - okra express, Please find attached my presentation for the event at okra express. Best Regards, Achim. Achim Holzenberger, Deputy Economic Counsellor, The German Embassy, London.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole -  okra express  The German Embassy kindly invites you to the EU's... event. The Working breakfast Mango smoothieBlackberry and apple crumble smoothie
Good morning fashionistas, have a great day! #breakfast #food #coffee
will be hosted by Dr. Echard Lubkemeier, Charge d'Affaires at:
→ The German Embassy in London
→ Venue: German Ambassador's Residence, Belgrave Square, Mayfair, London.
→ Date: 9 July
→ Time: 8.15 am - 9.30am
→ RSVP via email... Kind Regards, The German Embassy, London
▶" Hi Bertha - okra eXpress, Thank you for your email. Well I am okay, but it is my last week in London. I am moving back to Austria. Glad in any case that okra eXpress is working well. I had no doubt about it. If you like, we can have a drinkBeaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel in Covent Garden, London
Beaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel in Covent Garden, London
before I leave. Perhaps sometime next week? Please text me/call me on my mobile as I won't check my emails anymore. You can reach me however, from about 5 August onwards under the same email address in Vienna. Warm Regards, Regina, Austrian Embassy in London. Regina... (Ms.) Minister Political Counselor, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Austria, London.
▶" Madame Berthaokra express, I arrived back from Addis Ababa yesterday. Your work is great. We have to support you to help you to help us.. We
will definitely participate in your event in London and no matter where the event is taking place, we will be there to work with you"
Image result for okraexpressCheikh Niang, (Mr.) Charge d'affaires, representative of the African Union to the European Union, Permanent Mission in Brussels.
▶ " Dear Bertha - okra eXpress, I have forwarded your email to Mr. Bellingham's Office. Kind Regards, Claire, PA, Head Africa Dept (EAGLS), UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO. 
▶ " Dear Bertha - okra eXpress, Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been travelling to Africa. I attach a short CV which the chair at the event at okra eXpress may want to use. I'd welcome any further information which you can let me have about the event at okra eXpress next Thursday, including the digital running order etc. With many thanks, John, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. John Dennis, (Mr), Head of Africa Department (Southern, Central and Western), Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO
▶{Dear Berthaokra eXpress, Letter  sent to Berthaokra eXpress, from The Prime Minister via first class post 
to wish Bertha and okra eXpress, a successful event at okra eXpress.
With Kind Regards, ...} Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street. 
10 Downing Street. MOD 45155532.jpgDowning Street.001 - London.JPG
Incidentally, the now-deceased, Rowland Hill photo crop.jpg
Sir Rowland Hill, KCB, FRS (3 December 1795 - 27 August 1879)
was a teacher, inventor and social reformer. Sir Rowland, campaigned for a comprehensive reform of the postal system, based on the concept of Uniform Penny Post and his solution of payment, facilitating the safe, speedy and cheap transfer of letters. Sir Rowland, served as a government postal official, and he is usually credited with originating the basic concept of modern postal service, including the invention of postal stamp.
Royal Mail.svg 
▶ " Hi Bertha okra eXpress I have forwarded the event at okra eXpress to my colleague, Mr. Courtnay Baklem, our international Human Rights Policy Adviser, who may forward this to his own interest group listings, Best Wishes, Lucy, Law Society, Lucy Hicks (Ms.), International Policy Adviser, (Africa and the Middle East)
▶ " Dear Bertha - okra eXpress  Very good. JJR would be good for the European perspective. But the BBC interview would probably done by telephone if he is back in Paris. Many Thanks. Andrew. Andrew Halper, (Mr), Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP.
▶ "Hello Bertha - okra express  Can you please let me know whether William So, Chief Advisor to China Unicom (Europe) Operations Limited, Former President of China Unicom and Ade Adeola, Managing Director, Project and Export Finance Africa, Standard Chartered Bank, Bob Palmer, Oil and Gas Partner, Energy projects and Constructions, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP can come into Bush House BBC this week? Ideal times would be 8am on separate days. Please let me know. Many Thanks, Richard. BBC Richard (Mr.) BBC Planning Editor.
▶"Hello Bertha -  okra express, I would like to confirm interview slot for :
1) Andrew Halper, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP- 8am - BBC Bush House, Thursday 30th September.
2) William So, Chief Advisor to China Unicom (Europe) Operations Limited, Former President of China Unicom, 8am - BBC Bush House, Friday, 1 October. I would be grateful if you could let me have relevant mobile numbers for the guests to locate them on the day concerned. As you correctly mentioned, they should make their way to the BBC Bush House main reception on Aldwych (nearest tube is Holborn) and ask reception to call the World Business News Office on internal number.... Ext no... Te presenter/ interviewer both these occasions will be Duncan.... A separate BBC programme (The World Today) would like to interview Jean Jacque Lecat. But the timing would be different. Can he come to Bush House at 8.30pm on Thursday evening? The presenter/interviewer would be Linda.... Many Thanks, Richard... BBC. Richard... (Mr.) Planning Editor, BBC
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole -  okra express, I am writing to you on behalf of the Spanish Ambassador, who first of all thank you for the invitation to take part in a panel on Africa. The Ambassador has asked me to let you know that I will be going on the panel.... at the event at okra eXpress on his behalf. Please keep me informed of any further developments as you progress in the organisation process of the event at okra eXpress. I will be delighted to answer any question you may have. Kind Regards, Mon....Embassy of Spain in London.
▶" Dear Bertha( okra express), please put me down for the event at okra eXpress. We may get to met at last. Kind Regards, Lucy". Lucy Hicks(Ms.) International Policy Adviser, ) Africa and Middle East), The Law Society.
▶Hi Joseph (BBC Head of Current Affairs Africa - copied to Bertha -  okra express, I recently met with Bertha Oluwole - okra eXpress. It is clear that Bertha has many interesting contacts in the political and business world relating to Africa and I did wonder if she would be a useful contributor at some point. Details of her company and aims are in the link below. I did say I would introduce her to you to see if there was anything of interest relating to the programmes you are responsible for. By copying Bertha into this email, I'm putting you in touch. All the best, Simon, Simon Kendall, (Mr.) Head of Business Development, Africa & Middle East, BBC World Service.
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, This looks like a very interesting event with high profile guests.... I would like to cover the story Japan's involvement in Africa though. Which guest would you suggest for a live interview on BBC Network Africa either in the morning of the event at okra express or the day after? ....If you would like copies of the Focus on AfricaFocus on Africa 
magazine for your attendees at the event at okra eXpress..., its Managing Editor Alison.... is more than happy to offer you copies at a discounted rate. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Stephane.... Mr.)..BBC, Planning Editor, BBC African News and Current Affairs, BBC World Service.
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, I have sent out the details of the event at okra eXpress...to some contacts who may be interested. I'd like to know how many lawyers attend if you would be happy to send me a copy of the delegate list a bit closer to the event at okra eXpress. Could you please register me for the event at okra eXpress as well. Many Thanks, Lucy.. Lucy Hicks, (Ms.) Law Society, International Policy Adviser (Africa and Middle East), Law Society
▶ Christine (copied to Bertha -  okra express), I recall you gave a talk for okra express at Portcullis House. Heard it went down very well. So I forward this to you - but perhaps you already have it. If you are unable to attend then perhaps Public Affairs will be keen to send a representative. Best wishes to you and Bertha -  okra express, Lance. Lance Brown (Mr.) CBE, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express,  Thank you very much for your email to Ann Grant and the invitation to her to chair the event at okra express  UK, Japan, Africa trade links event. Ann Grant is delighted to accept this invitation to chair the event. I would be very grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email and send me additional information that Ann Grant may need prior to the event at okra expresss. Kind Regards, Louise, PA to Ann Grant (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman, Capital Markrts, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's Former British High Commissioner to South Africa. 
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, Thank you very much for coming back to me. As requested, I attach Ann Grant's biog.... which contains photograph.... Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need anything further. Kind Regards, Louise, PA to Ann Grant (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's former British High Commissioner to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, Thank you very much for your email and the attached profile. Ann Grant would very much like to meet with you ahead of the event at  okra express. Would you be able to meet Ann Grant  on the afternoon of Wednesday, 15 October? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Louise, PA to Ann Grant, (Ms.), the Lady Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's former British High Commissioner to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, Thank you very much for coming back to me so quickly and confirming your availability to meet with Ann Grant on Wednesday, 15 October. I would like to suggest the meeting place at 3.oo pm at Standard Chartered Bank Office, 1 Basinghall Avenue ( I attach a map showing our location). I hope this is convenient and we look forward to seeing you there. Kind Regards, Louise, PA to Ann Grant, the Lady Vice Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's British High Commissioner to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you very much for confirming your availability to meet with Ann Grant on Wednesday, 15 October at 3pm. I apologies for any inconvenience caused but due to Ann Grant's diary commitments that day, I would like to change the the venue for your meeting. Would you be able to meet Ann Grant at the National Portrait GalleryLondon NPG.JPG National Portrait Gallery
in the Portrait cafe
The National Café - London 
which is located by the book shop on the lower ground floor at 3.00 pm? (See link below for details). I apologies if this causes you any inconvenience Kind Regards, Louis, PA to Ann Grant, the Lady Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's British High Commissioner to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, hope we recognize each other! If not, I'm on mobile .... Yours, Ann". Ann Grant (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank and Her Majesty's British High Commissioner to South Africa. 
{Thank you. Yes, we will recognize each other
at the National Portrait Gallery,The National Café - London I will be wearing a pair of pure snow white Ballet shoes - FlatsImage result for ballet shoes gucci SNOW WHITE for ease of walking and ankle support! High Heels? 
A woman takes off heelsNo chance! freak. I will have my Burberry Ladies handbag with me. 

Burberry logoBurberry thomas.jpg 
Burberry was established in 1856 by the now deceased, Thomas Burberry, (27 August 1835 - 4 April 1926). . I look forward to seeing you too!}. Bertha - okra express 
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, well done! Good to read all this, and it was great to meet you too. In Uganda this week, look forward to seeing you on the night. Yours, Ann. Ann Grant, (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman, Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank, and Her Majesty's British High Commission to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, ok. It was good speaking to you too. ▶You have a clear focus:3p!◀Thank you. Claire Executive Assistance to Lance Brown (Mr.) CBE, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank.
▶Ladies and gentlemen, his excellencies, her excellencies, distinguished guests, all protocol observed. Welcome to the event at 
okra expresss. My name is Ann Grant, and I am here to represent Standard Chartered Bank. Ann Grant, (Ms.) The Lady Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank. Incidentally, Ann Grant (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman Standard Chartered Bank is Her Majesty's former British High Commissioner, to South Africa.
▶" This has been an evening full of ▶potentials◀and I would like to remind you of Malcolm Bruce's Malcolm Bruce.jpgopening remarks {I think that in what ever challenges are over the next five years, ▶Africa◀ will be part of the ▶solution◀.
Focus on Africa
Africa is no longer characterized as a global problem}. Ann Grant, (Ms.), the Lady Vice Chairman Capital Markets, and Her Majesty's British High Commissioner to South Africa. Incidentally, The Rt. Hon Malcolm Bruce, Liberal Democrat MP, and a highly regarded barrister turned journalist and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Development
House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg delivered his keynote speech at the event at okra express  held in Parliament, Portcullis House, Palace of Westminster, House of Commons, Westminster. 
→ The Rt. Hon Malcolm Bruce was accepted into Her Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council by invitation of Her Majesty, The Queen.
→ Sir Malcolm Bruce was called to the Bar at Gray's Inn in 1995.
→ Sir Malcolm Bruce was Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
→Sir Malcolm Bruce was nominated for a life peerage in 2015.
→ Following Sir Malcolm Bruce's re-election, he became Liberal Democrat shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
→ Sir Malcolm Bruce was made "a member of the Privy Council" on 19 July 2006.
→ Sir Malcolm Bruce was knighted in the 2012 Birthday Honours for public and political service. 
→ Sir Malcolm Bruce was announced as a life peer in the 2015 Dissolution Honourd and was created Baron Bruce of Bennachie, of Tophins in the County of Aberdeen on 19 October.
→ Malcolm Bruce was previously president of the Scottish Liberal Democrat.
→ Lord Malcolm Bruce, Britain's ▶highly regarded, charming, barrister turned journalist, MP, Member of the Privy Council and a member of the House of Lords, was
called to the Bar 
 Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01b
at Gray's Inn in 1995. okra express heartily adds. I must point out that I
have known Lord Malcolm Bruce and his wife, Lady Rosemarie Bruce since October 2008 and from what I know of the dignified couple personally in my view quite frankly◀, they are honest and trustworthy. Better-still, they are well polished ▶civilized◀ and polite, single minded, of noble character with great manners. Lord Malcolm Bruce and Lady Rosemarie Bruce are entirely truthful with their dealings with others. They think of others with kind and gracious golden heart. They speak with incredibly honesty and they are fair. They do not depart from what they have initially discussed and agreed on. Both Lord Malcolm Bruce and Lady Rosemarie Bruce are not "opportunist", they stand tall together for every one. Good Lord, (Opportunists time wasters ought to graduate from the camera and limelight and get on with the job they are getting paid for - Surely, that opportunist ought to disappear = what a disappointment - read my lips). Opportunists are completely green in the area of work they think they can do for the benefit of all involved! Opportunists, appear via the media to and limelight to hide their daft best ill thought so called best toxic practice. And what practice are they on about exactly? <Working hard or hardly working?> Well, I must say that Lord Malcolm Bruce and Lady Rosemarie Bruce are NOT intellectually arrogant, and they work tremendously hard for the benefit of others to flourish together. (Incidentally, I have met a lot of highly qualified graduates with almost all the qualifications the universities offer, but unfortunately, these so called graduates, are only highly qualified but they are NOT intelligent, they also lack basic manners and they are NOT well polished. So what is the University's policy response? What exactly are these so called highly qualified graduates gaining from these Universities, law schools, medical schools and business schools? Perhaps universities ought to incorporate a compulsory module on manners and politeness and all students must pass the manners and politeness module exam, if they fail it once, they should only be given a second chance to redo the manners and politeness exam again if they fail it again the second time, they must be "Kicked out" kindly asked to leave the University, Law school, Medical school, or Business School for failing the compulsory module on manners and politeness). I place a high premium in all that Lord Malcolm Bruce and Lady Rosemarie Bruce do together for the benefit of others.  And there is no question about that. This is the long and short of it! How awesome...enchanting blurb about Lord Malcolm Bruce and his wife, Lady Rosemarie Bruce. Incidentally, the four letter word, ▶Lady◀ to be precise, is often incorrectly used. What a pity... You sometimes wonder, somehow! I better end now before this swift and punchy golden nuggets -soundbite becomes a book. okra express  adds.
Mindyl1.jpgFood for thought! Mind your language. The whips are out in full force. Choose your words very carefully. Yes, of course, I heard, but I just was not listening! Why? You shout so loudly, that I cannot hear you and I just cannot get the gist of what you are on about. No need to shout, we better understand simple things. Shouting in anger is a sign of weakness, insecurity and lack of confidence. You ought to agree to disagree, without the anger, as the blessed Mary would do with great ease

 Immaculate Heart of Mary.jpg 
 Blessed Mary 
outlived her son Jesus Christ who passed on Good Friday, aged 36years)Wüger Kreuzigung.jpg
Adopt Blessed Mary's impeccable , divine and civilized character - cool, calm, and well collectiveGlenbeigh St. James' Church Nave Triple Window Immaculata 2012 09 09.jpg 
That's it - how it should be. You must not be afraid to delve deeper to deal with roots causes of unresolved problems. Refrain from just dealing with the symptom of the problems. People don't like it when you are indecisive and round about. What you say and what you do are two different things. Departing from what you have initially discussed and agreed on with others. Irritant! By failing to deal with the uncomfortable truth, is a sign of weakness, insecurity and lack of confidence. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to be worried about. Deal with the unacceptable behavior, GANG rape, carried out by these evil uncivilized men. They are not polished. Do not be afraid to confront and deal with these unresolved issues.You will always be protected and there is no question about that.   Always remember, it was worse on Good Friday. So when you worry  pray, when you pray, don't worry. Take very great care of yourself. Have a great week. Enjoy the bright and glorious ray of sunshine.
With all good wishes, Bertha,
okra eXpress adds
Established in 2007
Incidentally, Bertha is a great listener, and she is quite capable of listening attentively with great interest. Bertha is a Lady of great letters. Bertha has retentive memory and can take in mental notes with great ease.  Bertha only speaks if and when it proves necessary and when the opportunity presents itself.. Bertha really knows how to deliver her points beautifully and  directly whilst, choosing her words very carefully. to cushion the blows for the listeners, leaving their integrity intactBertha has unique ability to translate words you say to her into images so that she could remember you with fond memories. For instance, if you talk to Bertha and mention the name Lord Sugar,
Sir Alan Sugar at the BAFTA's crop.jpg Bertha will automatically think of Strawberry Cheese cakePink strawberry cheesecake
her favorite cake with extra cream she likes snacking into, knowing very well that she loves going for long walks to shack it off with great ease.
Established in 2007" okra eXpress, echoed,"Remain alert and bouncy and always be very aware of what is going on around you, without fear! If someone wants to pick up a fight with you in anger, you just simply walk away and keep a Healthy distance. Remember, you are not beaten, unless you refuse to get up!. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.Smoothie cubes 
You do NOT 
need to respond to everything you hear. Well, I can only imagine. This is NOT for me. Good bye" okra eXpress adds, 
Let's put some thoughts into this when you can and feel able.
"As you
know, there are known knowns; there are things we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know, we don't know." Donald Rumsfeld
Incidentally, okra express is non-partisan. At okra eXpress, we consult more than we inform.  
▶" Dear Bertha Oluwole - okra express, following your email correspondence with Lord Mark Malloch Brown's office, I wish to inform you that we would like to send Miss. Catriona Mace, Head of Pan Africa Policy Unit, Africa Directorate to attend and speak at the EU AFRICA 2008 event at okra express, I would be grateful if you could ring #
me on the number below to discuss further. With thanks, Alison. Alison Balfour (Ms.), PA to Andrew LLoyd, Director of Africa, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, (FCO).
"Dear Bertha - okra express, I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. My apologies for not replying earlier - I was not in the office today. In case it's still of use, my biography is below. Best wishes, Catherine. Catherine Barber (Ms.) Head of Africa and Middle East, and Transition Team, Global Economic Group, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, (FCO). Catherine Barber (Ms.) is also a highly regarded Economist, formally lecturer at Harvard University and Oxford University, where she taught development economics. . 
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, BBC TV is interested. But it would have to be Thursday because there is a news peg that day. Japanese interest rates and Bank of Japan economic outlook report is published. Would Mr. Yamada, the Chief Representative of Japan Bank for International Cooperation, London ( JBIC) be able to talk about that subject and would he be available that day sometime in the morning. Could you please also let me know how good is his ▶English◀I'm copying in the editor of World Business Report TV, Neil.... so please reply to us both. Many Thanks, Richard, (Mr.) BBC Planning Editor, BBC
▶Dear Bertha - okra express, It was nice talking to you. I look forward to seeing  you again. I will meet you tomorrow evening at BBC Bush House. Many Thanks. Mr. Yamada, Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, London, (JBIC).
▶ "Dear Bertha - okra express, lovely to make contact with you again. Very best wishes, Louise. Executive Assistant to Ann Grant, (Ms.) The Lady Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank, Her Majesty's Former British High Commissioner to South Africa.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Ann Grant has told me about the event at okra eXpress on 19 October. 8 minutes does not sound too onerous, so put me down as a speaker. Closer to the time, I will liaise with whoever you get from UKIBC, Thomas Harris". Sir Thomas Harris (Mr.) KBE CMG, Vice Chairman, Capital Markets, Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank.
▶"Dear Bertha, I can indeed confirm that Richard Heald... CEO, UK India Business Council, (UKIBC) is available to speak on 19th October. Would you be so kind to forward all the details? Sir Thomas Harris... is one of our board members and he and Richard know each other well. If you would like to advise Sir Tom Harris... that Richard will be speaking... at the event at okra eXpress, they can then contact each other. Let me know if you need further information from me. Kind Regards, Sarah Jane Lee, Executive Assistant to Richard Heald, CEO UKBIC
▶Dear Bertha, Thanks a lot for letting us know about the BBC request. As it is Bush House, we assume this is audio interview. Could you please connect us to the journalist, so that we can get a brief about the theme / topic of interview. Looking forward to hearing  from you. Ishara Bhasisicallan, Commercial and marketing Manager. UKIBC.
▶"Thanks very much Bertha - much appreciated". Tara Panjwani, UKIBC
▶Hi Bertha - okra express, Hope you are well. Can I confirm Standard Chartered Bank's , Head of Economics, Africa, Razia Khan for an interview tomorrow? We'll speak to her on ISDN please. Russell Padmore presents, I produce. We'll choose a topical subject in the morning. But the discussions about  Food Security
Wild rice
which take place on the edge of the G8 meetings in the US this weekend could work well for us. Best Wishes, Duncan BBC, Duncan (Mr. )... BBC
▶Hi Razia, (+ Bertha - okra express,), A couple of suggestions for our radio interview tomorrow. Malawi - inflation forecast to reach 15% as the impact of the devaluation filters through the economy. Have you any thoughts about the huge challenges - the IMF's
International Monetary Fund logo.svgpoint man for  the nation has left the country after reviewing its economic progress. We can also discuss food security
Warm spring vegetablesQuinoa
especially with the impending crisis in West Africa. Russell Padmore, Presenter/Reporter, (Mr.), BBC Business News, BBC
Thanks very much Bertha. Russell - I just flew back from the Middle East and am working from home today. I will be at the breakfast meeting tomorrow, before I head into the office. Would you like to discuss? Razia Khan, Head of Economics, Standard Chartered Bank, 
▶Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your email of 7 January. Unfortunately, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the availability of Mr. Adam Wood to deliver the keynote speech at your event at okra eXpress.... on 12 February. As I mentioned when we spoke on 31 December, Mr. Wood is actually not going to be in the country on 11 and 12. Unfortunately is not able to attend your event after all. But Mr. John Burton, Deputy Director, Head of Africa Regional Department for the Department for International Development (DFID) Africa, Regional Department would be able to take his place and deliver  the keynote speech. I would grateful if you could let me know if you are happy with this arrangement. (I will then provide you with contact details for Mr. Burton). I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Alison. Alison Balfour, (Ms.) UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Firstly, I write to confirm that this is in my diary. I would welcome any guidance format of this - should it be a speech I read out or a PowerPoint presentation? How much time is allocated? Any particular point as to what I am required to cover? Regards, John. John Burton (Mr. ), Deputy Director, Head of Africa Regional Department, Department for International Development, (DFID), 
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you. It was quite a pleasure for me also. After speeches and networking, is also very nice that I could see so many people. I like to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a speech. I am very much looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. With best regards, Takahiko Onozuka". Takahiko Onozuka, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, London, JBIC, London
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole - okra express, I am writing to confirm the meeting to take place on 16th July in our office with Mr. Onozuka and his successor, Mr. Yamada. Thank you for your continued attention. We look forward to seeing you here on Friday. Kind Regards, Kae". Secretary to Mr. Takahiko Onozuka, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Cooperation. JBIC, London
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your kind invitation. I look foward to seeing you tomorrow. Best  Regards, Massaki Yamada, (Mr.) Chief Representive, Japan Bank for Internatioal Cooperation. JBIC
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole, okra express, I like to say thank you every time including this time. I communicated with Tokyo about on going planned Japanese mission arranged by MOFA and METI visiting Mozambique and Zambia. JBIC will join this mission from Tokyo and we in London office will see this result especially about Mozambique. We are not giving up our idea that we have a round table meetings.... Keep in touch. With best regards, Takahiko Onozuka, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, JBIC, London
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, Very nice talking. My mobile phone number is.... I will be leaving Japan next Monday and will be back to Japan on 16th July. I will start talking to my colleagues and people involved. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! Best Kenichi. Kenichi Nakamato, (Mr.) Director, Creative Industries Promotions Department, Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO, Tokyo, Japan
▶"Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole - okra express you very much for coming to...Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and it was very interesting to talk to you. Regarding the event, I am really interested in this and I would like to attend it. I am looking forward to seeing you again there. Kind Regards, Kenichi". Kenichi Nakamoto, (Mr.) Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).
▶"Dear Bertha -  okra express, Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Regards, Kimiaki. Kimaiki Jin, Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Coorperation, JICA, London
▶Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole,  okra express, Thank you for your email. I am sorry my reply is so late. Please find my CV attached. I am looking forward to attending the seminar ... to deliver the key note speech at the event at okra eXpress. Best Regards, Takashi Funaki, (Mr.) Director General, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).
▶"Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole  okra express, Thank you for your call and sending me email. I was delighted to speak at the event at okra eXpress regarding OVOP activities. Please find my profile as attached. Regards, Kimiaki Jin." Kimiaki Jin, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole okra express, Many thanks for inviting us JICA for the event tonight. We are very much excited about this opportunity. I was wondering if it would be possible to bring some copies of JICA's brochures to distribute to the audience tonight at the event at okra eXpress....Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance in this matter. Kind Regards, Satoko? Programme Officer, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London.
▶Dear Bertha - okra express, I'm happy to have one guest only on this story. So if it is still possible, I'd like to concentrate on Mr. Jin, Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, London. You indicated that Mr. Blah, Blah, Blah was not fully confident about the interview in ▶English◀ Format of the interview with Mr. Jin, 10/15 minutes maximum in studio in Bush House. Final item: 5 minutes maximum: Interview will focus on what Japan's cooperation agency's strategy for Africa is and how it compared with other ▶international players on the continents.Is Friday am an option for Mr. Jin? If not, please do offer time options. Also, as an alternative, if Mr. Jin is permanently in London, I can probably find a spot next week. If the interview takes place on Friday, I'll conduct it. I've also informed one of my colleagues from our business unit that Mr. Jin might be around at Bush House, BBC.◀Best, Stephane... (Mr.) BBC Planning Editor, African News and Current Affairs, BBC World Service
▶"Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole - okra express, Thank you for your arrangements. It is surprising development for me. Please find the draft text of my presentation for the interview with the BBC. I will try to cover overall picture of JICA's strategy for Africa. Please notice that I include cc to JICA public bureau. Best regards, Kimiaki Jin". Kimiaki Jin (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your update. I am glad to see the information on Japan day on your website at okra eXpress. Shall we meet sometime in the next week after Satoko comes back from Spain on 13th September. By the way, please find attached information on TICAD seminar which we are preparing though. It is a bit academic. Regards, Kimaiki Jin,
( Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for the meeting regarding OVOP programmes last week. As promised, please find attanched JETRO's OVOP information. Please do not hesitate to contact me for furthet enquiries. Best Regards, Hisashi Muraksmi" Hisashi Murakami (Mr.) Director of Research, Japan External Trade Organisation. JETRO, London.
▶"Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole, okra express. Thank you fot your email. It was very nice to see you again". Takashi Funika." Director General, Japan Extetnal Trade Cooperation.
▶ Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your reply. Shall we meet at 13:30 on Wednesday, 6 Febuary? How do like Japanese Sushi?Quick and easy sushi maki (sushi rolls) Best, regards". Kimiaki. Kimaiki Jin, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I hope you have been enjoying the start of the new year.... We have booked a restaurant for our lunch meeting under the name, Mr. Jin as below: 
Restaurant: Kiki, Mayfair
Address: 17 Half Moon Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7BE
The nearest tube: Green Park
Time: 13:00
Date: 6th February
One of my colleagues, Simon will be joining us too. I look forward to seeing you next week. Kind Regards, Satoko. Programme Officer, Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, London 
▶Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole, okra express, Thank you for your email. It was very nice to see you again. With best regards, Takashi Funaki, Director General, Japan External Trade Organiaation, JETRO, London
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your message and your telephone call yesterday. I now write with the arrangements made for the lunch next week as.
Date: 21st April
Time: 12.15pm
Venue: Fireworks, Mayfair
Address: 7-9 Swallow Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4DG
Mr. Onozuka, Mr. Hidaka, and Mr. Rowley Merricks look forward to meeting with you at the restaurant next Wednesday. Kind Regards, Kae, Secretary to Takahiko Onozuka, (Mr.) Chief Representative, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, JIBC, London
Bertha Oluwole, okra express,
Hello Bertha, this is my Dog, Subaru from Tokyo, Japan, I was telling you about. Just like you, Subaru loves listening to classical musicGrand piano and upright piano.jpgBest  wishes, Kimiaki. Kimiaki Jin (Mr.),  Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency, London
▶"Dear Madame Bertha -
okra express, Could you please register my name to the event at okra eXpress on 28th? With many thanks.... Embassy of Japan in London.
▶ "Dear Bertha - okra express, thank you very much for yout reply. Mr. Yamada will be there by 18.30 tonight. Kind regards, Ruri, Secretary to Mr. Yamada, Chief Representative, Japan Bank Internation Cooperation, JBIC, London
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your kind invitation. I look forward to meeting you tommorrow. Yamada. Chief Representative. Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
▶"Hello Bertha - okra express, Nice to hear from you again. I would suggest that this would be more relevant to my colleague Duncan who speaks Japanese and has an extensive knowledge of the region. I've copied Duncan into this email. Certainly worth the two of you talking further. Best wishes, Richard". BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express I would be delighted to chair the event at okra eXpress as I have a keen interest in Japan's role in Africa and have made several programmes about this for the BBC. Please keep me informed about the event at okra eXpress. Yours, Duncan, BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, well done That should be good. Great. Why not come and see me next week and we can chat about some other good people to invite. Duncan, BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, next Wed at 4pm sounds okay. Can we please aim to meet at Kings Cross rather than Bush House? Duncan". BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra eXpress, can you please give me a call on my mobile after 1pm to arrange. Thanks? Mobile no.... Duncan, BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thanks Bertha, looks great. Thanks, Duncan. BBC
▶"Hello again Bertha - okra eXpress, can you let me know whether William So can come into Bush House on the Strand later tonight for an interview with presenter Theo....? Anytime from 21.00 onwards would be great. Let me know, Richard, BBC
▶"Hello Bertha - okra express, please liaise with producer Eric.... at Bush House over exact timings, Many Thanks, Richard, BBC
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, In terms of timings, the later the better. Please call me on tel no .... All the best, Eric, BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, (copied to BBC's Neil.... and Emily...), This is to confirm the interview schedule for Mr.William So, Chief Adviser to China Unicom (Europe) Operations Limited. Former President of China Unicom on Friday morning 07.30, arrive Bush House Aldwych, London WC2B 4PH for a pre recorded radio interview with Duncan office tel.... Between 08.15 and 09.15, he may like to have breakfast at Bush House, or in the vicinity. At 09.15, a car booked by my colleague, Neil.... will collect Mr. William So from Bush House main reception to take him to BBC Television Centre. He will then arrive in good time for a live television interview on the BBC World Business Report programme at 10.30. The programme producer on Friday morning at Television centre is Emily....On internal extension no....Many thanks, Richard, BBC. ▶Details for Neil...and Emily...Mr. So's mobile number is....The
interview arranged through Bertha Oluwole - okra eXpress. Call
Bertha in case of emergency, her mobile number is...
"Dear Ms. Bertha Oluwole - okra eXpress, Thank you for the invitation, I confirm my attendance. May I also confirm the attendance of a guest, Dr. Misa Zgonec - Rozej (formerly of ICTY), Many Thanks, John Jones, John Jones QC, Doughty Street Chambers. 
Established in 2007 
I must point out that John Jones QC, Doughty Street Chambers, is the now the deceased, John Jones QC.
 John Jones QC, a married father of two, passed on 18 April 2016, aged 48yrs,  after being hit by a train in West Hampstead, London.
Image result for west hampstead station logo
It has been reported that it was the United Nation's special court for Sierra Leone in 2003 that The now deceased John Jones QC  made his first permanent mark. The now deceased John Jones QC,
In 2005 John RWD Jones joined Doughty Street Chambers, in London, where he specialised in extradition law and served as a part-time immigration judge.
 lived and worked in the capital city Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. 
The now deceased John Jones QC  was appointed to head the Sierra Leone special court defense office, and his dedicated work not only proved that such an office was necessary in the interests of fairness, but ensured that it would be replicated in other courts - including the international criminal court (the ICC), in the Hague, where hearings started in 2006. a married father of two, specialized in war crimes, extradictions and counter-terrorism, took silk in 2013, and became a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel at Doughty Street Chambers. Doughty Street Chambers was set up in 1990 by thirty barristers,Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01bHelp support the Bar Council's workaiming to break the mould of traditional chambers by moving out of Inns of Court. Doughty Street Chambers are now over four times the size with over 120 members, including 29 Queen's Counsels. Geoffrey Robinson QC, a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel, Geoffrey Robertson QC QC Gownsis the founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers along with Edward Fitzgerald QC 
 Edward Rees QC 
distinguished member of  the Queen's Counsel. Founder of Doughty Street Chambers, Geoffrey Robinson QC serves as a Master of the Bench at the Middle Temple, a recorder and visiting lecturer at Queen Mary University. Geoffrey Robinson QC . Geoffrey Robertson QC is founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers.Geoffrey Robertson.jpg

He has had a distinguished career as a trial and appellate counsel, an international judge, and author of leading textbooksGeoffrey Robertson QC has argued many landmark cases in media, constitutional and criminal law, in the European Court of Justice; the European Court of Human Rights; the Supreme Court (House of Lords and Privy Council); the UN War Crimes courts; the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and in the highest courts of many commonwealth countries. Geoffrey has, as a jury advocate, appeared in many criminal trials at the Old Bailey and libel trials in the High Court. Geoffrey Robertson QC has appeared in several hundred reported cases in the Court of Appeal (both civil and criminal divisions) and in judicial reviews in the High Court, and in subsequent appeals. Geoffrey Robertson QC has a large advisory practice, for clients including governments, media corporations, NGO’s and local councils. Other notable member at Doughty Street Chambers include Amal Clooney Amal Alamuddin Cannes 2016.jpg

specialized in Internationale law and human rights. 

"Dear Bertha okra express, Thanks for the invite. I have circulated it to the relevant desk officer and you will receive applications for attendance soon....All the best, M....Foreign and Commonwealth Office. FCO

News, views and Interviews, Credit: BBC, Last updated, 18 August 2017 

Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth, the veteran entertainer and presenter of many successful TV shows, has died aged 89.The former Strictly Come Dancing host had been unwell for some time and was in hospital earlier this year after a severe chest infection. His long career in showbusiness began when he was aged just 14.He became Britain's best-paid TV star, famous for hosting game shows like The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right and The Price is Right.Credit: BBC, Last updated,  18 August 2017

Gifts: Pens & Pencils Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen
My Dearest, Lady Wilnelia Forsyth-Johnson, I am delighted to be able to write to you today,  18 August 2017. I am so sorry to learn of the passing of your beloved  husband, your better half, your solid rock and tower of strength to be precise, the now-deceased Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth- Johnson, 22 February 1928 - 18 August 2017

Bruce Forsyth1.jpg

We have had some hard knocks lately, but it is indeed very upsetting to know that we have lost a national treasure, your husband since 1983 

Sir Bruce and Lady Forsyth

and for your children, grand children,and great grand children, their dad, grand dad, and great grand dad. The saddest moment to grieve the passing of your very close relative, your loved one, as we celebrate together the great life your family-friendly, magnificent, fun-loving, triumphant husband blissfully enjoyed here on this great EARTH.  My sympathy, to you, your, children, grand children, great grand children and the entire family. I know how very courteous, charming, polite, loving, and understanding your dearest husband was and what a loss we all have to bear and bear together. I was very fortunate to have met your husband at the BBC, one evening, when I accompanied a delegation consisting of C-Suite level Executives from Tokyo, Japan to the BBC for an interview with the BBC. I was actually thrilled to say hello to your lovely better half. I politely greeted your husband quite heartily using his well known punchy catch phrase, Nice to see you - and your husband responded, with his usual lovely and cheerful smile and said to see you nice. I have extraordinary and fond memories of your loving husband whose diligent work and of course how he touched the hearts of so many people will ever live in my memory. What a great loss for us all. The great comfort of family and friends is something we all need. I trust that this letter will help in my own little divine way to grace you and your family with some sort of comfort somehow as we positively reflect together the great loving and positive impact your dearest husband left on this great EARTH. It is quite enchanting and intriguing to know that we still have amazing fond memories of your great husband. My sympathy, With All My Love, and affection, Bertha - okra eXpress.

▶" Hello Bertha okra express, I left you a message. One of the BBC's leading World news programme "The World Today" would like to interview Kevin McCole, (the Chief Operating Officer, UK India Business Council (UKIBC), former Deputy Head of Mission, British High Commission on India) tonight between 8 and 10 pm. Would it be possible? He would need to come to Bush House BBC. Please let me know. Many thanks, Richard, BBC. Richard..(Mr.) BBC Planning Editor.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I hope your event at okra eXpress in Parliament House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg goes well tonight. As discussed, The World Today programme would be very interested in speaking to Mr. McCole, Chief Operating Officer UK India Business Council and former Deputy Head of Mission at The British High Commission in India. It would work well for us if he could come to Bush House immediately  after speaking at your event at okra eXpress. The person who would do the interview is our presenter Matthew.... producer is Peter...(both copied in this email). Please liaise with them later if the response is ▶positive◀ Their direct line tel no is .... Many Thanks, Richard, BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, just to let you know. I am now on board the taxiThe brand new design for London's iconic vehicle is put through its paces in an extreme environment.
and heading for the interview at Bush House, BBC, Many Thanks, Kevin. Kevin McCole, (Mr.), Chief Operating Officer, UK India Business Council, (UKIBC), former Deputy Head of Mission, British High Commission in India
▶"Dear Berthaokra express, please find attached the PPT file I have used yesterday evening at the event at okra express. The BBC interview went well, and after the interview, I was told I may be invited back to talk about corruption in China! I don't mind if you distribute my email address to the audience at okra express last night as well. Regads, William. Willaim SO (Mr.), Chief Adviser to China Unicom (Europe) Operations Limited. Former President of China Unicom
▶" Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for your email. I attach the whole book here, (How to do business in the UK: A Practical Guide for Chinese Investors). Please feel free to use the cover or any other pages. Kind Regards, Kegang. Dr. Kegang (Mr.), Executive Director, BCC LinkToChina, Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce. 
▶" Dear Bertha - okra express, It will be a pleasure to attend a BBC interview on the following days:
  • Tuesday, 22 May before 11.00
  • Wednesday, 23 May before 11
  • Thursday, 24 May afternoon
  • Friday, 25 May anytime,
 Thank you, Kegang. Dr. Kegang (Mr.), Executive Director, BCC LinkToChina, Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you for this. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As requested, attached please find my bio... information. My topic of presentation - I have been thinking on a more precious topic and would like to focus on "Match making British SME with opportunities in Chinese Markets, a LinkToChina programme for UK's future growth in partnership. I would bring a few copies of the "How to do Business in the UK - A Practical Guide for Chinese Investors. Kind Regards, Kegang. Dr. Kegang (Mr.), Executive Director, BCC LinkToChina, Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce. 
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, The attending Chinese Journalist will be Mr. Hanquig Ma, Deputy Chief Correspondent, Economy Department, Yangcheng Evening News. I do not yet have a name of his colleague. CV and picture attached as requested. Kind Regards, Kegang.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, As I mentioned, the Chinese reporter will bring with him a local interpreter whose name probably need to go on your list of guests at events at okra eXpress. His name is Xia Lua (interpreter for Yangcheng Evening News) I hope it is not too late. See you on Thursday. Many Thanks, Kegang. 
 Dr. Kegang (Mr.), Executive Director, BCC LinkToChina, Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce. 
▶{Ladies and gentlemen, My name is  Dr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director, LinkToChina Programme and Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce. First of all, I would like to thank Bertha - and her compny,okra expresssfor giving us this Great opportunity to promote China and link to China at this event at okra express. I would also like to thank the MP, Hon Mark Hendrick and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary China GroupOfficial portrait of Mr Mark Hendrick crop 2.jpgHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg for sponsoring this event at okra expressDr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director, LinkToChina Programme and Chief China Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce.
▶ Since the 2000 Preston by -election, at which Hon Mark Hendrick retained the seat for his party, The Labour Party. Hon Mark Hendrick has been the Member of Parliament, (MP) for the constituency. Hon Mark Hendrick is a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and previously represented the Central Lancashire seat as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 1994-1999. The Hon Mark Hendrick studied at the Salford Grammar School and he later attended Liverpool Polytechnic (now Liverpool John Moores University), where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.The Hon Mark Hendrick also earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Manchester.  Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP.jpg Official portrait of Mr Mark Hendrick crop 2.jpgHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg Additionally, Hon Mark Hendrick is a Chartered Engineer and holds a Certificate in Education (a teaching qualification) from the same institution. The Hon Mark Hendrick trained as a student engineer with the Ministry of Defense in 1979 at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern, Worcestershire in the UK and later studied German at a Volkshochschule Hanau in Germany in 1981.Image result for travel germany images where he trained as a student engineer with AEG Telefunken. In 1982, he was appointed as a Higher Professional and Technology engineer with the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERCO), Daresbury Laboratory, and stayed with the SERC for six years. In 1990, the Hon Mark Henrick joined Stockport Colleage of Further and Higher Education, where he worked for four years as a lecturer in Digital Electronics and Software Design In Parliament, The Hon Mark Hendrick was a member of the European Scrutiny Security Select  Committee, for three years from 2001. He served as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (2003-2006) Hendrick also served on the International Development Committee from 2009 to 2010.In 2002, Hendrick successfully campaigned for and achieved free access for the public to the National Football Museum in Preston. He campaigned for City Status for Preston, which was successful and awarded to Preston in the Queen's Golden Jubilee Awards in 2002. In 2003 Hendrick voted for the Invasion of Iraq, and in hindsight ten years later believed that had been the correct decision.[7]From November 2010 to the summer of 2012, Hendrick was appointed to the front bench as an Opposition Assistant Whip. Returning to the backbenches, he was later appointed to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in June 2012. Hon Mark Hendrick was Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for China . (APPG) for China from 2010 to 2012, and is currently a vice-chair.Official portrait of Mr Mark Hendrick crop 2.jpgHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom.svgAdditionally, he is a vice-chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland and Somalia, which promotes understanding of the democracy building process in various parts of Somalia, including its northwestern Somali land region.. Hendrick is likewise the Treasurer for the All-Party Parliamentary British-German Group.] He is also a member of the UK delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCEPA).. The Hon Mark Hendrick's political interests include Foreign Affairs, International Development, Defense, and European, Economic, Monetary and Industrial Affairs.
Bertha - okra eXpress echoed, Official portrait of Mr Mark Hendrick crop 2.jpg House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg  The Hon Mark Hendrick trained as a student engineer with the Ministry of Defense in 1979 at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern, Worchestershirer in the UK and later studied German at a Volkshochschule Hanau in Germany in 1981.Image result for travel germany images where he trained as a student engineer -  Likewise, the youths, are willing to Learn the trade and study parttime two evenings a week at University. Forget about the so called University degree entry to Learn the Trade, University degree will come later, but First , recruit the young boys, youths young girls, they already speak English, they have Great command of the English Language. The icing of the cake. English Country Garden Wedding CakeIndeed your starting pointRecruit the youths to become the next Alexandra Graham BellAlexander Graham Bell.jpgand I can assure you that you will never be disappointed. Let the Youths become the next World admired and highly regarded Apple's Angela Ahrendts
Angela Ahrendts DBE (Ms.) and her Apple Colleague Tim Cook, (Mr.)Tim Cook 2009 cropped.jpg
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Looking forward to Thursday. How long would you like me to speak for? I know not long. Any particular themes you might want me to consider? Best, Geoffrey Nice". Sir Geoffrey Nice, a leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been the Deputy Chairman of the Bar Standards Board.Bar Standards Board logo Sir Geoffrey Nice has been a part - time judge since 1984, sitting at the Old Bailey and has sat as judge in other jurisdictions, tribunals and inquiries. Sir Geoffrey Nice was the Lead Prosecutor in the Milosevic case. Sir Geoffrey Nice prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic at the war crimes tribunal, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yogoslavian (ICTY) in the Hague.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Might it be possible for my lawyer colleague of mine, Rodney Dixon, to attend the launch? He is interested in and knowledgeable about the general area of law. Best wishes, Geoffrey. Sir Geoffrey Nice, is a leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been the Deputy Chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been a part - time judge since 1984 sitting at Old Bailey and has sat as judge in other jurisdictions, tribunals and inquiries. Sir Geoffrey Nice was the Lead Prosecutor in the Milosevic case. Sir Geoffrey Nice prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic at the war crimes tribunal, United Nations Criminal Tribunal for the for the former Yugoslavian (ICTY), in the Hague.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I thought last night went well.  I was pleased to be involved and hope you were content with the way it went. Some follow up (as you saw before escorting me so elegantly
to the exitfor which thanks) and with Rodney Dixon. Let me know if I can help further. Best wishes, Geoffrey. Sir Geoffrey Nice. A leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been the Deputy Chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been a part - time judge since 1984 sitting in the Old Bailey and has sat as judge in other jurisdictions, tribunals, and inquiries. Sir Geoffrey Nice was the Lead  Prosecutor in the Milosevic case. Sir Geoffrey Nice prosecutor Slobodan Milosevic at the war crimes tribunal, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yogoslavian (ICTY). in the Hague.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Good to stay in touch and I think you have spoken to Rod as well as me recently.... I (we) are glad you are well and thriving
and look forward to cooperation with you on any projects to which we can usefully contribute. Best wishes, Geoffrey. Sir Geoffrey Nice, a leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been the Deputy Chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been a part - time judge since 1984 sitting at the Old Bailey and has sat as judge in other jurisdictions, tribunals and inquiries. Sir Geoffrey Nice was the Lead Prosecutor in the Milosevic case. Sir Geoffrey Nice prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic at the war crimes tribunal, United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yogoslavian (ICTY) in the Hague.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express,  Good meeting up this week. Many thanks for.... I'll get back to you as soon as I can about this. All the best, Rod". Rodney Dixon QC. Rodney Dixon QC is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before international criminal courts.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express,  Sir Geoffrey Nice and I must arrange lunch for a convenient time. Also I heard from Justice Adrian Fulford QC that he will let us know about 29 April... and hopefully, will be fine. Speak soon. Best, Rod. Rodney Dixon QC is a distinguished member of the Queen' s Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before international criminal courts.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, Many thanks for this and thanks ever so much again for the whole event at  okra express which was a great success due to all your ▶exceptionally hard work◀.. I will be in touch for that thank you lunch week after next if you are free then. Have a relaxing weekend. All the best, Rod. Rodney Dixon QC is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel.Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before international criminal courts.
▶"Dear Bertha, Lucy and Rod, To confirm dinner at the Reform club.... Pall Mall (Mayfair), tomorrow. I have booked a table for 8pm as I just may be detained at a meeting but hope to be there with glass in hand from 7.30pm. If you arrive before me, the staff will show you into the grand room full of books,
Two men in shirtsleeves work at a table with papers in front of them.Entertainment and Media Law Reports
magazines, Grace Kelly Vogue cover 1962                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Grace Kellyand I hope will serve you a drink.
 Looking forward to seeing you. Geoffrey." Sir Geoffrey Nice is a leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been the Deputy Chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Sir Geoffrey Nice has been a part - time judge since 1984 sitting at the Old Bailey and has sat in other jurisdictions, tribunals, and inquiries. Sir Geoffrey Nice was the Lead Prosecutor in the Milosevic case. Sir Geoffrey Nice prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic at the war crimes tribunal, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yogoslavian (ICTY) in the Hague.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Sir Geoffrey Nice and Rodney Dixon QC, can I just confirm that what I need to prepare to say at the event at okra express
is the following: 
1) Welcome, brief opening (2 minutes).
2) Introduce Sir Geoffrey Nice  (1 minute) - Sir Geoffrey Nice comments (8 minutes).
3) Introduce Justice Adrian Fulford,QC, (1 minute). Justice Adrian Fulford QC, comments (8 minutes).
4) Brief closing comments (1 minute).
Many Thanks, Lucy... (Ms.) BBC
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, I.... could do next Friday lunch if works for you. All the best, Rod. Rodney Dixon QC is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before the International Criminal Courts.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, Great, let's meet there. Look forward to it. See you on Friday. All the best. Rod. Rodney Dixon QC, is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before the International Criminal Courts.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, It was good to catch up again. Wishing you very merry festive season and a happy New year! All the best, Rod. Rodney Dixon QC, is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before the International Criminal Courts.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, It was a delight to see you and meet a wide range of people. The speakers gave good insights on the issues. ▶Congratulations◀on another successful event. You will find below my evaluation. I am looking forward to the next event at okra express. See you soon. Kind Regards, Anthony". (Mr.) Senior Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service, CPS
▶Dear Bertha - okra express, I was pleased to have been invited to the event at okra express and wrote up Justice Adrian Fulford"s remarks here, warm wishes, Joshua. Joshua Rozenberg QC, a legal affairs commentator and Journalist.
Joshua Rozenberg.jpg
 ▶Incidentally, Lord Justice Fulford QC attended the event at okra express, to deliver his keynote speech (a high profile legal affairs event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra express). I must point out that Justice Adrian Fulford's keynote speech he delivered at the event at okra express makes ▶distinctive and informative◀ reading - well worth a read when you feel able! Lord Justice Adrian Fulford QC is Lord Justice of the Appeal and as of 1 January 2016, is the senior presiding judge for England and Wales. Lord Justice Fulford QC was appointed as the Investigatory Powers Commissioner on 3 March 2017 by Prime Minister Theresa May. 
 If you would like to obtain excerpt of the remarks and keynote speech Lord Justice Adrian Fulford QC delivered to the highly regarded legal affairs practitioners, judges, Queen's Counsel (QCs), high court judges, and distinguished guests at the event at okra eXpress, please feel free to request in writing, when you can, addressed to Bertha - okra eXpress, via email, bertha@okraexpress.com
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thank you very much for organizing the event yesterday. I would rate it ▶excellent◀overall and say it did meet my expectation. I had some knowledge of International Criminal Law before. I would be interested in future legal events. Thank you. Regards, Lucy". Sweet & Maxwell.
▶"Dear Berthaokra express, Temple Garden Chambers Invitation ; Re: David Barr and Rodney Dixon Silks' PartyDavid Barr and Rodney Dixon invite you to celebrate their appointment as Queen's Counsel at The Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall, London, SW1 5EW. on: 16 June, time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm, RSVP: ....
QC Gowns
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, fine I have noted the date and I will be able to speak. Please send me the book few weeks in advance.... Best wishes, Jonathan
Jonathan Steele, (Mr.), The Guardian's former Chief Foreign Correspondent.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, thanks for sending me the details of the event at okra eXpress. I see that there are going to be two people commenting on the book. Myself and Sir Geoffrey Nice. Does that mean that I should slightly shorten my remarks ie 10 minutes rather than 15  minutes? Please let me know a.s.a.p. I am preparing my talk this morning. All the best, Jonathan.Jonathan Steele (Mr.) The Guardian's former Chief Foreign Correspondent.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Yes, I am definitely interested in some of your activities at okra eXpress. I will contact you later. Thanks, Charles, BBC, 
Charles ... (Mr.) BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I would like to interview Sir Geoffrey Nice, 
leading practitioner in the field of international criminal law, and the other distinguished guest speaker from the event at okra eXpress as a panel interview. Could you please arrange this for us? Many Thanks, Charles, BBC, Charles ... (Mr.) BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Many thanks, Charles, BBC. Charles ... (Mr.) BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, Thanks for your kind note.... The evening devoted to the book was enjoyable and I'm ▶delighted and grateful◀to you for organizing it. Best Regards, Jonathan. The Guardian's foreign Chief foreign Correspondent.
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, Hope it goes well today... at the event at okra express
I've passed on all information to the relevant TV and Radio programme editor. They will decide individually whether to send a reporter. Best wishes, Richard. Richard...BBC Planning Editor, (Mr.). BBC
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I am delighted to chair the event at okra express. Pete". Peter Guest (Mr.) Editor, This is Africa, Financial Times Ltd.
▶" Dear Bertha - okra express, I've circulated this widely here at Bush House, BBC and also at BBC Television Centre. I understand that Duncan will definitely be coming along later... to your event at okra express to do an interview or two. It would be great if you could get Mark Lewis to talk to Duncan as well. Time permitting. Best Regards, Richard.... BBC (Mr.), Richard, Planning Editor, BBC
▶ "Bertha ok, Great opportunity... Thank you so much for this information - it is indeed very useful. Many thanks I appreciate all your help. Best, Sami. PepsiCo
▶"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank Bertha - okra express for bringing us all together. Without Bertha - okra express, nothing will be done". Andrew Halper, (Mr.) Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
▶"Dear Bertha, okra express Thanks so much for this information. It is indeed very useful. I'd like to introduce you to my colleague, copied in this email who is our media contact. I know that she'd like to discuss some additional details about the opportunity with you, so it would be great to connect with her. Best, Sami, PepsiCo
▶Dear Bertha, (okra express), we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Ahmed El Barkouky, (Mr.) Director, International Sales, SAVOY
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, "I got a call from ... he wants the contact details of ... can you please send it to him via... thanks, Andrew".Andrew Halper, (Mr.) Partner; CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
▶"Thanks very much Bertha - okra express, I am also delighted to participate to this event at okra express. Kind Regards, Jean Jacques Lecat, (Ms.) Partner, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, excellent - many thanks. I look forward to seeing you and Pierre. Best Regards, Andrew. Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
▶"Thanks Paula, we can definitely
say yes. You'll have to coordinate with BerthaOluwole - okra express. Bertha - okra eXpress is the external event organizer. Here are Bertha's contact details .... "Andrew Halper, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, would it be possible to meet earlier?  have to leave the office at 4.45pm due to child care arrangements. If this is inconvenient for you, perhaps a telephone conversation would suffice. Thanks Paula". PA  to Andrew Halper, _Partner, CMS Cameron McKemna LLP
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express, Hope you had a nice weekend. I wanted to send you a quick email to follow up on these questions, and I'm hoping you could connect me with the media information in particular. Many Thanks, Sami, PepsiCo.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, It has been nice having dealings with you and I wish you and okra eXpress all success in the future. Yours, Elizabeth". Elizabeth Holt, Head of Communications and Partnerships, European Commission.
▶"Dear Bertha, (okra express), It was a big pleasure for us to work with you. Many Thanks, Fatima Ouriaghli, (Ms.) Finance and Office Manager, SJ Berwin - now Kings & Wood and Mallesons
▶"Bertha - how are you?" Anthony Julius, Deputy Chairman, Mischon de Reya Solicitors.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I am Anthony Julius' secretary and he has asked me to get in touch with you to arrange a meeting with him at our office in the near future. He is free in the morning on Monday, 10 May, from 11am -1pm or early afternoon on Tuesday, 11 May, or the morning of Friday, 14 May. Alternatively, if none of these dates are good for you, please could you let me have some alternatives? Claire, Secretary to Anthony Julius, Deputy Chairman, Mischon de Reya Solicitors.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, It was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope that we can stay in touch. Best, Anthony. Anthony Julius, Deputy Chairman, Mishcon de Reya Solicitors.
▶ " Dear Bertha - okra express, Long time no word - I hope you have had a great summer. We have now got a firm date for Advocacy in Africa event in partnership with 
 okra express we discussed earlier this year.  1 December. I attach a brief overview note of the event (please keep this to yourself for now). As we are now firming things up, it would be great to meet to discuss how Mishcon and okra express could use this event to work together.If you were able, I wonder whether you would like to meet with me and my colleague Alexandra Fawcett who is running this event for breakfast 

Deluxe hot chocolate with marshmallowsHow to use up honeyat: Vilandry, 95/97 High Holborn
"Dear Bertha
okra eXpress, It was lovely to see you last night. The Mishcon's event in partnership with okra eXpress was a great success. The panelists were very impressive and the questions challenging - Just as it should be! Kind Regards, Alexandra. Alexandra Fawcett, Mischon de Reya Solicitors. 
{Hi Bertha - okra express, It s nice hearing your voice. I look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday night at the Royal Opera House. 
Royal Opera House logo.jpg Let us meet at 6.30pm, in the Royal Opera HouseThe Royal Opera House entrance on Bow Street © ROH 2012 Royal Opera House and ballerina.jpgbookshop.We will have time to order our dinner at the restaurant, 
in advance so we would not need to queue up during the interval. We can also have a drinkbefore the show. 
You can pinch me to wake me up if I fall asleep during the show. See you then.  Lol, Michael} Mitzman, Mischon de Reya Solicitors.
" Hi Bertha - okra express,, Thank you very much for the lovely pink Orchid plant 
Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants 
you dropped
off at Mishcon yesterday, (Sunday),.
What a surprise to see the beautifully displayed Orchid plant on my desk when I arrived at the office this morning. I love Orchid plant.
Thank you. Michael. Michael Mitzman, Mischon de Reya Solicitors
▶" Dear Berthaokra express, Good meeting you over lunchCanapes And Champagne At The Champagne Bar At HarrodsFish & Chips at Harrods
Fish and Chips at Fish & Chips at HarrodsImage result for icecream harrods today - and so interesting to hear about the pro-investment motives behind your work. I do hope we shall be able to do some work together. Do let me know if you have any places left at your China Business and Development event at  okra express.in Parliament,House of Commons of the United Kingdom.svg Portcullis House, House of Commons, I would be very keen to attend. Let's keep in touch! Best Regards, Alex. Alexander Rhodes, Mischon de Reya Solicitors.
Incidentally, the now-deceased Madame Clicquot,nee Ponsardin, widow Clicquot or veuve Clicqot (16 December 1777 - 29 July 1866), known as the "Grand Dame of Champagne",was a French business Lady, who took on her husband's wine business when widowed at 27. Under her ownership, and her skill with wine, the company developed early champagne using a nowel technique. The brand and company of Veuwe Clicquot Ponsardin still bears her name. Her Champagne today.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express), Thank you for this. I would very much like to attend the mid-summer Champagne Evening. 
Regards, Alex. Alexander Rhodes, Mishcon de Reya Solicitors
▶"Dear  Bertha - okra express, Thank you so much for
me to the mid summer Champagne Evening.Food & Wine: SALE Krug Grande Cuvée Jeroboam The Champagne Bar At Harrods 
a really engaging event.  It was good to see you! Best Alex. Alexander Rhodes, (Mr.) Mishcon de Reya  Solicitors
▶"Hi Bertha - okra express,I was thinking of you because I got another Holland Park book which I shall post on to you. I will look at the Olympics when I have time. We are doing well. Best wishes, Michael, Mishcon de Reya.
▶"Dear Bertha - okra express, I am going to the Tutu lecture next Monday, so much look forward to seeing you there. Best Alex. Alexander Rhodes, (Mr.), Mishcon de Reya Solicitors.
▶"Dear  Bertha - okra express, Thank you for this. I will look out for Susan this evening. Best, Alex, Alexander Rhodes (Mr.) Mishcon de Reya.
▶"Hi  Berthaokra express
{I have a young Lady
here with me and her mum, keenly interested to speak to you to say hi and to thank you so much for your lovely work of art you sent her for her First Birthday. It is Saturday and the sun is out, most likely, you are out for the day. We will call you again tomorrow. Have a lovely day. Hi Bertha, Thank you very much for the lovely art work you sent Ariana for her First Birthday. She loves it very much. Sorry you have missed our telephone call, we will catch up with you tomorrow, enjoy the weekend, Dany. Michael, a year oldLady Ariana and Dany}Michael, Michael Mitzman, Mishchon de Reya. 
▶"Hi  Berthaokra express, I will include the event at okra eXpress in the next Law Society email update to our members. Many Thanks, Lucy, Law Society, Lucy Hicks (Ms), International Policy Adviser, (Africa and Middle East, Law Society.
▶ Dear Bertha- okra eXpress I would very much like to attend. I am a colleague of Michael Mitzman. My details are set out below. My Direct telephone number is..... My mobile number is ....Saul Sender, Partner, Mishcon de Reya.
▶"Dear  Bertha - okra express, Thanks so much for this.... I hope to make it to this event at the Law Society and look forward to seeing you there!! With best wishes, Alex. Alexander Rhodes, Mishcon de Reya Solicitors.
Thanks for your suggestion Bertha. Rodney Dixon QC will be
ideal if he is willing to participate against the motion. Barristers can argue anything. Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01bIf you can let me know, I will send him an official invitation. Otherwise, I could email him anyway today. Mx, Michael Mitzman, Mishcon de Reya
▶"Dear Rodney Dixon QC, (copied to Berthaokra express), I was delighted to learn from Bertha that you will be happy to join the panel of speakers for the debate I am organizing to take place at.... on May 27th. This is sponsored by ..... this is ..... and 1.5 CPD points will be given by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and I hope also by The Bar CouncilBritish CouncilHelp support the Bar Council's workThe subject of the debate is ...Would you speak against the motion? The debate will be chaired by Joshua Rozenberg QC and I believe Bertha has already sent you a number of details.I shall send you some more in correspondence with Iain... today. We are preparing a flier with details including a potted biography of the speakers, and could you please let Gillian... know (email address above) If you wish to have any alterations to what I have set out below (but copy me in too please as I shall be away but will have my blackberry with me). Rodney Dixon QC profile..... Please let me know if you have any queries. . Michael Mitzman, Mishcon de Reya. 
▶"Dear Michael, (copied to Bertha - okra eXpress) Many thanks for this. I would be delighted to participate in the panel and speak against the motion. All fine with my bio, except if you could please add where you mention ICTY that I was Counsel in the Office of The Prosecutor of the UNICTY. I could not locate Gillian's address below. Might you be able to pass on to her please. Look forward to meeting you at the panel discussion. Kind Regards, Rodney Dixon.  Rodney Dixon QC, is a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel. Rodney Dixon QC has both prosecuted and defended before the International Criminal Courts.
▶"Hi  Berthaokra express, I have forward the event at  okra expressto my colleague, Courtney Barklem. Please send to him directly if you have similar events at  okra expresson the HR front via his email address...... @lawsociety.org.uk. Enjoy the sunny weekend, Lucy, Law Society, Lucy Hicks, (Ms.), International Policy Adviser, (Africa and Middle East), Law Society.
▶"Dear Ms. Oluwole (Bertha - okra express), thank you very much for your kind remarks about the lecture I gave at City University and importantly for your appreciation of what is happening in Rwanda. We are indeed lucky to have hard working and visionary leadership that inspires us all to be positive and to work towards excellence despite our limited resources. We are fortunate to have African people like you and your organisation, okra express,committed to promoting what is good in the continent". Justice Sam Rugege, (Mr.) Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Republic of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda
▶"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Anthony Julius and I am the deputy chairman of a  law firm, Mischon de Reya. We are a Great fan of Bertha - okra express which is why I am principally here tonight". Anthony Julius, (Mr.) Chairman, Mishcon de Reya Solicitors
Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be able to address you on this important occasion and I would like to thank Bertha Oluwole (okra express) bringing us all together. I am Varda Shine, I am the Managing Director of DTC -  Diamond  Trading Company - the sales and marketing arm of the De Beers Family of Companies. I address you with a number of hats on: As a board member of De Beers, as a head of DTC in the UK and South Africa, as a chairman of the Boards of our partners DTC's in Botswana and Namibia". Varda Shine, (Ms.) Managing Director, De Beers Group.
Established in 2007 Strategic partners, highly regarded industry leaders and C.Suite level formidable and distinguished key note speakers with exceptional level of expertise at the events at okra express. Quality is the key at okra express. Quality resonates very well with 
okra express. okra express works with carefully selected reputable organisations, companies and industry specialists to include the following list appended here under:
◆ Standard Chartered Bank. (SC). Standard Chartered Bank is a British Bank capable of sharing their opinion in the world of banking. Standard Chartered operates in the most dynamic markets in the world. What's next? Banking Services at Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered combines global capabilities with deep local knowledge to provide innovative products and services to meet the needs of their customers and clients. 
→ Personal banking at Standard Chartered Bank: Personal banking services to support you as you go through life.
→ Private banking at Standard Chartered Bank: Creating partnerships that go beyond the purely financial.
→ Business Banking: Committing our expertise to power your ambition.
Standard Chartered has come a long way. Since they were formed by two banks merging in 1969. 
okra express has been working with Standard Chartered Bank since October 2007. For more information on Standard Chartered Bank, you can hit on the Standard Chartered Bank's website which make interesting and distinctive reading, okra express adds.
◆ Standard and Poor's Global Ratings S&P, (S&P). Standard and Poor's Global Ratings operates in 28 countries around the world and a history that dates back more than 150 years. S&P Global ratings provides high quality markets intelligence in the form of credit ratings, research, and thought leadership. 
→ S &P Global Market Intelligence Insights: Stay ahead of the curve on today's markets with "Insights" - the new blog forms S&P Global Market Intelligence.
→ S&P Global Ratings and its predecessor organisations have been in business more than 150 years. okra expresshas been working with S&P Global Ratings since February 2011. For more information on S&P Global Ratings, you can hit on the S&P website which makes enchanting reading. okra express adds.
● Japan Bank for International Cooperation - JBIC: Role and Function: Japan Bank for International Cooperation is a policy - based financial institution of Japan, and conducts lending, investment, and guarantee operations while complementing the private sector financial institutions. 
→ Statutory Law: Japan Bank for International Cooperation set off for a new start on April 1, 2012, based on JBIC Act promulgated and enforced on May 2, 2011.
→ The Environment surrounding Japan Bank for International Cooperation has introduced four business groups by mission and thematic area in order to concentrate its knowhow and expertise and thereby reinforce projects formulation capabilities to carry out its mission more flexibly and strategically. The following is the respective overview of challenges and efforts of the Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group, the infrastructure and Environment Finance Group, the Industry Finance Group and the Equity Finance Group okra express has been working with Japan Bank for International Cooperation since October, 2008. For more information about Japan Bank for International Cooperation, you can hit on the Japan Bank for International website which makes intriguing reading. okra express adds.
◆ The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom.
→ The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is responsible for protecting and promoting British interests worldwide.
→ The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was created in 1968 by merging Foreign Office and the Commonwealth Office. okra expresshas been working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since October 2007. For more information about the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, you can hit on the FCO website for clearly laid out informative contents. okra express adds.
◆ European Commission: The European Commission is an institution of the European Union responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.
→The Commissioners swear an oath at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, pledging to respect the treaties and be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate.
→Jean-Claude Juncker (Mr.) is the president of the European Commission and he is also a member of the European Council. okra expresshas been working with the European Commission since, October 2007. For more information about the European Commission, you can hit on the European Commission's website which makes inspirational reading okra express adds.
◆ The European Council: The European Council defines the EU's overall political direction and priorities.
→ The European Council is not one of the EU's legislating institutions, so does not negotiate or adopt EU Laws. Instead, it sets the EU's policy agenda, traditionally by adopting "conclusions" during European Commission meetings which identifies issues of concern and action to take. 
→ Donald Tusk (Mr.) is the president of the European Council. 
okra express has been working with the European Council since October 2007. For more information about the European Council, you can hit on the European Council website which makes motivative reading. okra express adds.
◆ SAVOY: It is exciting to note that SAVOY Hotel, a British icon since 1889, situated at the heart of London has once again taken its place on the world stage after over a £100 million recent restoration.
→ Turning moments into memories for our guests. "If anything truly defines Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, it is the value we attach to lasting memories
 Building upon a century of experience as hoteliers has endowed us with a rich tradition of hospitality". SAVOY. okra express
has been working with SAVOY since July 2011. For more information about SAVOY, you can hit on the SAVOY website to read the contents which are beautifully laid out. okra eXpress adds.
◆ De Beers Group: De Beers, established in 1888, is the world's leading rough diamond company with unrivaled expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds.
→ Ethics: Our commitment to meeting the highest ethical standards is founded on our aspiration to live up to the unique qualities of diamonds".De Beers Group
→ Water management: "Our mines in Africa are located in water stressed environment. Shifting rainfalls pattern and consequent water shortages present a challenge to sustained water access for both our business and local communities". De  Beers Group
→ "At De Beers, we believe corruption is anti-business and anti-development. As a company, we benefit most in a transparent and predictable business environment". Stephen Lussier, (Mr.), Executive Director for External and Corporate Affairs. De Beers Group
→ "De Beer's engagement with the Botswana government has been one of the most successful example of public/private partnership. De Beers had developed local skills and continued to do so, helping citizen companies to develop by outsourcing its supply chain, transferring expertise in valuation and selling and setting up polishing factories". Andrew Bone, (Mr.) Director, International Relations, External and Corporate Affairs, De Beers Group
→ Approach: The unique contribution that diamonds have made in countries like Botswana gives us cause to reflect on what lessons might be drawn from success and whether these might be deployed effectively elsewhere on the continent. Nicky Oppenheimer, (Mr.), Chairman De Beers Group.
okra express has been working with De Beers Group since October 2007. For more information about De Beers, you can hit on the De Beers website which makes delightful and uplifting reading. okra express adds.
◆PepsiCo: At the heart of PepsiCo is the performance with purpose - our vision to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into our business strategy together with our business partner and leading organizations committed to change. We are determined to make our vision a reality. 
→ We strive to deliver sustainable value. PepsiCo
→ As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, our mission is to provide consumers around the world with delicious, affordable, convenient, and complementary foods and beverages from wholesome breakfasts to healthy fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats.
→ PepsiCo was created in 1898. okra express
has been working with PepsiCo since October 2011. For information about PepsiCo, you can hit on the PepsiCo website which makes fascinating reading. okra express adds.
◆ Unilever: Great products from our range of more than 400 brands give us a unique place in the lives of people all over the world.
→ Unilever's corporate vision: helping people look good, feel good, get more out of life - show how clearly the business understands 21 century - consumers and their lives. But the spirit of this mission forms a thread that runs through our history. Unilever has been in business since the 1880s. okra express
has been working with Unilever since February 2009. For more information about Unilever, you can hit on the Unilever website which makes interesting reading. okra express adds.
◆Nestle: At Nestle, we want to make ensure we are providing the best experience for all our customers. Take a look at how we are improving our products to make them accessible to everyone.
→ Nestle: Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. 
→ Nestle is the world's largest food and beverage company. We have more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favorites. Nestle celebrating
150 years of Good good, Good Life. okra expresshas been working with Nestle since October 2012. For more information about Nestle, you can hit on the Nestle website which makes enjoyable reading. okra express adds.
● Japan External Trade Organisation JETRO: Japan External Trade Organisation - JETRO is a government related organisation that works to promote mutual trade between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad. JETRO's core focus in the 21st century has shifted towards promoting foreign investments into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximizing their global export potential.
Activities at JETRO
→ Promoting foreign direct investments (FDI) into Japan.
→ Promoting trade and business between Japan and the rest of the world.
→ Assisting business expansion of developing countries.
→ Contributing to trade policies and economic partnerships.
→ Researching developing economies (IDE -JETRO).
→ JETRO Membership: Providing support and information on overseas business.
okra eXpress has been working with Japan External Trade Organisation JETRO since October 2008. For more information about Japan External Trade Organisation JETRO, you can hit on the JETRO website which makes fascinating reading. okra eXpress adds.
● Japan International Cooperation Agency - (JICA) Japan International  Cooperation Agency was established on 1 October 2003. Established as an Incorporated Administrative Agency - Japan International Cooperation Agency (Act No.136,2002).JICA aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well as the second development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the social economic development recovery economic stability of development regions. 
→ JICA's Mission, Vision and Actions
JICA's mission, in accordance with the Development Cooperation Charter, will work on human security and quality growth.
→ Vision: Leading the world with trust: JICA, with its partners, will take the lead in forging bonds of trust across the world, aspiring for a free, peaceful, and prosperous world where people can hope for a better future and explore their diverse potentials. 
→ Actions: 
1) Commitment: Commit ourselves with pride and passion to achieving our mission and vision.
2) Gemba: Dive into the field (gemba) and work together with people.
3) Strategy: Think and act strategically with broad and long-term perspectives.
4) Co-creation: Bring together diverse wisdom and resources.
5) Innovation: Innovate to bring about unprecedented impacts.
okra express has been working with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) since February 2009. For more information about Japan International Cooperation Agency, you can hit on the JICA website which makes refreshing reading. okra expresss adds.
● Sweet & Maxwell: Sweet & Maxwell is a British publisher and a Thomson Reuters business specializing in legal publications.
 → With over 200 years of history and heritage in legal publication, Sweet & Maxwell offers detailed and specialist knowledge, understamding, interpretation, and complementary across a wide range of subjects. Publications use a variety of formats of to meet cistomers' needs including books, ebooks, journals, periodicals, loose leafs, CD - Roms, eBooks and online services.
→ You can view more information about Sweet & Maxwell's legal solutions via the Sweet & Maxell's website which makes distinctive and informative reading. okra eXpress adds.
→ Learn about the Sweet & Maxwell's business and history.
→ Sweet & Maxwell's print catalogue is one of the most comprehensive and distinguished in the world today. Biilding on authoritatives titles such as The White Book and Archbold, White Westlaw UK and Lowtel are two of the world's most trusted online legal resources. 
→ In the regulatory and advisory field, Sweet & Maxwell provide high qiality regulatory prints and online products under renowned IDS brands. 
→ Part of Thomson corporation (now Thomas Reuters). Since 1987, Sweet & Maxwell has its headquarters in London and employs over 900 people. okra express has been working with Sweet & Maxwell since May 2010. For more information about Sweet & Maxwell, you can hit on the Sweet & Maxwell' s website which makes distinctive and informative reading. okra express adds.

Innovative features at okra express
okra express hosts series of multinational events bringing together investors and targeted major players from industry, and governments with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world markets. In 2007, okra express was launched in the prestigious Georgian Restaurant, 
Afternoon Tea at The Georgian Restaurant at Harrodsin Harrods,
the home of the grand piano Grand piano and upright piano.jpg
the quality and luxury goods store in Knightsbridge. Incidentally, Harrods was founded by the now -deceased, Charles Henry Harrod , Mr. (16 April 1799 - 31 March 1885

Quality is the key at okra express. If you have learnt from our experience, then our past is a success. okra express works with companies to better enhance their brand equity, foreign direct investment, (FDI), business, trade and investment flows. At okra eXpress we inspire, project manage and hosts strategic events to maximize trade opportunities. At okra express, we embrace the latest thinking in strategic processes for corporations in this digital modern era.  okra express is an intellectual thinker with positive and robust capabilities of taking in a broad overview and perspective of unresolved issues and translating them into positive forward planning to gain credible results for all involved. At okra express we pride ourselves in transplanting a wealth of experience and diverse pool of  unique, creative and innovative resources to any regional and international industry. At  okra eXpress we offer companies our rare combination of qualities and business acumen to better position them in a clearer light through our strategic PR, communications, events logistics and media initiatives in line with quality and high professional standards. We have worked with a diverse range of companies to include, Aquila Capital, (okra express
started working with Aquila Capital in October 2012), Unilever, (okra express started working with Unilever in May 2009), PepsiCo, (okra expressImage result for okraexpress
started working with PepsiCo in October 2011), Nestle, (okra express
started working with Nestle in October 2012), SAVOY, (okra express started working with SAVOY in July 2011), De Beers Group, okra expressstarted working with De Beers Group in October 2007), Mishcon de Reya Solicitors,  (okra expressImage result for okraexpressstarted working with Mischon in June 2009), SJ Berwin - now King & Wood and Mallesons, (okra express Image result for okraexpressstarted working with SJ Berwin - now Kings & Wood and Malleson in January 2009), and Eversheds - now Eversheds Sutherland. (okra expressstarted working with Eversheds - now Eversheds Sutherland in April 2009).
Established in 2007
okra express, an iconic British brand puts on high profile quality, unrivaled and spectacular events for emerging, emerged and well -established markets, generally focusing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positing them in a clearer light in line with quality and high professional standards. The events at  okra eXpress are entirely driven by a greater focus on maximizing sustainable trade, foreign and direct investments. (FDI) with  particular emphasis on Positives, Prospects and Potentials. okra express is a modest trouble shooter with strategic and diverse skills set to meet the needs of any sector in this modern age.♥Since its inception in 2007,  iconic and modest okra express has lead business and development, sustainable trade and investment into international prominenceokra express has worked with national and foreign governments, diplomats, C-Suite level executives, highly regarded and formidable industry experts and strategic leaders and reputable international institutions, such European Commission, African Union, European Parliament, ACP, European Council and of course, carefully selected international law firms driving trade, business, FDI, Foreign Direct investment flows across the globe. At okra express, we inspire, foster and promote business, sustainable trade and investment flows and the need for deepening mutual understanding, good relations, values, principles and culture and we take steps to meet challenges affecting today's diverse globalenvironment in this digital modern era. okra express cuts a slice across the continents with great distinction, and with a difference in line with quality and high professional standards. You just cannot beat quality. okra express addds.

News, views and interviews, Credit: BBC
World's five largest diamonds. Credit, BBC News, 16 March 2017
Davidson Nicol (L) High commissioner of London, and Anthony Oppenheimer (R) of the central selling organisation, studying the third largest diamond of the worldImage copyrightAFPImage caption
The Star of Sierra Leone, the world's fourth largest diamond was found in 1972. s found in 1972. 

1. Cullinan Diamond, found in South Africa in 1905, weighed 3,107 carats

2. Lesedi La Rona, found in Botswana in 2015, weighed 1,111 carats

3. Excelsior Diamond, found in South Africa in 1893, weighed 995 carats

4. Star of Sierra Leone, found in Sierra Leone in 1972, weighed 969 carats

5. Incomparable Diamond, found in DR Congo in 1984, weighed 890 carats

Source: Mathew Nyaungwa, Rough and Polished - 

Sierra Leone is well known for its diamond industry but it has had a chequered history.

Diamond sales partly fuelled the country's decade-long civil war when rebel groups exchanged them for weapons.

This aspect of the conflict gained global exposure in the Hollywood film Blood Diamond

starring Leonardo Di Caprio
At the Screening of "Before the Flood” at the UN Headquarters in New York City . 
and Djimon Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Credit: BBC News, 16 March 2017

Brokeback mountain.jpg
Watch the intriguing movie Brokeback Mountain - fishing is a family sport and there is no question about it. Nevertheless, your cowboy husband goes fishing on his own, and spends quality time with his body, his other better half, Jack... comes back home very late with no catch
Fennel and herb barbecued whole fishPerhaps he enjoys throwing the fishes back into the deep blue sea?Giving him the benefit of the doubt?Giant grouper swimming among schools of other fishnot only that, his fishing rod is always bone dry - not wet = Woman what more evidence do you need? Wake up call. Wake up and smell that coffee A black cup of coffee with coffee beans in a scoop on a table
Brokeback Mountain movie starring the now - deceased, Heathcliff Ledger, 4 April 1979 - 22 January 2008, Heath Ledger.jpg
Gyllenhaal in 2016.jpgJacob Gyllenhaal
Anne Hathaway, 
Michelle Williams
okra eXpress echoes, Loving someone is also learning to let go and let go gently, without looking back in anger. Let go like Madame Bernadine Freeman and Lady Stella Freeman, get up and go! In life you really need to be realistic and go for the most feasible option but NOT at the expense of somebody else's misery. If you keep saying that there is a solution and that he is part of the solution, but he does NOT see that his behavior is unacceptable and cannot snap out of his daft behavior, then you do not have a  solution  and that is the fact of the matter, that is the current position which is so clear personally in my view, quite frankly,  and that's the long and short of it - the uncomfortable truth. Let go gently and move on to the next best thing. Facilitate a closure without any ranting and or angerThat is the starting point and there is no question about it. In life, you just cannot change the unacceptable behavior of others. What you can do, is to adjust the way you react to their behavior. Of course you can do it to grace yourself some sort of comfort. What  relief! What bliss. This is not EinsteinThe now-deceased Einstein 14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955,
a German theoretical Physicist
Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer - restoration.jpg
It is like a deal you enter into a candid and frank negotiation with the ultimate aim to obtain a triumphant deal for all involved to flourish at the same time. Well, a deal is a deal, you walk away from the deal, you walk away from your loss! What a pity... You can do it better to grace yourself and others some sort if divine comfort and fruitful gain for all involved. okra eXpress adds. These enchanting movies tickles my fancy.
Waiting To Exhalewaiting to Exhale
WaitingExhale.jpgStarring Angela Bassette, Angela Bassett by Gage Skidmoe.jpg 
Lady Freemanget up and goMadame Freeman spent quality time seeing her family lawyer Solicitor Advocate Gown (1)F-Wig-01b
she trusted, who stood tall for her and gave Madame FreemanLady Freeman, her colorful wings back to fly high.Image result for okraexpressand get back on track with the swing of things = the next best thing, quite heartily. After the court hearing, Mr. Wrong' s, barrister, (the opponent barrister), had the cheek and audacity to  say, "Sorry, men cheat to be completely fulfilled because they are weak,and Men are pigs, but women like pork"...5 ways with bacon sandwichesMen want to have their Cake Serene Heart Chocolate Sponge Wedding Cake (Cakes) and eat it!
Lady Freeman's barrister also politely, responded to the opponent barrister, in his own charming little way, "Well, final point very briefly, Mea Culpa (apologies), but sorry is not enough". 
Watch another and the enchanting movie? Well worth a watch
When Stella got her Groove BackHow stella got her groove back.jpg
Lady Freemanget up and goMadame Freeman
starring, Scott Leo "Taye" DiggsTaye Diggs 2015.jpg
Angela Bassett 
okra eXpress echoed, focus on that ball in all that you do. Never take your eye off that ballFootball, Ball, Sport, Soccer, Round
If you work out the football strategy, I can assure you that, it is not where the ball is that, matters, it is actually where the ball is going that matters the most .So what one ought to do is take possession of that ball and never take your eye off that ball. Well, I am sure that my favorite British 
football striker 2026 FIFA World Cup bidding process: FIFA receives expressions of interest
and foo
tball 90 Minutes manager a civilized, polite, courteous, gentleman with impeccable character and pleasant personality, (strong points),
the one and only
('Arry), as in Harry Redknapp, Harry Redknapp 2011 (cropped).jpgborn Henry James, would agree with me. Incidentally I have been a fan of  'ArryHarry Redknapp, for yonks. Here you go we are all behind you ('Arry,) Harry Redknapp, suited and booted, brief in briefcase. . .
lovely smiles, with beautiful
dimples, one on each cheek.
What a bliss! 
okra eXpress adds. 
Bertha - okra eXpress loves great movies and she loves great movies
beautifully put together.

Bertha's favorite Female football striker is the one and only, Eniola "Eni" Aluko, 
E Aluko2009.jpg
Eniola Aluko Eniola Alukoborn 21 February 1987.  Eniola  Aluko is an English footballer who plays for Chelsea LadiesChelsea F.C. Crest 
of the FA WSL as a forward. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, Eniola "Eni" Aluko moved with her family to Birmingham UK
when she was a year old. Eniola "Eni" Aluko chose to represent England at international level. Her brother Sone Aluko is also a professional footballer and is a full international for Nigeria, West Africa.

s, views and Interviews
Credit: BBC, Last updated, 22 August 2017  

Eniola Aluko: Chelsea 'commend' England striker after 'bullying' claims Credit: BBC, Last updated, 22 August 2017  

Chelsea have "commended" Eniola Aluko for "speaking of her experiences" after she accused England boss Mark Sampson of "bullying and discrimination". 

Sampson,Mark Sampson, England Ladies v Montenegro 5 4 2014 1058.jpg 34, has been cleared of wrongdoing by two investigations and vehemently denies the claims made by former England forward Aluko, 30But anti-racism group Kick It Out says the Football Association should conduct "a comprehensive independent review" . It says claims by Aluko on Monday "throw new light on the allegations". Speaking to the BBC, the Chelsea Ladies striker claimed Sampson made a "racist comment" about her family in Nigeria being infected with the Ebola virus. Sampson vehemently denies saying this. The FAFA crest 2009.svg 

said the allegation arose in informal correspondence and was not included in Aluko's subsequent complaint, or it would have been investigated. A Chelsea spokesman has said the club "finds any and all forms of discrimination abhorrent and it is imperative that players are supported when coming forward to speak about these issues". Players' union the Professional Footballers' Association says it has been supporting Aluko "from the first moment she made us aware of her experiences of playing for the England team". PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor added the organisation supported calls for a second independent probe. Aluko was also supported by former England team-mate Lianne Sanderson who tweeted. "I am so proud of one of my best friends, Eni Aluko. I have stood with you through this and I will continue to do so."Former FA director of corporate affairs Simon Johnson Tweeted "Well done to Eni Aluko for speaking out. No-one should have to justify why they perceive a comment as racist. Sad it came to this, but brave." 'The situation is one of utter confusion'A three-month independent investigation by barrister Katharine Newton last year did not uphold any of Aluko's complaints, and cleared Sampson and the FA of any wrongdoing.Aluko, however, has claimed the investigation and a previous FA inquiry were "flawed".The FA denies this and says Aluko, who has played 102 times for England, declined to respond to the Newton investigation.She has not been picked by Sampson since making allegations against him as part of an FA cultural review into England management. The FA has insisted the timing was purely coincidental as the review was confidential and anonymous. But Aluko claims she suffered "victimisation as a result of me reporting discrimination".Anti-racism campaign group Kick It Out Football, Ball, Sport, Soccer, Roundsaid the situation was now "one of utter confusion with claims and counter-claims". It added: "Kick It Outurges the FA to undertake a comprehensive and independent review of the processes involved in the original complaint made by Aluko up to the final point of the independent investigation by Katharine Newton QC."This is so they can take on board any lessons learned, to remedy any deficiencies identified and to ensure it has an operational culture that treats any individual, whatever their background, equally, fairly and with dignity and respect."The FA must ensure a situation like this will never happen again in order to build trust, confidence and credibility.".News, views and InterviewsCredit: BBC, Last updated, 22 August 2017  

Reality Checkwhen someone makes flippant, unacceptable comment using past tragedy like Ebola, it does not only trigger back sadness, it actually evokes the whole feeling of lose again for us all to bear and bear together with the surviving family and their loved ones  Over to youMark Sampson, England Ladies v Montenegro 5 4 2014 1058.jpgDo  you actually know how many people died of EbolaMindyl1.jpgFor some households, the whole family, loved one, friends, you name it, a significant influx of lives were actually wiped out and subsequently recorded as the now-deceased. Have you ever grieved the lose of a loved one? Do you really understand what others have to endure when the now-deceased is no longer with them? Sade is British from West Africa, Sade is British Nigerian.Ever heard of Sade? Sade Folasade, CBE, British Nigerian, known professionally as Sade, a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer. Incidentally, Sade is an arranger. In music do you know what an arranger is? 

In musicPianoRange.tifan arrangement is a musical is a musical reconceptualization of a previously composed work. It may differ from the original work by means of reharmonization, melodic paraphrasing, orchestration, or development of the formal structure. Arranging differ from orchestration in that the later process is limited to the assignment of notes to instruments for performance by an orchestra, concert, band, or other musical ensemble. Arranging "involves adding compositional techniques, such as new thematic material for introduction, transitions or modulations, and endings... Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety". How do you want SadeSade Adu 1.jpgWest Africans and black people in general, families and loved ones and many others worldwide, across the globe, to feel following your careless comment? Do you know that the Ebola started in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Are you able to point out Sierra Leone, West Africa on the World map the globe? Because of your careless, comment, these people are Disappointed, but hopefully, not downhearted,  ? Ever heard oft The precious Gem, the precious stones, the rough and polished precious Diamonds? Well, we learn new things everyday. You can actually get your Diamonds from Sierra Leone, West Africa.DiamondJust like Sade, and Eniola  Aluko, E Aluko2009.jpg who chose to represent England at international level. an English footballer strikerwho plays for Chelsea LadiesChelsea F.C. Crest , Gina Yashere, a highly qualified Lady Engineer, a Lift engineer, turned Stand up Comedian, is also British NigerianPanicked man in liftIncidentally, Technology is NOT Rocket Science, a trained Monkey can do it. We want more young women, youths, young men, young boys, young girls to be the future  technology specialists, the future technology professionals, the future technology EngineersLift buttonGina Yashere.jpegGina Yashere

Where is Gina? No, No No, I mean Gina as in Gina Yashere, the British - Nigerian, Lady lift Engineer turned Stand UP Comedian.The lift is not working -  we need an Engineer now, we need a lift Engineer? No I mean, where is Gina Yasheree? 

It is worth mentioning, that Technology in general be it Lift Engineering, bt it IT engineering, be it Aviation Engineering? be it Gas Engineering, be it Electrical Engineering? Engineering, and Technology can be done with Great ease and joy too!  NOT Rocket Science, trained Monkeycan do it. Squirrel monkeys in Meet the Monkeys at ZSL London ZooWe want more young women, youths, young men, young boys, young girls to be the future  technology specialists, the future technology professionals, the future technology Engineers. When will you Learn? The best time to Start.is now.  If you are serious about Strategic Dynamics Innovation, A bright Start will be to by pass the University entry requirement to work full time as an Engineer, and get the young women, youthsyoung men, young boysyoung girls into full time employment, earning full time salary Monday to Friday and then they can study at the University on a part time basis, two days a week in the evening, for a total of six hours a week. Forget out the University degree entry for full time employment  as long as the youths, speak  ▶English, they have a Great command of the English Language - so what are you waiting for? That is the bright start your starting point, the icing of the cake. Let's make The Right Honorable, Phillip Hammond ,MP start smiling again, yes, more Billionnaire youths in technology, and Engineering,   Official portrait of Mr Philip Hammond crop 2.jpgAll Change. Get back to the swing of things and set the wheels in motion, start today - Invest in the youths to become the next Billionaires with Great ease and fun too! For a You will find that most Universities run University degrees, both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the evening. So that the young women, youthsyoung men, young boysyoung girls will be the next University drop out, Face book founder, Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, a youth,Mark Zuckerberg not even man enough as yet,  a baby gentleman,Children: Bibs English Trousseau Egg Cup, Spoon and Bib Set (Blue)  Quality Cute Baby Food Nipple Feeder Feeding Tool Fresh Juice Pacifier REHaged 33years, born, 14 May 1984,Souvenirs: Harrods Bears & Soft Toys Harrods My Harrods Teddy Bearthe next, Bill Gate, Billionaire,another  University drop out,Head and shoulders photo of Bill GatesGet the youths into the trade, let the youths earn and learn on the full time job and study at the University part time six hours a week, working full time and studying part time help you learn how to better manage their quality time without seriously compromising their social life. Life is precious! All Change! The equation is simple, for a change, let Tom, Dick, Harry and Hooray Henrietta become the next Alexander Graham Bell. okra eXpress adds.  Alexander Graham Bell.jpgThe now-deceased, Alexander Graham Bell, 3 March 1847 - 2 August 1922 was a British scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator who created with patenting the First practical telephone and founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T).   The now-deceased Alexander Graham Bell with his wife, Mabel, and their two daughters, Elsie (left) and Marian ca. 1885.  Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP.jpg Final question, very briefly, let's talk about "Research, Science and Technology,we urgently need the young girls, youths, young boys, young women, young men, so the question is Over to you, EE, 3 Three, Vodaphone, Samsung, Google, where are you in all this? Are you still there? can you hear us? Do we need to repeat our request on behalf of the youth? Etngineering companies same questions over to you. If you want to offer your help with a profound and credible effect, surely you can recruit the youths on a paid full time basis to learn the trade whilst the youths attend university two evenings a a week. We know you are able to swiftly recruit these youths with immediate effect so that the youths can start University this September 2017 or latest February 2018 University intakes, but First recruit the youths to start tomorrow, you can do it if you want to and you know that! okra eXpress adds. These youths are broke but certainly not broken. Disappointed, but not downhearted. The youths, are willing to Learn furthermore  they speak English, they have Great command of the English Language. The icing of the cake.Marie Antoinette Indeed your starting point. Recruit the youths to become the next Alexandra Graham Belland I can assure you that you will never be disappointed. Let the Youths become the next World renowned and highly regarded Apple's Angela AhrendtsAngela Ahrendts DBE and her Apple Colleague Tim Cook,Tim Cook 2009 cropped.jpgHRH Prince Charles, Philip Arthur George, born 14 November 1948, Charles, Prince of Wales at COP21.jpgset up the Prince's Trust yonks agoThe Prince's Trust.svgAbout the Prince's Trust. We believe that every young person should have the chance to succeed. So, we help 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives. Our work has generated £1.4 billion of value to society over the last 10 years alone40 Life-Changing Years. Hemel Hempstead Team 3Over the last 40 years we have helped change the lives of hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged young people across the UK. Today, three in four young people on our progammes move into work, education or training.

News, views and InterviewsCredit: BBC, and ITV, Last updated, 03 February 2016 Prince CharlesThe Prince's Trust.svgPrince Charles reflects on 40 years of The Prince's TrustOn the 40th anniversary of The Prince's Trust, Prince Charles has been speaking about his role in the charity. In a documentary for ITV, the prince told presenters Ant and Dec that he felt he always wanted to do "more and more" for the organisation. When Ant & Dec Ant and Dec in Cardiff Bay.jpgMet The Prince: 40 Years of The Prince's Trust, will be broadcast on Monday 4th January, 9.00pm, ITV. Last updated 03 February 2016.okra eXpress echoed, let' put some thoughts to what the now-deceased Jane Austen said yonks ago.Watercolour-and-pencil portrait of Jane Austen "Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the World, and ten to one but she has means of settling well, without further expense  to anybody. The now-deceased Jane Austen.

Watercolour-and-pencil portrait of Jane Austen The now -deceased Jane Austen (16 December 1775 - 18 July 1817), was a British novelist known primarily for six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. The now-deceased Jane Austen's plot often explore the dependence of women on marriage in the pursuit of favourable social standing and social standing and economic security. The now -deceased Jane Austen works critique the novels of sensibility of the second half of the 18th century and are part of the transition to 19th century literary realism

Here you go. Catch another movie for you for the Christmas socks

Pay it forward ver1.jpgChristmas stockingsH


Technology, Research, Science and Technology - In fact Technology in general is really not what many people think, it is not rocket science, a trained monkey can do it. In Technology, you will also need to choose your words very carefully.  So when you use the word Broad band what is it exactly? Broad band? I think not, it is not Broad Band, it is actually broad--ish Band. Broad band should be faster than what is flogged on your face with that bundle. And when you dismantle the bundle, it is Broad---ish band it is  slow, like a hamster Syrian hamster filling his cheek pouches with Dandelion leaves.JPGon a treadmillClose-up of running legs on a treadmillLet's put some thoughts into it to get the name of the product right as you see fitMaybe you mean slow coach band? Is that what it really is? A bit faster that the 49k modem? 

Well, next time you are caught up in a badly designed building with no gentle stairs for emergency exit, and without external gentle steps, for emergency exit,Image result for stairs with external steps wiki where the crisscross escalators are prone to occasional breakdown, and the lifts are not working during an emergency, you saying, where is Gina Yashere, a highly qualified Lady Engineer, a Lift engineerturned Stand up Comedian. Next time round choose your words very carefully to cushion the blows for othersZodwa Twala, 75 years old, raises her gloves  Nicola Adams, Natasha Jonas, Savannah Marshall

Ever heard of the the Chicago Fire in 1871?   Incidentally, Bertha-okra eXpress was aged 8yrs, in primary school when she learnt from her older siblings and their   youthful looking mum, about the tragic disaster the Spafford family went through.The now-deceased, Horatio Gates Spafford, (20 October 1828 - 16 October 1888 was a prominent American lawyer and Presbyterian Church elder.The now-deceased, Horatio Gates Spafford, (20 October 1828 - 16 October 1888is best known for penning the Christian V&A - Raphael, The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (1515).jpghymn, "It is well with my soul", following a family tragedy in which his four daughters died aboard the S.S. Ville du Havre SS Ville du Havreon a transatlantic voyage.  The son of Gazetteer author Horatio Gates Spafford and Elizabeth Clark Hewitt Spafford, he married Anna Larsen of Stavanger Norway on 5 September 1861 in Chicago. The Spaffords family were well known in 1860s Chicago. .The now-deceased, Horatio Gates Spafford was a prominent lawyer, a senior partner in a large and thriving law firm. .The now-deceased, Horatio Gates Spafford and his wife was a Norwegian-American Lady who settled in Jerusalem.From upper left: Jerusalem skyline looking north from St. Elijah Monastery, a souq in the Old City, Mamilla Mall, the Knesset, the Dome of the Rock dominating the Old City, the citadel (known as the Tower of David) and the Old City walls, and the Western Wall. where she and her husband Horatio Spafford were central in establishing the American Colony there in 1881 were also prominent supporters and close friends of evangelist , Dwight  L. Moody.Dwight Lyman Moody c.1900.jpg Spafford invested in real estate north of an expanding Chicago Clockwise from top: Downtown Chicago, the Chicago Theatre, the 'L', Navy Pier, Millennium Park, the Field Museum, and Willis Tower.in the spring of 1871. When the Great Fire of Chicago reduced the city to ashes in October of that same year, it also destroyed most of Spafford's sizable investment.Scarlet fever took his young son of four from him. Two years later, in 1873, Spafford decided his family should take a holiday somewhere in Europe, Europe orthographic Caucasus Urals boundary (with borders).svgand chose England knowing that his friend, D.D.L Moody would be preaching there in the fall. He was delayed because of business, so he sent his family ahead: his wife and their four children, daughters eleven-year-old Anna "Annie", nine-year-old Margaret Lee "Maggie", five-year-old Elizabeth "Bessie", and two-year-old Tanetta.On November 22, 1873, while crossing the Atlantic Map of the Atlantic Ocean on the Steamshi Ville du HavreSS Ville du Havre their ship was struck by an iron Pure iron chips with a high purity iron cube sailing vessel.and 226 people lost their lives, including all four of Spafford's daughters. Anna Spafford survived the tragedy. Upon arriving in England, she sent a telegram to Spafford beginning "Saved alone. What shall I do Spafford then sailed to England, going over the location of his daughters' deaths. According to Bertha Spafford Vester, a daughter born after the tragedy, Spafford wrote"It is well with my soul" on this journeyThe original manuscript has only four verses, but Spafford's daughter Bertha Historystates how later another verse (the fourth in order below) was added and the last line of the original was slightly modified. The music, written by the now-deceased, Philp Bliss, (9 July 1838 - 29 December 1876) was named after the ship on which Spafford's daughters died, Ville du Havre

When peace,A red breasted robin sits perched on a pole.

like a river, attendeth my way,

When sorrows like sea billows roll;

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to know,
It is well, it is well with my soul.

(Refrain:) It is well (it is well),

with my soul (with my soul ),
It is well, it is well with my 

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my 


My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to His cross, 

and I bear it no more, Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!


For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live:

If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pain shall be mine, for in death as in life
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace
A red breasted robin sits perched on a pole.

to my soul.


And Lord haste the day, when the faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump 
Trumpet 1.jpgshall resound, and the Lord shall descend,

Even so, it is well with my soul.

okra eXpress Bertha's favorite actress is the now-deceased, Grace KellyGrace Kelly Vogue cover 1962                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bertha okra eXpress grew up watching Grace
 intriguing and enchanting romantic movies  with her siblings and their youthful looking mum. 
The now-deceased Grace, Patricia Kelly (12 November 1929 - 14 September 1982)Grace Kelly MGM photo.jpgwas an American actress who became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainer 111, Prince Rainier III.jpgin April 1956. After embarking on an acting career in 1950, at age 20, The now-deceased Grace Kelly appeared in New York City Clockwise, from top: Midtown Manhattan, Times Square, the Unisphere in Queens, the Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan with One World Trade Center, Central Park, the headquarters of the United Nations, and the Statue of Libertytheatrical productions and more than 40 episodes of live drama productions broadcast during the early 1950 Golden Age of Television. In October 1953, she gained stardom from her performance in the film Mogambo, which won her a Golden Globe AwardGolden Globe Trophy.jpg and an Academy AwardAcademy Award trophy.jpgnomination in 1954. Subsequently, Grace Kelly had leading roles in five films, including The Country Girl, (1954),, for which her deglamorized performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Other films include High Noon (1952), with Gary Cooper, Dial M for Murder  (1954) with Ray Milland, Rear Windows (1954) with James Stewart, To Catch a thief (1955) with Gary Grant, and High Society (1956) with Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra '57.jpgand Bing Crosby. Bing Crosby, 1942.jpg
The now-deceased Grace Kelly retired from acting at the age of 26 to marry Rainier and began her duties as Princess of Monaco. They had three children, Princess Caroline,Princess Caroline.jpg
Prince Albert 11,Albert II February 2015 (cropped).jpg 
and Princess Stephanie.
Stéphanie van Monaco (1986).jpg
 The now-deceased Grace Kelly, retained her American roots, maintaining dual U.S and Monegasque citizenship. The now-deceased Grace Kelly died on 14 September 1982, a day after suffering a strokebrain clot while driving her car, which caused a crash. The End. okra eXpress adds.  Health ExplainedWhat is a stroke? Credit: BBCProfessor Anthony RuddProfessor Anthony Rudd of St Thomas' Hospital in London explains what happens during and after a stroke. Hit  on the BBC website for more about stroke. Last updated, 23 August 2010  
Bertha's favorite actor is the one and only Clive Walter Swift (Mr.), Who plays Mr. Bucketin the British sitcom, Keeping up Appearances. Live with his beloved wife, Mrs. Bucket, Lady Bouquet, the Lady of the household.Hyacinth Bucket and her husband in Keeping Up AppearancesRichard Bucket, Keeping Up Appearances, Clive Swift, Tony Padman 
who plays Mr. Bucket Hyacinth Bucket on 'Keeping up Appearances' (played by Patricia Routledge, pictured with Clive Swift) always pronounces her surname 'Bouquet'
Bertha's favorite Male singer- songwriter radio personality, the one and only,
Rick Astley. 
Rick Astley's 1987 "Never Gonna Give You Up" was a NO. 1 hit single in 25 countries and won the 1988 Brit Award for Best British Single. By the time of his retirement in 1993, Rick Astley 
had sold approximately 40 million records worldwide.
Bertha's favorite Female singer- songwriter is  the one and onlyAdele. (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE, born 5 May 1988), singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist.
correctly spelt, Adèle  is a feminine given name meaning "manifesting"
Adele smiling
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