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okra eXpress hosts numerous multi-national events bringing together investors and targeted major players from industry and government with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world markets.

Innovative features of okra eXpress

  • okra eXpress is a public relations small business running big projects whilst cutting across a slice of the continent offering original, creative innovative, services with a difference.
  • At okra eXpress we help to maximize responsible investment in this changing world of clean energy and carbon friendly green environment in the modern age. 
  • At okra eXpress excellent positioning is fundamental. okra eXpress offers super efficient, diverse and dynamic strategic global market services to better position companies in a clearer light.  
  • okra eXpress is a carbon-friendly PR business. The colour green forms part of the corporate colours at okra eXpress as green is highly associated with environmental sustainability
  • At okra eXpress, we broaden our knowledge base and in-still great work practice and modern approach to embrace the latest thinking in strategic processes for credible corporations across the globe.
  • okra eXpress is an intellectual thinker with diverse and positive capabilities of taking on board a broad overview of issues and press ahead with forward planning.
  • At okra eXpress we are averse to consulting more than informing to ensure that we are all fully above board in line with high professional standards and quality.
  • Quality is the key at okra eXpress. If you have learnt from our experience, then our past is a success
Background:  okra eXpress was launched in 2007 by Bertha Oluwole, an astute and highly respected and creative, PR and investment practitioner. Bertha is a postgraduate executive MBA professional with excellent degree of people management, interpersonal and soft skills. Bertha's practical experience is underscored by her diverse qualifications in journalism - advanced media law, politics (major), with European studies, law, general and strategic business management and languages. 
The services at okra eXpress are aligned with quality and as a recognition to that okra eXpress was officially launched in the prestigious Georgian restaurant in HarrodsKnightsbridge, London, a classic and up markets venue in swanky London, and the appropriate cachet for the quality and brand values that okra eXpress stands for. Harrods.svg
HarrodsIncidentally, The
Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique - This is Latin, meaning, All things for All People, Everywhereokra eXpress cuts a slice across the globe
Get a swift plug in at okra eXpress. Get connected, to stay well connected at okra eXpress

okra eXpress events Agenda – okra eXpress will press ahead with the set order of play as laid out below 

6 pm        Guests arrive to network, meet, greet and interact with each other

               Presentations, talks and Q & A

7.30 pm   Networking, drinks and nibbles

8 pm –     Event Closes

Polite updateAokra eXpress our timing is always impeccable. Guests are very welcome to arrive at 6pm. The event will start at 6.30pm. Guests will be asked to kindly switch off their mobile phones and other technical devices upon arrival and also be invited to be seated by 6.29pm before the discussion starts at 6.30pm. okra eXpress will run the hour brilliantly well in such a classic way. It takes grace to forgive, so please forgive us for keeping the pleasantries and introductions to a minimum. We do appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation. Thank you

Polite update: As usual, okra eXpress will run the fascinating discussions till 7.30 pm (for emphasis the discussions at the okra eXpress events will run for one hour). okra eXpress will invite a minimum of four global formidable speakers and industry experts who will all speak in super quick time to allow for a maximum number of questions and answers. 

Incidentally, the photos below are extraordinary photos taken at the okra eXpress events inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress. Alert: Copyright. okra eXpress owns the copyright of the photographs below unless stated otherwise.   


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