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Well, well, well, after the fair share of the brightand sunny glorious weather. It is now time to weather that windy storm with biting cold snaps this weekend as at 21 November 2015. 

Forthcoming okra eXpress events

We have had an interesting and splendid summer, and we are now  intrigued by the warm awesome autumn with bright and sunny glorious sunshine

 and we are very much looking forward to the exciting festiveChristmas tree outside Downing Streetseason ahead of our forthcoming okra eXpress events to boost investment opportunities. We have an amazing array of guest speakers and an excellent panel of formidable industry experts for the following okra eXpress events listed below. 

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Emerging investment opportunities in digital technology - Who is ahead of the game in this digital modern age? So we are all fully above board. Is it Broadband or Broadish band? Tell me. What is it exactly? 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

 Intellectual Property Law , ownership, misuse, protection and enforcement in the 21st Century. Are you up to speed with intellectual Property Law? This event will discuss the growing concerns relating to intellectual property infringement, enforcement of intellectual property rights, disputes over misuse of intellectual property rights. This event will also explore information security breach, data protection, management and security and highlight the strategic options to overcome the current challenges of cybercrime and review the strategic management of digital programmes and how businesses can better manage their digital systems in the modern age.

Thursday, 25 February 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Unlocking investment opportunities in expanding markets – Clean energy, energy efficiency projects, clean technology.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Investment opportunities in Life Science – Let’s talk about Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.


Thursday, 28 April 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Growing investment opportunities in Agri-business. Food for thought. Think global food security.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Global investment summit on Africa. Positives, Prospects and Potentials. Fresh insights on investment opportunities.


Thursday, 19 May 2016




This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Dates haves been set for the spectacular okra eXpress event Summer / Autumn, 2016 Watch this space.

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Investment opportunity across the Gulf / Arab States.

 Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Swanky London

This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress.

Investment opportunities across the Atlantic – The United States of America 

 Thursday, 29 September 2016 


Swanky London

This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress.

More spectacular okra eXpress event – Summer / Autumn. Watch

Date TBC (October and November 2016




 This event will be inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress.

 Agendaokra eXpress will press ahead with the set order of play as laid out below 

6pm         Guests arrive. Drinks upon arrival

                Presentation - Q & A

7.30pm     Networking, drinks and nibbles

8pm -        Event Closes

Quality is the key at okra eXpress.  If you have learnt from our experience, then our past is a success

Africa (orthographic projection).svgPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from okra eXpress

When we quite candidly talk about global food crunchglobal food insecurity, what one ought to swiftly address without further delay is that everyone really need to worktogether to achieve the same objective and access resource – rich Africa for global food security.  Resource – rich African regions have the growing climate condition to step into play and fruitfully grow food crops in abundance to help grow people across the globeout of global food crunch – unresolved global food insecurity. Africa is the global food basket Fruit and veg

to address world food securityGlobal food security ought to be properly safeguarded. Africa is no longer characterized as a global problem. Africa can be part of the global solution. The magnitude of the global food crunch is extremely severe than we initially thought. We currently do not have global food security and this is the reality. Too wrapped up with yourself to notice. We are running out of food. We must deal with the root causes of the food crunch rather than the symptoms of the food insecurity. Work together with resource- rich Africa the destintion with the growing condition to produce food crops in abundance for everyone to have a fair share of food together. All parties need to be very realistic, take a long term view of things, accelerate on and press ahead with the most feasible option. The current position is very clear to see and there is no question about it. The best way forward is for everybody to work together and corporate with resource – rich African countries to achieve the same objective and better access resource – rich Africa to safeguard global food security and better address the unresolved global food crunch. AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svg is no longer the problem. Africa is the solution when investors work together to access resource – rich Africa to safeguard food security. One final point, very briefly we would like to highlight is that

Ø  Money is not the measure of successWe do not think profit has to be a zero sum game. Money is not the measure of success. You cannot eat money. Reality Check: Too busy all wrapped up within oneself to notice the emerging global food crunch?You need food. There is no food in the house. You cannot eat property. Property is made out of concrete, cement, Sand and what have you. Yes, Cement a and Sand are commodities from resource - rich Africa and beyond. Cementand Sandare  not food. You cannot eat Sand and Cement. Your children need healthy food to grow. Nip it on the bud: Think Energy Security, Think Food Security. Food For Thought. We still do not have food security going forward - looking ahead. Take a long term view of things.   You need food crops to address the unresolved global food insecurity. Your body needs healthy food.  Heath is wealth. Without Health, there is no wealth. And that's the long and short of it! Looking ahead, all parties will have no other option deemed to them but to work together, hand in hand, shoulder on together, work together and better address the global food security. You can do it. Yes you can. The very best is yet to come. Always go for the best and not the second best. Do not quit Never delete the word "together" off your spell check. Work together. shoulder on with others, accelerate on, press ahead till the bitter end, come what you. Never in your wildest dreams give up. Remember, you are not beaten, unless you refuse to get up. Do not quit

Ø  Every projects that investors embark on in resource – rich Africa must be well balanced and its likely multiply effect on local employment. Employ local Africans, local African farmers. By that we mean, investors must employ local Africans, local African farmers, rather than bring into resource – rich Africa, a significant influx of their own workers from their own regions into resource – rich Africa. It is vital that investors must incorporate these strategic concepts into doable policies that work for all involved and well balance its likely multiply effect on local employment. And all these other sorts of things and investors must not only focus on just generating profit at the expense of the Africans and the highest rate of return over a very short period of time. Investors must not just breeze in and breeze out of resource – rich Africa, come, take and leave nothing for the African locals, leave nothing for the African farmers; just come, take and leave, yours truly no address;Red postbox in Malta “no hard feelings is the name of the game”. Well that game is over. Why? The position is quite clear to see and there is no question about it. This is the 21st Century we are talking about. Investors must make reserves simply because investors did get the investment and that investment has to be recompense in a fair manner that would work well for all involved. Investors must work together and corporate with the Africans when investing in resource – rich Africa. This is what we precisely mean by partnership of equal. This is the whole notion of respectable equal relationship. Partnership of equals.Investors must work together with the African locals and the investment projects must be carried out within a sort of holistic approach, that aim to increase production from small scale local African farmers:

ü  Increase the output of small scale local African farmers and improve global food security

ü  Increase the incomes local African farmers and improve global food security in a fair and responsible manner.

ü  Investors must ensure responsible investment, into large scale agriculture including  having a massive farm

Investors must ensure that all the farmers around the investment projects would get some sort of support:

ü  Be that part funded by the governments

ü  Part funded by the investors

ü  Part funded by the development finance institutions, that would help these local African farmers bring back onto the efficiencies for these large agricultural projects.

ü  Helping the local African farmers better understand farming methods that would improve their agricultural yields.

ü  Helping the local African farmers with seeds and fertilizers.

ü  Helping the local African farmers with finance that would help them to go out to produce which is at the moment is a major problem for them.  Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpressokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Africa (orthographic projection).svgPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress 

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in May 2009. A spectacular event  inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress, held in Parliament, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament. I worked with the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union on a strategic response to China. And the argument is ChinaFlag of the People's Republic of China.svghas a strategy for Africa. 

Africa (orthographic projection).svg

The trouble is that Africa doesn't have a strategy for China. That’s the flair. When we say China has a strategy for Africa, we are talking about the big state owned companies. And the Chinese presence in Africa has been verydistinctive. In the West, we have sort to separate trade from foreign investment and from Aid. All the political advice we give Africa is that, don’t mix up Aid and foreign investment and trade. The big Chinese infrastructure projects. What is Aid and what is Foreign Direct Investment, (FDI)? We don’t know. It comes in as a bundle... (It comes in as a package. say to the investors we do not do bundles and packages. If you would like us to consider accelerating on and pressing ahead with your investment, you need to dismantle your bundles and packages sotogether we can identify the Aid and the investment with great ease. So we are all fully above board we do not do bundles and packages and walk away gently from that investment without looking back in anger, this is not for us good bye; Like we are desparate, we are not! Money is not the measure of success, we do not do bundles and packages).  And the Chinese are saying, we want your raw materials, we will give you Aid, we will give you some foreign investment, with the strategic bundle and the best example of that is this extraordinary thing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (In the DRC). When $30billion of Aid and foreign investment, are coming in to get Chinese access to Nickel and Copper. Now the African response is fragmented. That is African countries stand back as individual countries. And they don’t know how to respond. And our advice is that you have to take the same strategic response to the Chinese as they take to you. We are now in a world where commodities are in short supply.

  • So you want our commodities?
  • Okay, we want your Aid and foreign direct investment to come in at the same time. and not in a bundle wrapped up in a package. We don't do bundles and packages. 

And this rather overturns the conventional wisdom of how developing countries should react to outsiders. Remember, this is relevant to the large state owned firms. The private sector Chinese companies which are rushing into Africa do not government support as well. So you also have to take a completely different approach to them.

  • So it is not just China in Africa
  • It is China(s) in Africa.
  • And Africa is not a homogeneous group.
  • It is not China(s) in Africa
  • It is China(s) in Africa(s). It is a much more diversified picture.

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in May 2009, held in Parliament, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light.At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address existing and emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Success stories highlighted at the okra eXpress event - Spotlight on Unilever

Unilever logo

Speaking at the okra eXpress event in February 2009, a spectacular event  inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress, held in Parliament, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament,  Unilever’s Vice President, Global External Affairs, a formidable industry expert  said at the okra eXpress event that  “I think it is very important to hear that companielike Unilever to be committed to AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svg for the long term. And despite what you may be hearing, seeing about the economic downturn, which I think will have an impact during the course of this year; most companies like ours see the potential of Africa being significant and continuing to be a very attractive place in which a company like mine can do business. Unilever has been investing in AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svgfor many, many years. I mean, I think we opened our first factory in 1902 and we are now operating in 19 different countries, and we currently have 138 factories in Africa in different countries and employ 88,000people and have roughly about £2 billion turnover in different markets. On average, our business grew very healthily throughout the cause of the year on average between 10 to 15%, so that is a very good growth opportunity and that makes Africa very attractive for foreign direct investmentPunchy Sound bites from the okra eXpress event, in February 2009. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse globalenvironment. 

Photo below: A selection of Unilever brands across the globe. You can hit on the Unilever website for the full picture of the Unilever brands across the worldUnilever logo

Unilever global brand logos

Unilever logoBrand for life

Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in November 2012. Spotlight on UK – China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN).

Speaking at the okra eXpress event in November 2012, a spectacular okra eXpress event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress, held in Parliament, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, in swanky London an okra eXpress event series on global food security. Preventing food crunch. Food for thought.  A Chinese professor and the The Head of Secretariat, UK – China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN), told the okra eXpress audience on China’s cooperation on sustainable agriculture and food security. With kind permission from okra eXpress, the Chinese Professor, and Head of Secretariat, UK China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN), UK also brought with him and distributed copies of UK – China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN), annual report to the guests at the okra eXpress events. okra eXpress read the annual report in-depth and highlighted excerpt of the annual report, making  particular reference to the following pages, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 15, 16, 17, 18, Private Sector engagement as highlighted below. 

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011SAINWho we are

The UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN) has been established to provide a coherent framework for the development and implementation of China- UK collaboration on sustainable agriculture and food security set up by MoA Defra and DfID DfID.svgiFlag of the People's Republic of China.svgThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011

 SAIN: What we do

  • Support UK-China cooperation in sustainable agriculture by fostering innovation in three areas: 
  1. policy approaches;
  2. institutional mechanisms for collaborative research
  3. translating policy and science into practice
  • Stimulating innovative thinking and research on all aspects of sustainable agriculture and and its relation to the local, national and global economy
  • Communicate information on sustainable agriculture issues and opportunities for change, and disseminate best practice to key audience
  • Contribute to global sustainability through south-south learning and similar initiatives 

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011SAIN Research Portfolios

The common objectives of SAIN projects are to address the issue of increased resource use efficiency, particularly nitrogen fertilisers and manures; reduce pollution from agricultural production to air and water, including GHG emissions reduction and to increase carbon sequestration; and communicate information on agricultural climate change mitigation, adaptation and options to policy makers as well as farmers.   

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011SAIN Research Portfolio:

  • Improved Nutrient Management in Agriculture a key to the Low Carbon economy
  • A review of Manure - Use in China (MUC)
  • Estimate of future agricultural green house gas emissions and mitigation in China
  • Conservation for enhanced utilization of crop wild relative diversity for sustainable development and climate change mitigation (CWR China)
  • Addressing vulnerabilities and building capacity for adaptation of agriculture to climate change in China
  • ADMIT: Harmonising ADaptation and MITigation for agriculture and water in China
  • Developing a catchment management template to mitigate non-profit source pollution in China
  • The future of food and farming - Foresight Report's implications for China

The Chinese Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Professor, and Head of Secretariat, UK China Sustainable Agriculture Innovative Network (SAIN),Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg also addressed the okra eXpress audience on China’s cooperation on sustainable agriculture and food securityPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in November 2012. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event. okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress Brussels event, in February 2010. Spotlight on the European Commission at and The African Union at the okra eXpress Brussels event


Speaking at the spectacular okra eXpress event in Brussels, an event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress in Brussels on 24 February 2010, held at the The Secretariat of The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, (ACP Headquarters in Brussels), the European Commission'shttp://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html Head of Unit, Directorate-General, Development  and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States, addressed the okra eXpress audience, and gave his assessment of the Joint African EU Strategy (JAES) achievements. There had been ‘extremely significant results in most areas”. he said. In particular, there was a greatly enhanced political dialogue, with for example discussions about peace and security every six months, at ministerial level, which had enabled Europe and Africa to speak with one voice on a number of urgent issues.

  • On Climate Change
  • And Energy

The dialogue had also facilitated "common declarations". It had also had positive effects on EU and AU institutions, moving their communications beyond ‘closed circuits’ to working more closely with member states and external actors. The European Commission's Head of Unit, Directorate-General, Development and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States, said the idea of working with the people, with civil-society - parliaments, private sector and non-state actors – was a pillar of the Joint African EU Strategy (JAES), but so far had had mixed results, and finding ways for non-state actors to participate better in the EU-Africa partnership was a priorityPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the spectacular okra eXpress Brussels event, on 24 February 2010. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event. okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment 

Speaking at the spectacular okra eXpress event in Brussels, an event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress in Brussels on 24 February 2010, held at The Secretariat of The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, (ACP Headquarters in Brussels), The African Union's Ambassador, African Union Representative to the European Union, Permanent Mission in Brussels, agreed with the European Commission's Head of Unit, Directorate-General, Development and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States who spoke at the spectacular okra eXpress event  that it would be illusory to draw conclusions about the Joint African EU Strategy (JAES) from its first two years. He remained ‘optimistic’ about the (JAES) strategy. It was an achievement in itself, he suggested, for heads of state from Europe and Africa to meet en masse as they had in Lisbon in 2007 and discuss their differences frankly. He reminded the okra eXpress audience that seven years had elapsed between the first EU-Africa summit in Cairo, in 2000, and the second summit, illustrating the scale of the challenges that African and European leaders had set themselves. The African Union's Ambassador said that progress with the Joint African EU Strategy, (JAES) since Lisbon in 2007 had been ‘encouraging’, with political dialogue ‘enormously reinforced’. The two main challenges that he anticipated were to persuade heads of state to attend the next summit, and ‘to win" the media battle’. 

The African Union Ambassador, stated that the media could do far more to promote the partnership between Europe and Africa, and in some respects were an obstacle. He challenge the mediato make Africa  attractive to Europeans ‘to present Africa as a place where one can do business, where one can  invest, where there’s a developed public sector’. There was a need for the media to tell the success stories, he said. Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 24 February 2010. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event. okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the International Monetary Fund. 2010. Spotlight on International Monetary Fund. Credit: okra eXpress

Lagarde, Christine (official portrait 2011).jpgInternational Monetary Fund logo.svgOn Wednesday, 23 May 2014, world renowned global icon, IMF Managing Director, Ms. Christine Largarde, hailed Africa's growth spectacular.

Reality CheckInteresting Dynamics: Fascinating discussion: Credible questions from okra eXpress in the summer of 2010 to the European Commissionhttp://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlThe Council of Europe and the European Parliament Coat of arms or logo and The Council of Europe.  Council of the EU logo.svg

(a)                What are your expectations for the 3rdAFRICA EU Summit in 2010 and particularly on the progress of the Joint Africa – EU Strategy (JAES)? What will happen? Is it working?

(b)               Where does the EU stand knowing resource rich Africa have more dealings with China,Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgand other international players?

(c)                What could the EU do better in terms of strengthening the EU http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlAfrica Partnership?

(d)               What investment opportunities can resource rich Africa offer the EU?

(e)                What are your expectations of the EU presidency in relation to strengthen the EU AFRICA Partnership?

(f)                How effective is the Joint AFRICA EU Strategy (JAES) to achieve that objective?

(g)               What would the EU like to discuss at the upcoming AFRICA EU Summit? What are the key questions?

Council of the EU logo.svgCouncil of Europe logo (2013 revised version).png

Council of the EU logo.svgFruitful and fascinating telephone dialogue interesting dynamics. A telephone dialogue between okra eXpress, and a cabinet member of The Council of Europe. Spotlight on The Council of the Europe before the okra eXpress Credit: okra eXpress 

As part of the preparation leading up to the EU Africa Trade and Investment Outlook - An Evening of Business InspirationA spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event.  okra eXpress telephoned and entered into positive and fruiteful telephone dialogue with a cabinet member of The Council of the European Union, who subsequently sent okra eXpress an email and this was what he had to say. "Dear Ms. Oluwole, (okraeXpress), Congratulations for the impressive speakers list. The European Council had one clear success story in Africa last year. It was naturally the 3rd EU-Africa Summit. You'll find the digital link below". Email sent to okra eXpress from a Cabinet Member of The Council of the EuropeFruitful and fascinating telephone dialogue interesting dynamics. okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Fruitful and fascinating telephone dialogue interesting dynamics. A telephone dialogue between okra eXpress, and a cabinet member of The African Union. Spotlight on The Africa Union before the okra eXpress Credit: okra eXpress 

Fruitful and fascinating telephone dialogue interesting dynamics. A telephone dialogue between okra eXpress, and Chargé d'affaires, representative of the African Union to the European Union, Permanent Mission in Brussels. Spotlight on The African Union okra eXpress. Credit: okra eXpress 

As part of the preparation leading up to the EU Africa Trade and Investment Outlook - An Evening of Business Inspirationspectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event  and held on 15 March 2011. okra eXpress telephonedand entered into positive and fruitful telephone dialogue with with Chargé d'affaires, representative of the African Union to the European Union Permanent Mission in Brussels, in January 2011, and this was what he said. "Madame Berthaokra eXpress, you are really helping us and we are really grateful. We will support your actions so that something can be achieved and I know we can achieve something together. Let us do it that way and let us work closely together". Spotlight on African Union's Chargé d'affaires, representative of the African Union to the European Union, Permanent Mission in Brussels. African Union positive telephone and fascinating dialogue with okra eXpress, January 2011). Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in November 2015. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address existing and emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics, Fas from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. Spotlight on STANDARD & POOR'S at the okra eXpress event okraeXpress event series on - Global Carbon & Energy Markets.

Speaking at the okra eXpress event on 22 June 2011, a spectacular okra eXpress event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress, held in Parliament, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Westminster,in swanky London, the Managing Director, Global External Affairs, STANDARD &POOR'S told the okra eXpress audience, that, "If policy priority for clean energy is well-placed worldwide, investment in clear power assets alone could potentially reach $2.3 trillion over the 2010-20 period. Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event. okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light.

 At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment

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PPI claims firm fined £80,000 for sending 1.3 million spam texts: Credit: Information Commission. Last upddated 23 November 2015. PPI claims firm fined £80,000 for sending 1.3 million spam texts: Credit: Information Commission. A PPI claims company that sent more than 1.3 million spam texts has been fined £80,000 by the  by the ICOIt is the first of three fines totalling £250,000 that the ICO will issue this week to companies behind nuisance calls and texts. Today’s fine has been issued to UKMS Money Solutions Limited (UKMS). It used mobile phone numbers it had bought from list brokers to encourage people to make a claim for PPI compensationBut the 

Birmingham based firm did not check that the people had agreed to receive marketing text messages – something they are legally required to ensure. Last upddated 23 November 2015. For more information, hit on the ICO's website link when you feel able, of course, when you can. Credit: okra eXpress

Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. okra eXpress event series on - Global Carbon & Energy Markets.

 Right, good evening everyone and thank you for taking the time to listen to me. What I am going to talk about is just to give you a sort of overview on Energy marketsEnergy resources in Africa, West Africa in particular. And perhaps discuss a little bit around some of the opportunities and risks that we think in our work are likely to arise as events move forward and the sort of Carbon, Low Carbon Energy mix debate and if you like significant events and  changes going forward.. Now I was pretty taken aback when I sat in my sofa watching what was going on in Fukushima in Japan. And the very first thing that struck me was whereas one of the fall outs are of this event is likely to be acooling off of the appetites for nuclear power. There is also likely to be rather perverse side effect which is that the reliance on hydro carbons both in the short term and perhaps in the long term is likely to be reinforced quite significantlyIndeed since then, I think Japan has been increasing its use of hydro carbons for electricity production. I think Germany has decided to reduce or at least slow its pace of nuclear use. And I think it would be very difficult for policy makers in Western Europe at least to be able to generate much public support for nuclear. Which after all if you look at the economics it is something that generally tends to besubsidised to some extent by the State. Now, what does this mean for Africa? Well on the one hand, I think it means that Energy resources in Africa are going to be competed over even more significantly than they were before. I am from West Africa which is emerging now as a major source of new discoveries for oil and gasIndeed, we had, just a couple of years ago major discoveries off shore in Ghana... In Sierra Leone... there are companies that are reporting interests in drilling resource and ramping up their exploration in the hope of finding similar to what was found in Ghana’s lucrative oil fields.  It is not just restricted to Sierra Leone. Indeed we are also looking at next door in Liberia, in Guinea. Companies like US hydro dynamics areramping up their efforts to see if they can make similar discoveries. No doubt now that the political crisis has reduced or to some extent been abated, in Cote D’Ivoire. You are very likely going to see the government there trying to ramp up hydro carbon production. Gabon, another West African country, which up till a few years ago, has been seeing, more recently has been seeing decline in output from its oil fields. It is now considering pushing the technological envelop even further if you like trying to encourage companies to drill in I don’t know the science of it sub sea sands?, I don’t know, something like that. Generally, notwhere you would expect to go for oilPartly because it is quite messy, partly because it is expensive to get the oil out of thegroundOn top of that, we have Nigeria, the giant in West Africa which so far since it discovered oil has been focusing most of its efforts in revenue generation from oil. But what is not known is that Nigeria has one of the top ten gas reserves in the world. One of the very clearly stated objectives of the new government and indeed the last administration and this one, the newly elected one in Nigeria is a commitment towards commercialising its gas reserves. Most of the reserves the gas in Nigeria tends to be burnt. Especially the gas that is been produced, while oil is been drilled.  Associated gas coming out whilst they drill wells and produce oil. Most of that is been fled. It is been burntObviously environmental consequences. Now they are thinking about trying to establish some sort of capture mechanism. The problems that the Nigerians have had with this so far has been that there has not been the legislative or financial structure put forward by the government to make it interesting to companies to try and get them to invest in these pipelines in a sort of gathering infrastructure. The government is moving at a speed as we speak. There is legislation going through Nigeria’s Parliament which they hope will allow it to commercialise its gas reserves. There are talks of building a pipeline from Nigeria, going all the way up across North Africa to pipe gas into Europe. Now on the geo-political front this has also brought in interesting dynamics. Russia at the moment  largely controls a very large proportion of thegas that comes into Western Europe. Increasingly, observers are starting to notice that Russia is veryvery prepared where necessary to use gas and Energy as a foreign  policy tool. Some of its former satellite States are finding out now that if they step out of line in terms with what Russia wants, it would either “jerk up” the price of the gas to the extent that it would damage yourfiscal indicators or it would just cut off the supply {and leave Europe in winter darkness}. The Europeans, Western Europeans have generally taken their eye off the ball when it comes to AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svg and West Africa generally. And after... Russia's Gazprom-Logo.svg entered Nigeria and started to establish relationships with the government there to get a first  move advantage, on this huge gas reserves that Nigeria has, The European Commission belatedly went to try to see whether they could offer something. So there are geo-political implications there as well which brings me to the point of low carbon"All across Africa, there are increasing efforts now by governments to try and see if they could encourage investment into low carbon alternatives largely bio fuel. Now this presentsgreat opportunities. West Africa is not that far from Europe.  Our climatic conditions are ideal for producing some of these things like sugar cane, producing ethanol, and palm oil, and we use very little of our arable land. This I would caution comes with a lot of caveats, a lot of risks and I think anybody who is investing in low carbon or indeed governments in these regions that are looking to develop and encourage investment into low carbon industries in their countries should be very aware of.  One point is even though we are not using the majority of our arable land, it is not because we have used everything we need. We still don’t have food security, for example. It is a really perverse and crude way to put it. But I think it is a very stark illustration. What we do not want for example is to end up in a situation where people and cars are competing for food.  I say it very crudely, but if certain food stuffs get suddenly become very interesting for Energy production, start to become overpriced, because they are now being traded on Global Energy Markets,  while the locals, the low earning Africans are unable to afford it,  you are very likely to see social unrest. There is also the environmental implications. There is already a problem of deforestation in large parts of West Africa. You just have to look to perhaps, South East Asia, and places like that to see some of the implications of clearing large forests to put in palm oil plantations". 

okra eXpress conducted a swift straw poll from the okra eXpress audience. At the okra eXpress event on 22 June 2011. {It has been mentioned that the fact that the bio fuels are used is a sort of double edged sword. Some peoplewill say  yes, it is a green thing. This is something that would save the planet. But as it has been pointed out thatthere is competition for the poorest people of the world for their most basic food supplies. Do you think bio fuels are a green answerHands up if you do. And if you don’t? Now that is interesting. I would say that is 70% bio fuels are not the answer

Further sound bites from the audience on bio fuels at the okra eXpress event on 22 June 2011. “That is not just the bio fuels. If you suddenly start to have palm oil and sugarethanol, been traded on Global Commodity Markets in the way that oil and gas are at the moment,  it perverts the incentives for farmers who would chose to switch production from rice and cassava to more interesting and more funky things that they can get a lot more money for. So, bad enough that we don’t have food security already, it could actually end up reducing food security. 

okra eXpress said to the okra eXpress audience. Okay, hold your thoughts till the end. And we will have a little time for other questions at the end. But we have a packed schedule and I would now like to welcome the Head of Carbon Market China at Bloomberg New Energy FinanceBloombergNEF  Thank you very much for making time for us tonight.  And blah, blah, blah will be looking at the whole issue of Carbon Market Trading and more questions from him in about few minutes

okra eXpress  accelerated on and pressed ahead with with the fascinating discussion at the okra eXpress event. The details are appended below. 

In and around 2007, 2008, when we had the food price crisis, many African governments either to have largely ignored or presented lukewarm attempts at improving agricultural production for food Security, suddenly realised that after a number of riots, a number of West Africa countries, Cameroon, and a number of places, have realised that food security is now a regime stability issue.  And especially after the events of North Africa, I think anything that brings people out in the streets, is something that worries the governments quite a lot. So what has been their policy response? It has been, well if you come and invest in agriculture, “Agriculture”, we would provide all sorts of incentives. We would give you a tax holiday, we would help you acquire land, we would give it to you rent free, we would let you  import your equipments duty free, we would do whatever we can to  help you increase investment. There is a danger with that. Even if the investment not strictly going into low carbon or bio fuels, even if it is going into food production. The drive seems to be towards getting large commercialized agricultural operations. Now yes, there are economies of scale, the larger you are, the more efficiency you can produce. Economics has taught us that. But, it sort of glosses over the human factor. Land ownershipland tenor systems in Africa are quite fragmented. Africans  don’t see land as an asset that you can trade in. Land is a question of identity to us. In my country in West Africa, and several parts Africa, you can’t actually go and buy land outside the cities. Land is owned communally. The Chief assigns a plot of Land to your family to farm. Should your father die, they will reassign it and you know. You cannot go and contract to take pieces of land. So indeed, the problems that the big agricultural investors who are looking at coming into West Africa, are finding is that the governments sometimes have had to be slightly heavy handed, in forcing people to give up land to allow them to do these large scale agricultural projects. Now, unless these projects come within a sort of holistic approach, that aim to increase production from small scale farmers, increase their output and improve food security, and their incomes, you are likely to see  civil unrest around some of these large agricultural projects

I would like to see responsible investments, into large scale agriculture including something like if we have a massive farm around here, all the small holders around it would get some sort of support, be that part funded by the governments, part funded by the investors, part funded by the development finance institutions, that would help these farmers bring back onto the efficiency that these large agricultural projects. I’m talking about helping them better understand farming methods that would improve their yields. I’m  talking about helping with seeds and fertilizers. I’m  talking about helping them with finance that would help them to go out to produce which is at the moment is a major problem for them.The banks are not necessary prepared to lend partly because they do not have a trading history. Partly because they don’t have collateral, partly because the interest rates that banks charge are ridiculous. I mean I work for an  investment fund that manages a billion dollars, and I am responsible primarily for identifying companies to buy, African stocks and shares to  invest in, projects to do, and sometimes, I am pretty taken aback when I go to a tiny African country, or even larger African country like Nigeria, and find banks charging something like 18, 20% interest, not just that, they want their money within a year. If you look at what employs the majority of people in larger, in most African countries, you are very likely to come up with agriculture as the key thing. But if you look at the lending, the loan books of banks, what proportion of their lending goes to agriculture? You would be appalled to find out that in some places, it is as low as 2% in an economy that has 80% or 60 – 70% of people being employed by agriculture. So I think while the implications of recent events in Japan are likely to mean that the place of low carbon in the Energy mix is now going to have to be taken slightly more seriously. If not because the economics are right. If not because the governments are not prepared to do it, but simply because public sentiment is moving quite shapely in the opposite direction. Now this presents opportunities for us. But of course, but we have to take a very, very responsible approach to it. Because there is a huge risks that it might actually end up beckoning the people that it is supposed to benefit. .  I would stop here. I hope the few things that I have had to say have given you something to think about and I am happy to take any questions you have. Thank youPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light.


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Let's talk about sound bites from Standard & Poor’s at the okra eXpress event on 22 June 2011

Delivering his keynote speech in Parliament, Portcullis House, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament on 22 June 2011, an event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress,  Standard & Poor’s, Managing Director and Head of Global Carbon Markets, addressed the okra eXpress audience and this was what he said. 

Okay let me just get my presentation up. Here we go. Good. Right. Good Evening, My name is blab la bla, from Standard and Poor’s. Standard and Poor’s credit ratings agency as okra eXpress said if you haven’t heard of us I don’t know where you have been for the past three years. My area of responsibility is to look at the area of the environmental finance markets and what’s going on in 

  • Climate Change
  • Carbon and so on

And what I want to give you is a really quick overview of the world of climate change financing as we see it as the moment. And this really is can be describes as a good and bad, and the ugly. Em… it’s a good story, here and there is also a lot of challenges and there is also a lot of challenge of uncertainties which are currently abound. So we don’t  know what real is going to happen. But let’s see what we can come up with. First of all the good news I suppose in termsof what is going on in the clean energy world. Last year, according to figures coming from our colleagues at Bloomberg Energy Finance and others it was a record year of investment and the amount of dollars going into clean technology, you know, renewable energy and so on, $243  billion, 30% increase, on previous year in 2010 going into the clean energy world. Europe saw investment double up nearly $100 billion, China grew by 40%, and US grew as well. In fact the US has seen a staggering amount of money going in and also from government sources. It was not just from private capital. The same goes for Latin America. So the overall, the picture in terms of investment, in terms of money going into this area is outstanding. And if we believe what the Pew centre says, and potentially, the amount of investment going into clean energy increased to $2.3 trillion that’s trillion dollars, between the decades 2010 -2020. So there is a lot of potential here. And the story so far could could be seen to be fairly good. Another aspect of the good, is that there is a mountain or a wall of capital of cash there to invest in areas such as:

  • Renewable
  • And clean energy

And a lot of these capitals are not coming from governments they are potentially coming from the private sector. The Capital Markets essentially, institutional investors. So if we look at pension funds, Insurance firms and mutual funds alone… the institutional funds and private pension funds are over $60 trillion of assets under management. So there is huge amount of money there looking for home constantly turning over looking for areas to invest in. And we know that there is appetite out there for investing in green in the economy.  The prolem is that a lot of these investments are seen as too risky. And the sort of the cost of capital for putting money into these investments is undesirably high. So we need to ask ourselves why that is thee? Let’s look at what’s been happening so far? This is based on some study done by blah, blah, blah and blah, blah, blah, which  came out earlier this year. They estimated that around, up to 40% of institutional investments assets under management are dedicated to fixed income debts. So that's basically bonds, and other forms of debts securities, which are profitably traded in the capital markets so the super effort... is to try to direct that amount of money towards low carbon economy. But there are barriers.And those barriers have come about for a number of reasons which I will touch upon in a second. But let's first of all start with what we see currently in markets. In terms of the credit ratings scale, basically an indication of the credit quality. We see a  spectrum of investments and financing structures in the markets ranging from the so called Green Bonds, which are rated triple AAA, and they are triple AAA, because they are backed by institutional such as the world Bank, or the IFC, the EIB, and so on and that’s a growing market. Last year, alone there was nearly $12 billion, of Green Bonds… this year roughly the same, up to $15billion and up to 2015 there is the expectation it could be up to $30 billion per annum of Green Bonds.... So it’s a fairly sizeable market and one which will grow even further. If you go down the credit scale, down to what is known as the sweet spot for I suppose risk transfer which is around the single “A” area. Now just bear in mind that triple AAA has a very low risk. Less than 1% default expectation over ten years. Single “A” around 5% over ten years. So it’s still fairly low risk. Now the appetite for single “A” debt is still fairly high. But there is very little in the area of low carbon projects or renewable energy projects in that space. In fact, what we have seen to date is more in the triple “B” spectrum and below. Now if you go below triple “B” you are more on a speculative ground, sometime known as junk bonds or high yield bonds.. The risk of defaults commodiously higher. We are talking up to 60, 70% default risk over a period of ten years or even it could go up to two years and it is much higher.. We are looking at a much riskier asset class. And that’s where, unfortunately, these low carbon projects tend to fall into. The ones that had been rated by Standard and Poor’s are the wind projects in Germany and France. And unfortunately, where they started the investment grid has gone down the scale. Mainly due to over optimistic assumptions about the resource risks. How much wind there will be and how that would affect the cash flows? So the future of Green Bonds going forward is potentially huge.  Again  that study  by blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah, estimating $1.4 trillion to be unlocked through asset backed and secure types transactions. But to get that stage, we have got to see a substantial derisking of this area. Now talking about risk, and this is something which is as based on a study we put out last year. We held a round table here in London. We invited institutions, investors, policy makers, representatives from the governments and try to come up with a risk matrix. And what were the key challenges, the key obstacles that investors saw in the low carbon markets, impacts, probability matrix and I know  that a lot of people in business schools, this will appeal to them, now four by four or two by two matrix. The idea here is that a study of what are the key risks that you should try and alleviate to try and open up to private sector capital. Now one of the key issues is however you want to call it, a policy risk, a longevity risk is essentially tied up to risks that policy risk can happen and there is too much volatility in the marketInvestors, particularly fixed incomeinvestors, want stable, long term cash flows, very little in terms of volatility. That’s not what the carbon market; it’s not what the renewable energy or the green bond markets other than the guaranteed ones produce at the moment. There is a real need for some more work to be done on policy stability.. If we see what happened in Europe alone where there had been retroactive changes to feeding tariffs in some countries, maybe for good reason. But nonetheless, that signals to the market that they can’t basically put their money in green bonds, without having their risk of there being, basically the rug been pulled from under their feet at a later stage. So where does that leave us with longer term climate financing? Now is a huge challenge here. The United Nations framework Conventional climate change in their meetings, over the past few years, in Copenhagen and in Cancun, come to a pledged agreement of raising a hundred million dollars per annum between now and 2020. Where is that money coming from? If not from the private sector? Well what we need to see really is more structure which allow the leveraging up of public sector funds coming from developed countries, into capital markets, instruments used by developing countries. Now there is a duff of proposals in this area at the moment. Here is an example of one, one of the few which does exist, which has been put forward by the International Mission Trading Association. 

Halt: During his talk at the okra eXpress event, the formidable speaker and industry expert, the Managing Director from Standard and Poor ‘displayed on the screen and shared with the with the okra eXpress audience, a slide which made interesting and distinctive reading. okra eXpress pressed ahead with the discussion. The contents of the fascinating discussions are appended here under. 

It’s a structure which tries to capitalise on the “so called”, NAMA concept. NAMA stand for National Appropriate Mitigation Action. So it's really a way of reducing carbon in a developing country across maybe a sector for example the power station in China. If you can get a certain reduction and get it approved by the tion and get it approved by the UNF tripple CCC, then you are eligible for financing. That’s basically what NAMA is. The problem is that, where is that financing going to come from? Now the capital markets can be used. But not in a hap hazard way. They need to be structured. There need to be certain elements of governance put in place to stop countries from over borrowing and worsening their deficits. We all know what happens when we end up with huge budget deficits. So the idea behind this concept is to make sure that there is money coming in and leveraging up on the public sector funds and pledges being made through capital market borrowing. Putting a cap on that borrowing by the…. by something called credits for borrowing or permits to borrow and then at the same time, you know making sure that they are tied to real carbon reduction emission under the NAMA concepts. So we are not here to propose this or support it. I’m just saying, this is an example. There needs to be plenty more example out there put in the face ofinvestors. So they can sort of see how to allocate the risk. So they can then mobilise their money to try and solve the climate change debate. So that's all I really wanted to say. And I will be happy to take on questions as we proceed. Thank you very muchStandard & Poor’s, Managing Director, Managing Director and Head of Global Carbon Marketswas speaking at the okra eXpress event, inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress. PunchySound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress event.okra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light

  1. Question from the okra eXpress presenter:  I was particularly struck by that figure of 85% of projects in this area being dependent upon subsidies. Given the current political climate. Surely, it has to be a very scary number.  Even for the most triple AAA of Green Bonds.
  2. Answer from the global formidable industry experts: This real problem. In fact we are going to be putting out a report on this particular issue in a couple of weeks. The whole sustainability of the regulatory framework for renewable energy or clean energy  in general. It is clear that you know what's happened over the past year especially as sovereign government have found themselves in dire straits, having huge deficits which they can’t manage and potentially defaulting on their sovereign debt. They are looking for ways of cutting back on expenditure and implementing austerity packages. One way is to revisit subsidies that they have pledged historically to renewable mechanisms. You know what happened in Spain, it has happened in Italy, it has happened in the Czech Republic, you know in fact in the UK. Only last week we saw a change in the feeding tariff regime for small scale solar. So this a problem which is wide spread. And I think the key issue here, if you are going into investment as an investor and you are relying on the subsidies for the long term. I think you going to think very hard whether that is going to happen. Yes, maybe five years, but over the long term you have got to really look at different scenarios, where that subsidy regime will change and that will affect your investment.   
  3. Question from the okra eXpress presenter: Very briefly  and then I’ll take some questions from the floor. Surely, one potential solution to this is consecration.  Because if you package them up and simply hand it back again and say thiswill be the last of the bonds that don’t get paid back. It does give a bit of security. Can that help companies with a goodideas raise finance.
  4. Answer from the global formidable industry experts: Ssecuritisation has a financing technique, I think can help. Em… it needs to be looked at the point of view that it provides the risk capital. The bottom layer of equity…. Which ultimately could be used up if things start to deteriorate in terms of credit quality. Now there are plans, for example, the European Project Bond initiatives where the European Investment Bank as I was saying will come and provide the risk capital. In the UK, the Green Investment Bank is thinking of doing something similar. So yes, securitisation techniques are applicable, but it need to be very clear line of who takes the bottom slice, the high risk element.
  5. Question from the okra eXpress presenter: Questions from the floor. In that case that gives me the ground to ask another question. Why is it that companies that are looking to raise finance for these projects struggle so much. I mean that is always when I, as a journalist interviewed people who have what it sounds to me like a great idea event that Desertec power station that I mentioned earlier. Even in the boom times, it was access to finance. It is still not taken seriously by the big institutions.
  6. Answer from the global formidable industry: Well, there are two fundamental problems. One is the fundamental economics that a lot of these projects just don’t work and they have to rely on some sort of support mechanism, usually subsidies, that we have talked about. And then related to that problem is the policies and uncertainties. Because if you are relying on a support mechanism, or some form of subsidy to make a project economic there is always the risks as I have said earlier the rug could be pulled out from under your feet. And as such that risk is acting as a deterrent to investors or banks or capital market investors. So those are the key issues, basically economics and policies uncertainty.
  7. Question from the okra eXpress presenter: And I think, obviously with Black swans you can’t identify them in advance. And that’s the nature of Black Swans. But the Black Swans which you have identified tonight is political risk. That is the biggest risk facing so many.
  8. Answer from the global formidable industry experts: Well yes, I mean a year ago, who would have predicted what has been happening in North Africa and the Middle East. I mean who would have predicted the Fukishima accident? Some of those events are geopolitical. Some of them are technological and some of them are just natural disasters... But the unpredictable comes in and it changes the landscape to a huge degree. It makes things even worse than what they were before.
  9. Question from the okra eXpress presenter: Ladies and gentlemen Managing Director and Head of Global Carbon Energy, at Standard and Poor’s. Sound bites from the okra eXpress eventPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, on 22 June 2011. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpressputs on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.

Punchy Sound bites - Interesting Dynamics from the okra eXpres event on 10 February 2010. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress

Sound bites from the okra eXpress event on 10 February 2010Yes, I don’t represent a government. I am not a bureaucrat. My job is, well I don’t say this in a derogatory way.  Just as a statement of fact. My job is to advice companies that invest in Africa on the risks that they are likely to face with their investments. So if you like I inhabit the space where ideally all of these initiatives bear fruits and the benefits would be seen in terms of developments and trades and what have you. Now my view is that the EU... http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html(under the leadership and direction of its President, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso, in office, 22 November 2004 - 31 October 2014, on your watchJose Manuel Barroso, EU-kommissionens ordforande, under ett mote i Folketinget 2006-05-19 (1).jpgneeds to define what it wants its relationship with Africa to be. My view is that the EU has been caught napping as far as its relationships with Africa. Through the 90’s it was not very bothered. Now that China and India and Brazil and Russia are moving in, the EU has decided to move. But the EU should have a first mover advantage in Africa because the EU has had a very long engagement with Africa. Now the Joint –Africa EU Strategy partnership or what we call it is something that I will call paralysis by analysis. It has been in place for effectively two years if you like and we are still talking about redefining its objectives and redefining its goals. Now in these last two years, I would invite anybody to observe the trade statistics that define the relationship between China and Africa, define the relationship between Africa and IndiaBrazilRussia and the number of these other countries. So I think fundamentally what the EU has to do is decide how it wants to engage with Africa and once it has decided that, to come up with policies that work. Now part of the agenda that this programme looks at is strengthen trade integration and infrastructure partnership between Africa and Europe so I will delve into that a little bit more. Let’s consider the economic partnership agreements that Europe was supposed to sign with Africa and was supposed to define a new sort of economic trade relationship. Now the actual effect of those economic partnership agreements which were quite contentious by the way was that they serve to undermine what semblance we have towards integration already in Africa. If you take East Africa community, if you take West African Regional Economic groupings, you will find out that the EU tried to break apart the common approach towards negotiating trade deals with Europe by African countries and then instead sort to go with bilateral trade deals. It has weakened the integration that these groups have been going on so far. Now there are very serious implications for this. In terms of security of course there is. In terms of Energy security, in terms of natural resources, you will find that China is making very very strategic investments into Africa that is securing control of African natural resources which let’s not forget are going to be very crucial over the next twenty, thirty years to global development for its own exclusive preserve. First it was taking just entire concession. Now it has started to do global natural resource deals with countries like Guinea and what have you. As you go forward, European companies are going to be suffering as a result of these deals. Now the practical implications in terms of geopolitics are very easy to see.  Let’s not forget that it was African support that led to China, mostly African support that lead to China been recognized and granted a place in the United Nations Security Councilall those years backBut if you look

  • How many countries in Africa recognize Taiwan? Not that many.
  • How many countries in Africa have lined up on the side of Europe when they discuss at Kyoto or other places, on climate change  Typhoon Chan-hom
  • or what
  • haveyou
  • okra eXpress pressed ahead with the punchy soundbite and fascinating discussion continued which is appended here under
  • You are very quickly going to find out that over the next five to ten years that Africa is lining itself with BrazilRussiaIndia and China and not so much with the European UnionThis has implications for security. 
  • This has implications for economic security and physical security. And I think that Europe has to get its acts together and decide on how it wants to deal with Africa and get on with it. The Africans if you notice those who are involved in the EU Africa strategy will notice that very few of the very senior top level African diplomats are allowing themselves to get involved. Well if there is a programme for integration of trade and economic partnerships and what have you. Why is it that most of the important trade deals regarding Europe and Africa are not discusses there. They are discussed elsewhere. As a result the Africans don’t bother to send the people that matter there. Infrastructure is one of the things that have been slightly more progressive in all these goals that they have been talking about. However, I went to the European investment Bank website today to research my talk. In the last two years, 2007, 2009, they had committed Euro 96 million to infrastructure in AfricaOkay, yes, just a couple of days ago, they announced another $800 million plan to fund a power pool in some parts of Africa. However, if you just oppose that to how much China has spent on infrastructure in Africa? The figures look ridiculous. I think Europe needs to get its act together and needs to decide what it wants to do with Africa. And once it’s done it. It needs to get a head with it. Thank youPunchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in February 2010. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpressputs on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment.
Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011United Kingdom is now the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council under the leadership and strategy direction of
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Well, well, well, it appears that matters are now in great,Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011handFor emphasis, we mean great hands that is precisely what we mean. You heard me right! but you were not listening. Yes, you heard right. Not all handare great. "Everything is possible, the impossible takes slightly longer. okra eXpressechoed, Matters are now accelerating in the right direction. "We have nothing else to say except "How Great". 
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okra eXpress echoed,you can hit on the you tube link below for the how Great inspirational song which is growing on me. I saw the link via You Tube, it caught my fancy and I am delighted to share it with you. You can hit on the link below when you can and when you feel able which has already attracted 4 million hits across the globe in all the continents. Perhaps, in your own time, you can consider finding a place in your heart to forgive the perpetrators when you feel able. Nothing hurts them so much when you forgive. What you are going through is nothing compared to what happened on Good Friday. If you do a comparative analysis of what you are going through compared with what happened the night before Good Friday and also on the Good Friday itself. The Passion of the Christ (2004) PosterTogether we will embrace and accept the contents in  Revelation 3:1-13  &Isaiah 54:17& Deuteronomy 31:6
Remember, it was worse on Good Friday. Delete the word "revenge" from your spell check. Remember, revenge is a dishTabboulehbest served cold. Well, there is no such thing like a free lunch. Just so you know! Ever tried liquid lunch?Slow cooker minestrone No thanks, no not for me thanks. I have had enough liquid for the day! I'm not stopping - no time, must get back into into the day to fill in the day for the benefit of others. . Thinks to do, people to see, places to go to. Thanks, but no thanks you. I am not interested in what you are trying to flog on my faceThere is nothing like a free lunch. You sometimes wonder. Remain alert and bouncy. Eyes wide shut Have all your faculties switched on, be vigilant and be very aware of what is going on around you. Have a great week. Remember,  when you forgive you can also consider forgetting as well. Forgive and forget, accelerate on and press ahead. to the next best thing without looking back in anger. It is easy to forgive and forget without looking back in anger of course in your own time,of course when you can and when you feel able, forgive and forget, accelerate on and press ahead with the next best thing for the benefit of others. Perpetrators are not worth our tears. Why? Because we know who God is. We will not cry. Cry? No chancePerpetrators are not worth our tears. Not in our wildest dreams. There is no Easter without a Good Friday, so it seems that what we  are now going through together is actually our Good Friday. But no worries. Why, because together we have enough energy and strength, and together we will continue to press ahead

okra eXpress echoed. Remember, refrain from spending your quality time complaining about what you do not have. Instead, spend your quality time creating what you really want, really want, for others and be very grateful and thankful for what you already have. Money is not the measure of success. The world owes you nothing. Get real, the worldowes you nothingAbsolutely nothingokra eXpress adds.

okra eXpress echoed. Remember, you cannot change the unacceptable behavioof others. But what you can do is to adjust the way you react to their unacceptable behavior without looking back in anger, accelerate and press ahead to embrace the next best things for the benefit of others. Why? Because, we do not want to end up with unexplained headache; because we have the greatness in us, because our integrity matter. We have traditional values, principles and standards, and together, we stand tall by them. Remain seated otherwise. Together, we will live our very best life to the full well worth living on EARTH. The greatest thing in life is life without charge. Think others, be generous with your great love and affection and make others feel adequate whenever they spend quality time with you. This is the most simple thing one can do on EARTH - Shine your lighton others. Embrace and have great respect for things that are divine, and sacred - so adorableokra eXpress adds.

 Easter Easter Eggs & Giftswill come with grace and great joy. Together, we very much look forward to Easter. A great moment when the  bright Daffodils spring in full bloom.  okra eXpress echoed, if you take the cross out of the hot cross buns, you are left with dry breHot cross buns

For emphasis, together, we will grow to enjoy the grace and joy of the resurrected Christ. Count down, to EasterBasket of Easter EggsWell, look after yourself and others. Look out for others as well. Take very great care of yourself. Money is not the measure of success. I have never seen a removal van behind a funeral hearse.What for??? Removal van to pick up your price possessions ??? Oh dear, do you really mean your pride and joy?. Oh please!!! Get real. Arrangements will be made for your pride and joy to go to charity. That's the long and short of it! Well, well, well, the way it works is that we come into EARTH alone, likewise we go back to EARTHBBC Earthalone. U-turn to get to another planet? No chance!. We go back to EARTH where we came from. Well, I must point out that when I pass, I will pass with my fine precious diamond stones, bright gems, dainty, pretty littleand e dadiamonds,Drops of Light Pendantyes that precious stone, rough and polished I'm taking with me when I pass. Why? Because  precious gem diamonds in abundance is actually the language we speak in resource rich  AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svg where the diamonds are in abundance. Our diamonds

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Life does not come with expiry date.Money is not the measure of success. MonopolyLife does not come with best before date. The best thing in life is lifeWell. Have a great week. Health is Wealth. Without Health, their is no Wealth. Prevention is cheaper and better than cure. Take very great care of yourself. okra eXpress adds.
  • Keep, cool 
  • keep calm, and well composed 
  • and, alert and bouncy, be vigilant and aware of what is going   carry on quite heartily  okra eXpress adds. This uplifting and enchanting song is well worth a listen and we hope the song will graceyou with some sort of comfort somehow as together, we all mourn the loss of the now-deceased who passed on Friday, 13 November 2015 in romantic Paris, Romantic France. We dedicate this song to all our brothers, sisters, colleagues, friends, everyone in this romantic city of ParisRomantic France.romantic Paris Romantic France is not aloneThe World is United Together with Romantic Paris Romantic France. We will shoulder on Together and stand tall  together with Romantic Paris Romantic France. 
    We will 
    shoulder on together singing from the same 
    hyme sheet. World United Together For Romantic Paris, Romantic FranceUnited we Stand tall

    together. With all good wishes, Bertha - okra eXpress. You can hit on the link below. Credit: You Tube  and Hill Song swanky London, UK.Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011 On digital technology, is this song the reason why You Tube can consider where possible to devise a repeat button for ease of listening
  • World United For Romantic Paris -Romantic 
     World United Together For Romantic, Paris, Romantic France & we stand tall for  Global Security 
  • Romantic City of Paris, Romantic FranceTour Eiffel Wikimedia Commons.jpgWell, well. well, you can hit this link from Hill Song via You Tube,  Hillsong United.jpgwhen you canwhen you feewe have nothing else to say, except "Incidentally, Hill Song is in swanky London,, nearest tube station, Tottenham Court Road. tottenham court road tube | My Sunshiny LifeTottenham Court Road.is actually an area in swanky London full of the spirit, an area where Crossrail Crossrail roundel.svg will Cross. 
  • Hit on this YouTube logo 2015.svglink below we have nothing else to say except. How Greatokra eXpress adds   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doiiH2FkIO8
Long Live Romantic Paris, Long Live, Romantic France
Cross Rail and Hill Song, are in Tottenham Court Road the holy ground cross road  where smart people flock in thousands. It is also the home sweet home of Costa CoffeeAlison BrittainCostaLogo.svg under the leadership and direction of the Chief Executive of Costa Coffee, Ms. Alison Brittain. Costa Coffee in the holy ground in Tottenham Court Roadtottenham court road tube | My Sunshiny Lifeis where Cross railMayor and TfL unveil ‘eye-catching’ design for new, high-quality Crossrail trainsCrossrail roundel.svgwill Cross the enchanting cross road, Tottenham Court Road, in swanky London, where you can also chillax with great friends before and after Hillsong services and indulge yourself with Ciabatta bacon roll and hot chocolatewith whipped creamcinnamonand mashmallows,White marshmallows. on top. Make it pink mashmallows, pink makes girls wink! You can check out the other yummy grubat Costa CoffeeCostaLogo.svg in swanky London
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  •  World United Together For Romantic Romantic France
  • United we Stand tall Stand tall United Together For Romantic Romantic France
okra eXpress echoed: If Stella How stella got her groove back.jpg can find her groove back, romantic, Paris, romantic France will certainly get her groove back. Why? Why not? The position is quite clear and there is no question about it. The world is united together to shoulder on together with romanticParisromantic France. 
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okra eXpress  echoed Well, yes, Stella's partneris very your, 20 years her junior. Rocking the cradle? Coco pops all over the place? Well, at least, St.ella's young partner ticks all the right boxes, he is smart, loyal, alert and bouncy, fine, fun loving. Better-still, StellaAngela Bassett by Gage Skidmoe.jpg tells us that her partner does not need to chew viagra like they are smarties. Smarties logoArchive Smarties poster(yes, viagra, that little pretty blue pillAnd you know how much I love to indulge myself with  smarties intake by Nestle, the one and only NestleNestléknowing very well that I will be better able to shack them off. , yes shack the smarties off. New SmartiesHow? Well, I go running regularly, and I love walking in the woods with my great friends. And when in the wood, we usually eat natural yogurtNESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurtwith freshly sliced fruitscinnamon, raisins Raisinsand honeyPure Gold Manuka Honey NPA 22+ on top, plus a bottle of water H2ONestlé Watersand granny smith appleGranny smith and cross section.jpgNot particularly in that order though. okra eXpress  adds
About the movie, "How St.ella met her Groove Back".How Stella Got Her Groove BackGet ready to groove with this heart-warming comedy full of love and friendship, starring sexy Angela Bassett by Gage Skidmoe.jpgHow stella got her groove back.jpg and comic superstar and academy winner Whoppi Goldberg  Whoopi Goldberg at a NYC No on Proposition 8 Rally.jpgThrough great times and bad, Stella (Angela Bassett) and Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) have always had each other. Now, Stella's so busy building a life that she's forgotten how to really live. But Delilah is about to change all that. What starts as a quick trip to Jamaica, ends as a quick trip to Jamaica, ends as an exhilarating voyage of self discovery as Stella learns to open her heart and find love - even if it's with a gentleman 20 years her junior. A captivating comedy that's sure to entertain, How Stella Got Her Groove Back glows with warmth, humour and tenderness. Tender Loving Care. (TLC). Angela Bassett by Gage Skidmoe.jpgHow stella got her groove back.jpg The End. You can hit on the You Tube link to view the movie trailer "How St.ella met her Groove Back".How Stella Got Her Groove Back
okra eXpres echoed. Working hard or hardly working? Pretty face or a kick in the teeth? Dignified silence? What is it exactly. Take your pick with great ease
Courtenay Griffiths at The Hague.Courtenay Griffiths QC
Courtenay Grifiths QC in swanky London  a distinguished member of the Queen's Counsel has many interesting stories to tell. This was what Courtenay Grifiths QC said yonks ago. "As one of the few black gentlemen in the British judicial system, Ministry of Justice logo.svghis early endeavours in the courts were challenging"One of the first times I went to court in south London, I arrived in court suited and booted, brief in my briefcase - only to be told: 'Oh, the defendants sit at the back of the court sir'"Meaning, because I was black, I had to be awaiting a charge, or had to be up on a charge. I couldn't conceivably be a barrister representing anyone in that court."You sometimes wonderokra eXpress echoed. The equation is very simple for me to work out, you are a black man, so they set you up to fail when you let them. If I was in your position, I would have politely said to that Court Official, Ministry of Justice logo.svg"Well, I never saw it like that; thank you. Can I introduce myself? I just want you to know that my name is not Cecelia, you ought to know my name my now, I am certainly not that Hooray Henrietta. Ever heard of Simply the Best?TinaTurnerSimplyTheBest.jpg This equation i too long for me. Let me help you by gently removing myself from this equation and Good Bye. Have a great week. With all good wishes. P:S. These people really think we have quality time to play silly and foolish games. To get to the truth, you need to go beyond the beyond. HappinessLindt Teddy Bear 100gis the truth. Loveis the answer.   okra eXpress adds. P.S: okra eXpress echoed Just like you, Courtenay Grifiths QCCourtenay Griffiths QCI have stories to tell and I am speaking for myself, and I must point out however that the people who have really really helped me to shape okra eXpress are white British people Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011and White European people.http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlI always take on opportunities that are presented to me and I place a high premium on the journalist training I received from the BBC in the 20th century under strategic direction and leadership of BBC's Shaun Ley, another British EuropeanThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlwho gave me a sense of pride and hope yonks ago when I was nearing the completion of my European politics and the media course at University whilst I was working full time for the UK authorities in litigation dealing with and defending legal cases in court in excess of 160 cases per month across a number of courts in the UK including Central London County Court in Baker Street,swanky London. I was better able to incorporate the credible media, concepts, framework, analysis and quality skills I obtained from the BBC BBC News.svg into my work in litigation which worked very well for me and my ex employer. Together, we were able to rub our hands in glee.   Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. Under the strategic leadership and direction of Ms. Sharon White, CEO, ofcom, ofcom, the communications regulator regulates the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles, postal services, plus airwaves over which wireless devices operate.
Sharon White

okra eXpress echoed, I obtained my advocacy training from District JudgeMinistry of Justice logo.svg Peter Marsh. Yes, another British European. The legal training was held in Birminghamand it was very intensive,  had to give up my weekend to stay in a hotel n Birmingham, but I didn't mind that much. Yes, again another Britisha European, http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html
Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011
and I mean the list can go on and on. These are the people that have helped shaped what okra eXpress is all about in the 21st Century. I no longer working in litigation, but the loss to the legal profession is a gain at okra eXpress. I must say that I left the legal profession on a high note My ex employer head hunted me to take on a litigation high profile carbon-friendly role working as Consultant project managing a cases relating to carbon monoxide. And guess what, my boss the managing director was yet another Europeanhttp://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html a Portuguese gentleman. I left the litigation role on a high note saving my ex employer in excess of £500,000 (half a million pounds possible fine by the health and safety executiveHealth and Safety Executive logo.svgin fact  I sorted out my ex-employer's digital system which at was also an area worth looking at, as it was prone to occasional breakdown. I was better able to hit the ground running working from home. Environmental programmesAnd you know what my ex employer did not have to pay a penny to these unscrupulous employees and their allies who were operating with them outside the organisation.  Instead central government, white hall embraced my strategic policies as blueprint for other organisations across the UK to mirror image as part of their strategic policy to be incorporated into doable "fit and proper" procedure going forward and looking ahead.  It was an inside job within the organisation. Someone, an employee within the organisation was dishing out information to an outsider about how to make false insurance and compensation claim against my ex-employer. But you know what, I was not prepared to have that. I was alert and a bouncy, all faculty switched on. My litigation experience lead to my nick name Erin, as in the movie Erin Brockovich.and I do not mind that much.Erin Brockovich (film poster).jpg okra eXpress echoed. Indeed, I gave my ex-employer their wings back to flyhigh. The sky is your limit and beyond. okra eXpress adds. Never take your eye off that ball. Remember, it is not where the ball is that matters, it is actually where the ball is going that really, really matter. Never mind goal line technology, the one and only, 'Arry Rednapp will tell you that. You should never take your eye off that ball. All hail King ''Arry as in Harry Rednapp,Harry Redknapp 2011 (cropped).jpg BBC Sportborn Henry Jamescurrently a British European Football Manager, http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011 and
former English Football stickerHarry Readnapp, is a head boy. Once a head boy is always a head boy. Never take your eye off that ballI am a girl guide.Be prepared.Once a girl guide,is always a girl guideBe Preparedokra eXpress adds.   

British EuropeanThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.htmlTennis seed our one and only Andy Murray, has won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award for the second time in three years. Credit: BBC: Last Updated, 21 December 2015.
Andy Murray wins SPOTY award
okra eXpress echoed. I like drinking water but I do not like getting my hair wet, unless when I am at the hair dressers. okra eXpress adds.
Erin Brockovich (film poster).jpg About the movie In 1993, Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) is an unemployed single mother of three children, who has recently been injured in a traffic accident with a doctor and is suing him. Her lawyer, Ed Masry (Albert Finney), expects to win, but Erin's explosive courtroom behavior under cross-examination loses her the case, and Ed will not return her phone calls afterwards. One day he arrives at work to find her in the office, apparently working. She says that he told her things would work out and they didn't, and that she needed a job. He feels bad for her, and decides to give her a try at the office. Erin is given files for a real-estate case where the Pacific Gasand Electricand Company (PG&E) is offering to purchase the home of Hinkley, California, resident Donna Jensen. Erin is surprised to see medical records in the file and visits Donna, who explains that she had simply kept all her PG&E correspondence together. Donna appreciates PG&E's help: she has had several tumors and her husband has Hodgkin's lymphoma, but PG&E has always supplied a doctor at their own expense. Erin asks why they would do that, and Donna replies, "because of the chromium". Erin begins digging into the case and finds evidence that the groundwater in Hinkley is seriously contaminated with carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, but PG&E has been telling Hinkley residents that they use a safer form of chromium. After several days away from the office doing this research, she is fired by Ed until he realizes that she was working all the time, and see what she has found out. Rehired, she continues her research, and over time, visits many Hinkley residents and wins their trust. She finds many cases of tumors and other medical problems in Hinkley. Everyone has been treated by PG&E's doctors and thinks the cluster of cases is just a coincidence, unrelated to the "safe" chromium. The Jensens' claim for compensation grows into a major class action lawsuit, but the direct evidence only relates to PG&E's Hinkley plant, not to the senior management. Knowing that PG&E could slow any settlement for years through delays and appeals, Ed takes the opportunity to arrange for disposition by binding arbitration, but a large majority of the plaintiffs must agree to this. Erin returns to Hinkley and persuades all 634 plaintiffs to go along. While she is there, a man approaches her to say that he and his cousin were PG&E employees, but his cousin recently died from the poison. The man says he was tasked with destroying documents at PG&E, but, "as it turns out, I wasn't a very good employee". He gives Erin the documents: a 1966 memo proves corporate headquarters knew the water was contaminated with hexavalent chromium, did nothing about it, and advised the Hinkley operation to keep this secret. The judge orders PG&E to pay a settlement amount of $333 million to be distributed among the plaintiffs. In the final scene, Ed hands Erin her bonus payment for the case but warns her he has changed the amount. She explodes into a complaint that she deserves more respect, but is astonished to find that he has increased it—to $2 million. The End. You can check out the movie trailer Erin Brochvich via You tube well worth a view.
Well, since I'm talking about water this brings me to the point of utilities, Let's talk about ofgem. Ofgem.png under the strategic leadership and direction of Mr. Dermot Nolan, CEO, Ofgem.png ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Environmental programmesMarkets authority. ofgem is making positive difference for energy consumers.
I must point out however, that a hand full of  some people outside the EU are actually the people who have tried and failed to bring stress into my life. They come from that country where they do not believe that girls should go to school and women belong at home or women should become waitresses at Casinos serving drinks without their bras on  knowing very well that their bras better help to position their breasts (their head lights, their weapons of mass dist ructions -WMD),  no these men prefer these women to serve drinks in the casino braless, and when not in casinos, they want these women to sit at home doing nothing, sit on their hands, feel sorry for themselves like they are crazy fools ending up with unexplained headache, feeling inadequate about themselves, walking down the streets like they are walking on eggs, talking to themselves not knowing the timeof the day, like they are mentally retarded. And you know how much I care very much about people suffering from mental illness. Of course there is a hand full of white people who for circumstances that should never be acceptable allow themselves to be positioned in a vulnerable and obliging position, allowing others to intimidate them into silence so that they can dictate their own short term ill - thought agenda that would have serious consequences for all of us knowing  very well that their actions create liabilities for others. Those few white people I steer well clear away from and keep a healthy distance. They cannot strike out on their own so they follow the crowd like a puppy. I call these few white people puppy, puppy love, (chop, chop) they have their tails in between their legs, very timid, they allow others particularly others from outside the EU to tame them to how they want them and you know what, this is happening in the 21st Century. They have no mind of their own. Mind over matters. Oh please. Whenever they open their mouth, it is to put the other foot in! And this is not early signs of dementia, it  is a sign of weakness, insecurity and lack of confidence. What does that make them? A coward. Once a Coward is always a coward. They enjoy sitting comfortably on the fence and you just don't know where you stand with them.  They are indecisive, and round about. What they say and what they do are two different things. They talk right into your face. They are always moving the goal post, so this is why we invented goal line technology to better assess their ill thought analysis of happenings. They know very well how to depart from what they have initially discussed and agreed on. If they say "good morning" to you you ought to ask them to put it n writing How very sad, very disappointing and outrageous. Unlike some other people who are weak, foolish, and silly, I often have to call upon my inner strength and perseverance to accelerate and press ahead to the next best things. And guess what, now as at 2015, okra eXpress covers in excess of eighty countries in five continents so the future is bright and there is no question about it!  Bertha okra eXpress Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011http://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html
will expand okra eXpress globally in 2016 and will be setting up an employment agency with a difference in this modern age, (talent @ okra eXpress) focusing on strategic human capital. Doing great is great for business which is why I very much love and adore America's OprahOprah in 2014.jpg and how she treats the people working for her very well. Focusing on recruitment and retention and if and where training and development are required, Oprah quite heartily steps in to cover that costs. Why, because Oprahreally, really wants to retain her staff. The key is to , train and develop your existing workers to move up to senior management level rather than moving  out and leaving the Company - organisation.  Up not out is the key and that really works out very well for all involved. Money is not the measure of successDoing great is great for business. Take a long term view of things from a different perspective and angle. I strongly believe in that. okra eXpress echoed. P.S: The sky is your limit and beyond. Accelerate looking ahead, press ahead to the next best thing. Where you see an investment gap, you fill it in as long as your actions do not create consequences for others, you fill it in and access all areas. And if you want to talk about strategic ratings, this is precisely what I mean, AAA ratings Access All Areas.That is the strategic  motto at okra eXpress. The sky is your limit and beyond

Alert: One final point very briefly, Employers need to work closely with their workers at all times and make every positive efforts to do more to better care for the staff’s mental health. Employers need to inspire great confidence with their workers. Employers need to question themselves why on EARTH are their working suffering from stress relating illness, why are the women having their periods twice in 21 days, (twice a month). Why are the workers suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart rate up, all sorts of aliments, this that and the other. The usual ill health bundles and packages. The workers wake up to get ready for work, they have to inject, they come home from work they have to inject suffering from diabetes. They keep booking doctor's appointments, taking time off for hospitalambulance  appointments, stroke, heart attack, and what have you. Their bedroom suddenly becomes a hospital. Oh, please, what a bore! I am talking about aliments that employers can easily avoid if only employers treat their workers fairly. Employment law, employment strict code of practice in the UK is an area worth looking at so it works very well for all involved. I must point out that workers make payday possible for all. We need strategic action, fit and proper doable employment procedure in accordance with the employment law of the land. Embrace strategic outcome, and make not box ticking process. Work together with others to achieve great objectives. )

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." 

 Mother Teresa )

Put strategic plans in place for a much better employment law to work out very well for all involved. okra eXpress adds.  

The Duchess of Cambridge
BBC News.svg
The Duchess of Cambridge highlights kid's mental health. She has an interest in issues which affects children. The Duchess of Cambridge said; "I had a wonderful childhood, but others aren't as lucky. The Duchess of Cambridge has addressed headteachers at a conference organised by mental health charity. Place2Be. ICAP Charity DayTrustees_transp.pngThe event is focusing on the role that schools can play in tackling the issue and how early intervention can help. In her speech, she told teachers why she thought it was an important issue. Credit: BBC. Last Updated, 18 November 2015, at 16.16 GMT:
BBC News.svgNew  photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte released. Credit: BBC: Last updated, 18 December 2015
New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge family photo
A new photograph of Prince George and Princess Charlotte has been released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Prince George kisses his new baby sister Princess Charlotte.
BBC News.svgThe picture shows the royals together in the garden at Kensington Palace. It was taken in October by photographer Chris Jelf, who said, "I hope everyone enjoys this photo and I am honourned that the duke and duchess have decided to share it with the public." BBC reports. Credit: BBC Last updated, 18 December 2015. 
Let's talk about The Prince's Trust 
HRH meets young people on a make your mark programme
Punchy Sound bites interesting dynamics from the okra eXpress event, in February, 2008, held at the Foreign Press Association, the Former home of the British Prime Minster the now-deceased William Gladstone, (29 December 1809 - 19 May 1898) a handsome building in Pall Mall,IMGP4352Mayfairswanky London. A spectacular okra eXpress event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventA highly respected BritishThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011economist, formally lecturer at Harvard University who is also is a diplomat at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Logo.svg
 Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011(British Foreign office)swanky London attended the okra eXpress event in February 2008 and this was what she said.  Sub-Saharan Africa is growing strongly.  A continent that in the 1990s suffered the ignominy of zero growth, has reversed that trend since the beginning of this decade, and grown in tandem with other developing regions.  This growth is widespread, not just confined to oil exporters.  Even fragile states are growing steadily.  The UKThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011and EUhttp://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html view this as positive, both for Africans – growth is the best way to alleviate poverty and improve living standards – and also for ourselves.  An emerging AfricaAfrica (orthographic projection).svg  is a continent with which we can do business. In the last six years, private capital has overtaken aid as the primary source of financing in Africa.  The largest proportion of that is foreign direct investment. In their search for higher yields, foreign investors have found that an Africa with robust growth and an improved investment climate has become more attractive. Sixteen African countries now have sovereign credit ratings – though admittedly only three are “investment grade” (Botswana, South Africa and Tunisia). In 2007 Ghana became the first sub-Saharan country, other than South Africa and Mauritius, to issue a Eurobond. The figures are impressive: 
  • Net FDI into Sub-Saharan Africa from the rest of the world has more than doubled since 2000.
  • Net portfolio equity flows have increased threefold.
  • Remittances are also increasing—in 2006, $9.3 billion flowed into Sub-Saharan Africa.

This growth has reduced poverty.  Between 1984 and 2004, almost every country in sub-Saharan Africa that experienced sustained growth in income per capita of over 1% a year reduced poverty.  However, there is still much to do.  As the mid-term review of the Millennium Development Goals showed last year, there are still far too many people living on less than $1 a day in Africa.  Growth is often unequal.  There is a risk that private investment could simply drive enclave developments in the oil and natural resource sectors.  Those who had looked only at Kenya’s overall growth figures – well above 5% - would have missed the fact that, as revealed by the last AfroBarometer survey before the recent crisis, Kenyans’ number one concern was unemployment. As Lord Dot. Dot. Dot. has said, ‘a successful international business in Africa needs an in-built social dimension as a key part of any long-term business strategy’. This is about working with stakeholders - suppliers, employees and political leaders – to deliver for citizens who are also future customers with purchasing power.There are many positive stories about businesses taking imaginative approaches that support broad-based growth in Africa: In telecoms, Africa has skipped the fixed landlines stage of development, and moved straight to mobile phones.  75% of all telephones in Africa are mobile.  These have provided strong benefits to African governments – CelTel is the biggest tax payer in the DRC.  The highly competitive industry has created tends of thousands of jobs across the continent.  And mobiles are being used in creative ways, for example to transfer money and buy goods – revolutionary in a continent where most people do not have a bank account         Introducing small African suppliers to big global markets by indigenising supply chains can also yield huge benefits. Take the example of SAB Miller who sourced and worked with local farmers in Zambia to develop sorghum crop for their production of Eagle beer. This sort of approach creates local employment, and helps provide a degree of income predictability for farmers working within the supply chainAs we will hear from other speakers this morning, European businesses are well placed to take advantage of these opportunitiesThe EU too is committed to supporting African growth.  On 1st January this year, new trade agreements – known as Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) – between the European Union and 35 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific region came into effect. These agreements allow these 35 countries better access to European markets by removing barriers that previously existed, and therefore will help to encourage trade and economic growth in some of the world’s poorest regions. Trade and development is at the heart of the EU-Africa relationship. The EPAs that have been agreed will be pivotal in providing better access to EU markets and thus helping Africa to trade its way out of poverty. Duty free and quota free access to the EU market brings important and immediate benefits for Africa. For instance, Lesotho’s clothing industry now enjoys better Rules of Origin than the US’ Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) scheme. This provides very real improvements to their commercial opportunities in the EU. It is also true of a range of products of importance to Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries – bananas, sugar, beef, to name a few. Trade is important to Africa: exports accounted for 35% of African GDP in 2006. Trade is also growing: exports were 30% higher in 2006 than in 2000. Economic Partnership Agreements should work to further increase African exports, and provide more jobs in African regions. Aid for trade is vital in helping developing countries increase their capacity to trade. The EU has pledged to raise its spending on aid for trade to Є2 billion a year from 2010 – Є1 billion from the European Commission and Є1 billion from Member States. The UK has committed to increase its support for trade policy and private sector development to £100 million per annum by 2010. But, as important as access to the EU is for obvious reasons - it is a rich large market - efforts to enhance regional integration are equally important, the gradual opening of markets amongst developing and least developed countries. The Caribbean Economic Partnership Agreement has established one model of regions working together to get a deal that provides real economic benefits to their countries. Over the coming months EU and ACP partners will be working together to set out how we are going to move forward towards the stronger regional framework that was envisioned in the 2000 Cotonou Agreement that initiated the EPA process. Economic Partnership Agreements have marked a decisive development in the nature of EU-ACP relations. But, we must remember that these agreements are the first step in a longer process. All the agreements signed now allow other countries to join at a later date and we hope that more will do so. The UK Government will continue to work to make sure that trade brings benefits to the poor and serves as a real tool for growth and poverty reduction. EPAs should contribute positively to existing regional trade initiatives and to furthering regional integration. Beyond trade and development, the EU is increasingly working in partnership with Africa to address global issues, including peace and security, climate change, and human rights. In December 2005, the EU explicitly acknowledged the importance of its strategic relationship with Africa by adopting its first Africa strategy. That strategy set out what the EU could do to support Africa, for example, in its achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, but also recognised the need for the EU to develop its relationship with Africa in partnership with African states and the African Union. In December 2007 at the Second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon that partnership was made explicit. The Summit Declaration confirmed that the EU and Africa would, build a new strategic political partnership for the future, overcoming the traditional donor-recipient relationship and building on common values and goals.’  The Summit adopted a Joint EU-Africa Strategy with an Action Plan to guide implementation over the three years until the next Summit in 2010. The Plan comprises 8 Partnerships covering the

  • Peace and Security
  • Good Governance and
  • Human Rights; Trade
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Migration and
  • Science and Technology.

A new EU Delegation to the African Union, opened in Addis Ababa this year, will support implementation of the partnerships and the development of the EU-AU relationship. The challenge for both European and African states is to ensure that the partnerships they enter into, whether on trade, development or other issues of common concern, really deliver for European and African citizens. The UKThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011is actively involved in this process. Punchy Sound bites presented by a highly respected British economist, formally lecturer at Harvard University who is also a diplomat at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Logo.svg

 Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011 speaking at the the okra eXpress event, in February 2008. A spectacular event inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress eventokra eXpress puts on knowledge networking events for emerging and well-established markets generally focussing on their economy, aimed at better enhancing their visibility and positioning them in a clearer light. At okra eXpress, we foster and promote foreign direct investment, and we take steps to address emerging challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment

okra eXpress echoed all the best tailors are in Savile Row

okra eXpress echoed all the best tailorsare in Savile Roin swanky Londoand they work very well together better able to cushion the blows for each other if and when it proves necessary. You too, you can do the same for others your end. The Savile Row tailors in swanky London have principles, values and standards and they stand tall by them. Remain seated other wise.okra eXpress adds.

CMA logo on wallThe Competition and Market authority under the strategic leadership and direction of Mr. Alex Chisholm is responsible for strengthening business competition and preventing and reducing anti- competition activities. 

Alex ChisholmCompetition and Markets Authority

okra eXpress echoed. I love names and the meaning and significant of rare names. Bertha means bright as in light. Always look on the bright side of life. All things bright and beautiful all creaturesgreat and small.Another name that I very much like is "Junker" The name Junker strikes me interestingly. As in Mr. Jean-Claude Junker, President, European Commissionhttp://www.euro.cauce.org/en/countries.html   President Juncker


 Mr. Jean-Claude Junker, JCJ President, European Commission.   Luxembourgish nationality. Married.

President of the European Commission

2014- present

President of the Euro Group


Prime Minister of Luxembourg


Prime Minister, Minister of State, Minister for the Treasury

July 2009–2013

Prime Minister, Minister of State and Minister for Finance


Prime Minister, Minister of State, Minister for Finance, Minister for Labour and Employment


Minister for Finance and Minister for Labour


Minister for Finance and Minister for Labour


Minister for Labour, Minister Delegate for the Budget


State Secretary for Labour and Social Security

1982 - 1984

Joined the CSV party

okra eXpress echoed,President Jean-Claude Junker has a rare combination of qualities which I admire enormously. I love his facial expression. He does not say much and he is an action gentleman and he is the most experienced ex-prime minister in Europe. President Junker is an action gentleman. What works for him and others is what counts. He only says what he means and his yes is yes and his no is no. He does not depart from what he has initially discussed and agreed on and I very much like that. He does not change the goal post so no need for goal line technology. I have known of President Junker for over two decades simply because I kept abreast with his policies when he was he was

Prime Minister of Luxembourg 1995 at that time I was at University doing my Politics degree in Politics, (major) with European Studies. When it comes to investment, Mr. Junker  means business. Together, we would talk trillions and not billions. He walks and carries himself very well and when he walks into a conference hall he takes over the hall with authority. Yes, indeed, there is authority in the house. So people ought to rise and give him a Parkinson's style entrance. okra eXpress adds. 

BBC News.svg
The Eiffel Tower in romantic Paris, romantic France, was lit up on Sunday evening in support of  climate conference. credit: BBC. Last Updated, 30 November 2015. You can hit  on the BBC website for more information when you can and of course when you feel ableEiffel Tower
BBC News.svg
President Barack Obama.jpgUS President Obama visited the scene of the Paris attacks where 90 people were killed. Credit: BBC. Last Updated, 30 November 2015. You can hit  on the BBC website for more information when you can and of course when you feel able
President Obama with Francois Hollande and Anne Hidalgo. 29 Nov 2015President Obama was joined by President Hollande François Hollande 26 avril 2015.jpgand Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Anne Hidalgo février 2013.pngwith a romantic rose each for romantic Paris, Romantic France. Credit: BBC. Last Updated, 30 November 2015. You can hit  on the BBC website for more information when you can and of course when you feel able
BBC News.svg

Long Live Romantic Paris, Long LiveRomantic France
Climate change: His Royal Highness, Prince Charles addresses world leaders. Credit: BBC Last Updated: 30 November 2015 at 10.43 GMTPrince CharlesThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011HRH Prince Charles has addressed the opening of the two-week United Nations conference on climate change,Emergency workers walk through floodwater on Warwick Road in Carlisletelling  world leaders to "think Typhoon Chan-homof their grandchildren, the same as I think as mine". HRH Prince Charles told the gathered leaders in Paris: "Your deliberations will decide the fateFirefighters waist high in Appleby not only of those alive today but also of generations yet born". BBC Last Updated: 30 November 2015 at 10.43 GMT 
Tesco plastic bag use "down 80%" since 5p charge. BBC reports. okra eXpress echoed, "Every little helps. Credit: BBC
Tesco Logo.svg
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The number of plastic carrier bags taken home by Tesco shoppers in England has dropped by 80% since the 5p charge was introduced, data suggested. Credit: BBC Last updated, 15 December 2015.Tesco re-usable bag
Tesco Logo.svgTesco under the strategic leadership and direction of its Chief Executive, Mr. Dave Lewis, Dave Lewis (CEO of Tesco).jpg a gentleman who takes a long term viewof of things hailed, "Every little helps" okra eXpress addsSeven-spot ladybird on fennel flowersIncidentally Tesco Chief Executive, Mr. Dave Lewis, is a BritishThumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011business gentle man and the CEO of Tesco. In the past, he worked for Unilever.Unilever logo In July 2014, it was announced that he was appointed CEO of Tesco. His last post at Unilever was President of GlobalPersonal Care. He left this role to become CEO of Tesco effective of 1 September 2014. "Every little helps". One must never take for granted a quite manTesco Chief Executive, Mr. Dave Lewis is a quite business gentleman with a difference. He is not just a a pretty face. He is certainly not that quite man with a pretty face. He comes from Unilever with positive substance, so what are you expecting? Quick fix? No chance!. He is a "fit and proper" quite business gentleman who takes a long term view of things, he cares, about others, he cares about the environment, he cares about sustainable investment. He sees things from a different perspective and angle and he ticks all the right boxes and his long term plan is working in the right direction for the benefit of all. Better-still,  Tesco Chief Executive, Mr. Dave LewisDave Lewis (CEO of Tesco).jpgcan deliver freshly clicked. okra eXpress adds,
echoed, "We have nothing else to say except "How Great".
We stand tall together with Romantic Paris, Romantic France for Global SecurityCount on me through thick and thin. A friendship that will never endWhen you are weakFrançois Hollande 26 avril 2015.jpgI will be strong


Helping you to carry onCall on me,President Barack Obama.jpg I will be there. Don't be afraidPlease believe me when I sayCount on me.David Cameron official.jpgI can see it's hurting you.President Obama with Francois Hollande and Anne Hidalgo. 29 Nov 2015 I can feel your painIt's hard to see the sunshine through the rain.I know sometimes it seems as if. It's never gonna endBut you'll get through it. Just don't give in 'cause you can. Count on meHilary Benn.jpg through thick and thin. A friendship that will never endWhen you are weak I will be strongHelping you to carry onCall on meI will be there

Don't be afraid. Please believe me when I say. Count on me.
I know . Sometimes it seems as if. We're standing all aloneBut we'll get through it. Cause love
 won't let us fall.
Count on me Angela Merkel Juli 2010 - 3zu4.jpgthrough thick and thinA friendship that will never endWhen you are weak I will be strong.WaitingExhale.jpgHelping you to carry onCall on me, I will be there. Don't be afraid. Please believe me when I sayCount on meThere's a place inside all of us. Where our faith in lovebegins. You should reach to find the truth in love.The answers' there within, oh. I know that life can make youFrançois Hollande 26 avril 2015.jpgfeelIt's much harder than it really is. But we'll get through it. Don't give in.VA-Waiting to Exhale (album cover).jpg Count on me through thick and thin. A friendship that will never end. When youare weak I will be strong. Helping you to carry on. Call on me, I will be there.Don't be afraid. 
Please believe me when I say. Count on me.okra eXpress echoed, incidentally, the song "count on me" is by the now-deceased, Whitney Houston, for the movie "Waiting to Exhale". About the Movie: Waiting to Exhale:WaitingExhale.jpg Waiting to Exhale is a 1995 American romantic movie drama film by Forest Whitaker and starring Whitney Houston,Whitney Houston- Greatest Hits Cover.jpgand 
Angela Bassett.Angela Bassett by Gage Skidmoe.jpg The film is adapted African from the 1992 novel of the same name Terry McMillan. Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Beach, Gregory Hines, Donald Faison, and Mykelti Williamson rounded out the rest of the cast. The original music score was composed by Kenneth Edmonds, (Baby Face), KennethBabyfaceEdmondsHWOFMay2013.jpgThe story focues on four ladies friend living in Phoenix Arizona, USA,and their relationship with men and one another. All of them are "holding their breath until the day they can feel comfortable in a committed and unconditional relationship with a gentleman. The End: You can hit on you Tube when you feel able and of course when you can to listen to the positive and uplifting song by the now-deceased Whitney Houston. RIP (Return If Possible)Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love album cover.jpg
the now-deceased Whitney Houston. RIP (Return If Possible
hot off the press @ okra eXpress
hot of the press at okra eXpress in, Princess  swanky London, inspired, project managed and hosted a pectcular event on Thursday, 25th September, 2008, Journalist, Jonathan Fryer reports

Anyone who thought that the conflict in Darfur, ...The Sudan is a black-and-white case of good versus evil, black versus Arab, would have been quickly disabused had they attended a seminar put on by okra eXpressat the Royal Overseas League in swanky London, the handsome venue with the grand pianoPrincess Alexandra5 Grand piano and upright piano.jpgthis evening. Ostensibly, the event was a launch for the new, updated edition of David Hoile’s book Darfur: The Road to Peace

, but in fact it was much more. An impressive range of speakers, including Jonathan Steele of the Guardian,The Guardian 6. 6. 14.jpgSir Geoffrey Nice QC (who prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague)and Khalid Al Mubarak from the Sudanese Embassy, in swanky London... with the British barristerMinistry of Justice logo.svgKevin Metzgeras Chair, outlined some of the major complexities of the situation. Jonathan Steele

who has made a dozen visits to Sudan, and whose articles are more nuanced than most of what we see in the British Pressemphasized the dangers of falling into the trap of Khartoum-bashing. Geoffrey Nice warned against overblown rhetoric — as well as accepting at face value exaggerated statistics. Even Khalid Al Mubarak admitted that the government in Khartoum had made some serious mistakes, but so too have various rebel groups. The answer is not a massive intervention by UN troops, nor even sending President Al Bashir for trial at the International Criminal Court International Criminal Court - The Hague or so seemed to be the consensus; instead everyone should be working to bring the conflicting parties together for a negotiated settlement while enabling the displaced people of Darfur to return to their villages in security. David Hoile admits that he likes to be controversial, and some readers will consider that he has been too kind to the Sudanese government in his analysis. But it is important that a balanced view of this complex problem is taken, based on accurate information, not emotion and rhetoric, before the Western world rushes in to do anything that would actually make instability in the region much worse. The End. JournalistJonathan Fryer reporting at the okra eXpress eventon Thursday, 25 September 2008, a spectacular okra eXpress event, inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress, held at the Royal Overseas League in Mayfair, swanky London; nearest tube stations to get to Mayfair, Piccadillyand Green Park Green Park, London - April 2007.jpgwere the buses in swanky Londointegrate very well with the London underground. The London buses  carry with them carefully selected images (brave and ambitious images) like the ones below. Well, over to you!Prince Harry and David Cameron arrive at Milk Studios aboard a double-decker bus in New York
Rafael Nadal January 2015.jpg
okra eXpress
echoed, "We have nothing else to say except "How Great".

COP21: Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'. Credit: BBC. Last updated, 13 December 2015.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and French President Hollande (Image: Reuters)
okra eXpress, Carbon -friendly fanatic,echoed. Et voilà, done and dusted, the Paris deal in romantic Paris, romantic France has been reached. Everything here on EARTH is possible. The impossible can take slightly longer. okra eXpress addsFrom left to right, the background fades from white to teal. In the foreground, slightly off-center stands an Afro-American woman in a white over-one shoulder dress. She is smiling and her long hair is flowing. In the right hand corner is her the name of the artist, Whitney Houston followed by the title of the album, I Look to You in a simple white font.Check out the now-deceased Whitney Houston's song and video "I look to you". via you Tube. Well worth a view. Remain bright. Shine the bright light for other. The name Bertha - as in okra eXpress Bertha simply means bright. Always look on the bright side of life. All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. Let's put some thoughts into this when you feel able of course when you can
okra eXpress echoedIf people controlled the weather some countries will never get to see the glorious sunshineand the radiant rainbow.okra eXpress adds  

Head and shoulders photo of Bill GatesA Big Win for Cheap, Clean Energy

| November 29, 2015, in Paris, France.

I’m in Paris today with several world leaders for a big announcement on energy and climate change. It is deeply moving to be in this city just two weeks after the horrific attacks here, and I am inspired by the way the French people have persevered in such a difficult time.

Two related initiatives are being announced at today’s event. One is Mission Innovation, a commitment by more than ten countries to invest more in research on clean energy. The other is theBreakthrough Energy Coalition, a global group of private investors who will support companies that are taking innovative clean-energy ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace. Our primary goal with the Coalition is as much to accelerate progress on clean energy as it is to make a profit.

Here’s the thinking behind these two efforts. The world is going to be using 50 percent more energy by mid-century than it does today. That should be good news, especially for the world’s poorest, because right now more than 1 billion people live without access to basic energy services. Affordable and reliable energy makes it easier for them to grow more food, run schools and hospitals and businesses, have refrigerators at home, and take advantage of all the things that make up modern life. Low- and middle-income countries need energy to develop their economies and help more people escape poverty.

But the world’s growing demand for energy is also a big problem, because most of that energy comes from hydrocarbons, which emit greenhouse gases and drive climate change. So we need to move to sources of energy that are affordable and reliable, and don’t produce any carbon.

The renewable technologies we have today, like wind and solar, have made a lot of progress and could be one path to a zero-carbon energy future. But given the scale of the challenge, we need to be exploring many different paths—and that means we also need to invent new approaches. Private companies will ultimately develop these energy breakthroughs, but their work will rely on the kind of basic research that only governments can fund. Both have a role to play.

I have written a paper that makes a more detailed case for investing in energy innovation and explains more about the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. You can download it as a .pdf in English or in French.

I am honored to be a part of this event. It is great to see so many government leaders and investors making these commitments and showing how the public and private sectors can come together to work on big problems. I am optimistic that we can invent the tools we need to generate clean, affordable, reliable energy that will help the poorest improve their lives and also stop climate change. I hope even more governments and investors will join us. Credit: Bill Gates

Let's talk about skiing safetyokra eXpress echoed.Well, if you don't want to bang your head, stay away from the skiing slopes.
Your head is not for banging. With regards to my skiing capabilities, I am a red run, but I very much enjoy doing black, my aim looking ahead is to ride off piste. okra eXpress adds.

BBC's Kamel Ahmed reports on skiing safety
man skiing
BBC News.svgWhen skiing, it is always advisable to keep your skis approximately parallelIf they start travelling in different directions, at first it might be manageable. Then it gets painful. And then  catastrophic. BBC's Kamel, Business Editor, reports. Last updated, 9 December 2015. You can hit on the BBC website when you feel able of course when you can for the full report by BBC's Kamel Ahmed.  
Bertha Knit Pattern Jumper - Green 
Bertha Knit Pattern Jumper - Green 

Editor’s Notes: Bertha Knit Pattern Jumper - Green 

Established in Denmark in 1986, Part two is a brand that gives great attention to detail while ensuring a comfortable fit.  This patterned knit jumper is a perfect cover up for the winter nights.  The versatile styling of this piece would look great paired with skinny jeans or styled up with a pencil skirt.  The round neck and full length sleeve is complemented by the relaxed shape


Size & Fit:

  • True to size
  • Relaxed feel


  • 49% wool, 30% polyamide, 14% viscose, 7% angora
  • 30 degree wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on a low heat
  • Wash & iron inside out
  • Dry clean ok
okra eXpress echoedWake up call. Cheap is not always cheerful

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Counterfeit Goods sold at Christmas. How the counterfeit fakes have gone online. Credit: BBC Last updated: 14 December 2015Counterfeit goods seized by Trading Standards

BBC News.svg
The trade in counterfeit products has moved online, where it can be hard to tell a genuine from a fake. BBC's Ruth Evans reports. Last updated, 11 December 2015. Credit: BBC okra eXpress echoed. Wemust work together with the Advertising Standards AgencyASA - Advertising Standards Authority header logo and Trading StandardslogoWhy, because counterfeit products are costing the Luxury industry billions of pounds. Counterfeit is a serious breach of intellectual Property law and copyright. That's the long and short of it. okra eXpress adds.
okra eXpress echoed. If you can sing and sound like the gracious bird, Robin Red Breastand Adele, all you need is a piano.Grand piano and upright piano.jpgAdele's Adelecomeback single Hello has achieved platinum sales status three weeks after it was released. Credit: BBC. Last updated, 13 November 2015.
BBC News.svg
Adele's record -breaking sales. Credit: BBC
Adele - 25Adele's 25 makes UK chart history  with 800,000 album sales. Credit: BBC. Last updated, 27 November. okra eXpress adds. Time to chillax with Adele's Hello song released in October 2015.Adele's song Hello is growing on me now and it goes like this. A dark black-and-white image of Adele holding a telephone to her earHello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. To go over everything. They say that time's supposed to heal you. But I ain't done much healing. Hello, can you hear me I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free. I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet. There's such a difference between us. And a million miles. Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times. To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've doneBut when I call you never seem to be home. Hello from the outside. At least I can say that I've tried. To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart. But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart any more. Hellohow are youIt's so typical of me to talk about myself I'm sorryI hope that you're well. Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened. It's no secret that the both of us. Are running out of time. So hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times. To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've doneBut when I call you never seem to be home. Hello from the outside. At least I can say that I've tried. To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart. But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart any more. (Highs highs highs highs. Lows lows lows lows). Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times. To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done. But when I call you never seem to be home. Hello from the outside. At least I can say that I've tried. To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart.
 But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart any more. The End
passive smoking V health is wealth
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Putin with flag of Russia.jpg
Smoking in public places will be banned in Russia
after President Vladimir Putin signed a tough new bill into law. Under the new legislation, smoking in restaurants, long-distance trains and housing bock entrance halls will be illegal.The government has made reducing smoking one of the cornerstones of its bid to improve public health.  Russia has one of the highest smoking rates in the world, with more than four in 10 Russiansconsidered smokers. The law "In protecting the health
 of citizens from the danger of passive smoking and the consequences of the use of "tobacco" will come into force in stages, beginning on 1 June. On that date, smoking will be banned within 15m entrances to stations, airports, metro stations and ports; in ports, in workplaces; in entrances to apartments blocks; and in children's playgrounds and on beaches. Credit: BBC. Last update, 25 February 2103. 
Heath is wealthWithout health there is n wealth. Prevention is far better and cheaper than cure. Take very great care of yourself and keep the doctors away
okra eXpress echoed. About passive smoking, when you smoke, I smoke, why should I? I dislike it. It breaks my heart.  Heath is wealth. Without health there is n wealthEasy chocolate birthday cakeBirthdays are signs of great health вручение.jpg
Birthdays are signs of great health. The more you have them, the more you live.The greatest thing on EARTH is life without charge.  Live your very best life in full worth living. Always look on the brightside of life. Incidentally, the name Bertha means bright:light. There is alwaysbright light at the end of the fascinating tunnel. Take very great care of yourself. Health is wealth. Without health there is no wealth. Prevention is far better and cheaper than cureokra eXpress adds.
 Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011UK's music gem, Adele sold 2.3m copies of her album 25 with the heart warming "Hello song". Last updated, 29 November 2015.Credit: BBCAdele sold nine copies of her new album every second in its first three days.
P.S: You can hit on the you tube YouTube logo 2015.svg link when you can and of course, when you feel able for Adele's song enchanting song Hello. The End 
okra eXpress
echoed, "We have nothing else to say except "How Great".
okra eXpress is a small business taking on global projects across the continent with great distinction. okra eXpress hosts series of multinational events bringing together  investors and targeted major players from industry and government with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world markets.  okra eXpress cuts a slice across the continent. Get a swift plug in @ okra eXpress
okra eXpress was set up and officially launched in the Georgian Restaurant the restaurant with the grand piano
Grand piano and upright piano.jpg.
in Harrods, 
Knights bridge,
swanky London UK,
Thumbnail for version as of 04:05, 3 October 2011
by Bertha Oluwole, an astute and highly regarded
public relations strategist  and international observer, with 16 years of experience in strategic public relations, media, events logistics, litigation and business intelligence skills. Bertha - okra eXpress has e
xcellent people management and soft skills,
dynamic, and considerable skills and talent in 
change management, tenacity and soft diplomatic skills
Bertha – okra eXpress his a lady with great letters who has a natural interest and is deeply engaged in a practical sense in issues relating to International Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law, International. Arbitration, Dispute ResolutionIntellectual Property Law ownership, misuse, protection, and enforcement, and Health and Safety Law particularly in relations to food and drinks safety, along with the diverse issues around environmental sustainability; raising standards and highlighting opportunities to address the existing and emerging unresolved challenges affecting today’s diverse global environment
Bertha's earlier career in litigation included representing her ex-employers in court, assessing the legal merits of the cases, conducting advocacy in different courts across the UK, delivering advocacy training, and translating regulations into workable 
practice and procedure. Bertha's practical experience is underscored by her diverse academic qualifications 
in journalism - advanced media law, 
politics with European studies, law, postgraduate, Executive MBA, general and strategic business management - applied information Management - (digital technology).