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okra eXpress hosts series of multinational events bringing together investors, and targeted major players from industry and government with a particular emphasis on making more effective investments in developing world marketsAt okra eXpress, we pride ourselves on offering unique PR, media and event services with a focus on quality, high professional standards, legal and business ethics. okra eXpress was launched in 2007 by Bertha Oluwole, an astute and highly respected  creativeoriginalinnovative PR practitioner, a unique and credible researcher, a well informed and better briefed international relations and business intelligence specialist, who is also a script writer, a lady of great letters, and a trained mediator with charming sense of humourBertha is a postgraduate executive MBA professional with an excellent degree of people management, interpersonal and soft skills. Bertha's practical experience is underscored by her diverse qualifications in journalism - media law, politics (major), with European studies, law, general and strategic business management and languages.The services at okra eXpress are aligned with qualityokra eXpress cuts a slice across the globe offering innovative services quite heartily with great ease, care and distinction. 
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Polite update: okra eXpress is correctly spelt using lower case except for the X in eXpress. Red and Green are the corporate colours at okra eXpress. Incidentally, the colour green is highly associated with environmental sustainabilityokra eXpress is carbon  friendly and runs a London based paperless office offering  PR, media and event specialist services with a difference. 

As usual okra eXpress events will follow the style of format as highlighted below

Agenda – okra eXpress will press ahead with the set order of play as laid out below 

6 pm        Guests arrive to network, meet and greet each other

               Presentations - Short talks in a nutshell

7.30 pm   Networking interact over drinks and nibbles

8 pm –     Event Closes

Polite update: As usual, okra eXpress will run the fascinating discussions till 7.30 pm (for emphasis the discussions at the okra eXpress events will run for one hour). Please refer to the set agenda highlighted above. okra eXpress will invite a minimum of four global formidable speakers and industry experts who will all speak in super quick time to allow for a maximum number of questions and answers. 

Incidentally, the photos below are extraordinary photos taken at okra eXpress events inspired, project managed and hosted by okra eXpress. Alert: Copyright. okra eXpress owns the copyright of the photographs below unless stated otherwise. Aokra eXpress our timing is always impeccable. Guests are very welcome to arrive at 6pm. Guest will be asked to be seated by 6.29pm and the discussion will start at 6.30pm and run for one hour.  

okra eXpress will round up the  hour brilliantly well
We do not intend running the fascinating discussion beyond 7.30pm. Arriving home every night after 9pm is not late, However, it maybe late somehow to chillax and have a private life
Mobile phone etiquette/manners: Please respect the presence of the guests at our events. The okra express presenter will ask the audience to switch off their mobile phones.  
Mobile phone behaviour: Final question very briefly. Should the audience switch off their mobile phones between 6.29pm and 7.30pm? Yes, it is a resounding yes. It is so simple and straight forward thing to do. 
The okra eXpress presenter will sk the audience to switch off their mobile phones. We respect the presence of the guests at our events and it is as simple as that. We always keep things simple with great ease and joy too!
If you would like to ask a questionplease simply raise your hand to attract the attention of the okra eXpress presenter and to catch his / her eyes with great ease.
If you are called upon to ask a question, or to make a brief statement of added value to give flesh to the discussion, please stay within your time limit allocated to you by the okra eXpress presenter. Please be aware that pressure may be on to keep questions very very short, simple and straight forward. 
The okra eXpress presenter may decide to have a preliminary indication from the audience by symbol device of raised hand, how many question, before he/she ask the last formidable Global speakers and Industry experts to speak there are likely to be.  
We do hope that there will be ample of opportunity for real dialogue to emerge during the Q & A session we would have after the contributions have been completed. 
We are only keenly interested in swift, punchy and straight to the point frank talks to add value to the discussions
Please refrain from trying to get the last word in. Indeed, the okra eXpress presenter will invite you to speak when he/she feels it is the appropriate time slot for you to add flesh to the bones and credible value to the discussion.We are only intrigued to swiftly press ahead with honest contributions to add value and flesh to the discussions
We are keen that there should be dialogue, because everyone in the room would have something to contribute quite frankly
We do hope that there will be ample of opportunity for real dialogue to emerge during the Q & A session we would have after the contributions have been completed. 
We very much applaud the positive approach of guests who respect the presence of the other guests in the room at our events by asking very short question(s) using less words in a professional, polite and candid manner at all times during the okra eXpress event 
At 7.30pm, guests will be given the opportunity to networking and interact over drinks and nibbles.
Network and interact over drinks and nibbles
Mea-culpa(apologies), there will be no name badges at the okra eXpress eventsNevertheless, we would encourage something slightly more profound with great ease
Yes, of course, you can meet, greet, and interact with others to establish new links, strengthen and cement existing ones
Please do not wait to be introduced if you feel able. Meet great and interact with others
Time is precious, we will deliberately refrain from spending our quality time designing, creating and distributing name badges
Meet, greetinteract with others and share great practice with great ease and joy too!
Meet, greet, and interact with others to establish new links, strengthen and cement existing ones
It's all about speed 
networking at okra eXpress event. So if you stay talking to the same people the whole night, you are not actually networking

Meetgreetinteract and share good practice with others quite heartily
It's all about speed networking at the okra eXpress events
Meetgreetinteract and share ideas with great joy
okra eXpress will invite the audience to reflect on the truth that if a question has been asked and answeredwe have no obligation to ask the same question 
Our distinguished Global formidable speakers and Industry experts will be given hints of they topics they have been invited to play a proactive role in to address the audience
okra eXpress will draft the digital running order and send it to the global formidable speakers and industry experts nearer the time of the event so we are all fully above board on the night at the okra eXpress event. The okra eXpress running order will help the presenter and the speakers to know what their roles are and when their turn to speak would be at the okra eXpress eventsokra eXpress owns the Copyright © of the contents, structure and style of the running order. 
The global formidable speakers and industry experts will respond to whatever questions they feel able to. Please be aware that guests arriving at the okra eXpress event shortly after the evening proceedings have started may not be expected to be called upon to ask a question during the Qand A session or interact and interrupt during the discussions at the okra eXpress events
The okra eXpress presenter will invite the global formidable speakers and industry experts  to 
roam us widely as their allocated time slot allows on the principles that the shorter the time, the more provocatively general it is possible to be.
The working language of the okra eXpress London events will be EnglishAnd when we get to Brussels, as always the working language of the okra eXpress Brussels events will be English and French. okra eXpress will deploy resources, and hire English and French translators and interpreters qualified and trained to interpret and translate to ensure that the contents of the discussions at the events are not lost in translation.
You can of course exchange business cards if you wish at the events.  Please refrain from distributing items/ brochures, delegate packs, business plans, annual reports, annual reviews, at the okra eXpress events without prior permission from okra eXpress. Ever heard of Intellectual Property - (IP)? Your business ideas are your business ideas, and they are your original and creative ideas and must be yours and not for others
Halt National and international observers are beginning to notice serious violations of Intellectual Property
Halt: Is your company up to speed with Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property is an unresolved area well worth looking at. Intellectual Property has legal implications. Please refrain from bringing your business plan, business reviews or annual reports, brochures, or any other literature with you to our events, unless of course you are invited to do so by okra eXpress
So one is  fully above board, there are extensive articles well written  by leading practitioners on all aspects of Intellectual Property. Please hold on to all your paper distributions your end and please do not distribute anything at our events other than your business cards. Thank youIntellectual Property is an unresolved area well worth looking at. Intellectual Property has legal implications.
National and International observers and legal experts are beginning to notice serious violations of Intellectual Property
Is your company up to speed with Intellectual Property
National and International observers are taking notes of the violations of Intellectual Property. Is your company up to speed with Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property has legal implications. The best time to act is now. 
One final update very briefly. okra eXpress will kick start and set the event in motion bang on time at 6.30pm on the night of the event.  Aokra eXpress our timing is always impeccable. Guests are very welcome to arrive at 6pm. Guests will be asked to be seated by 6.29pm and the discussions will start at 6.30pm and run for one hour. It takes grace to forgive so please forgive us for keeping the pleasantries and introductions to a minimumWe would appreciate your kind understanding
okra eXpress will invite the audience to reflect on the truth that if a question has been asked and answeredwe have no obligation to ask the same question 
again. Thank you so very much for your gracious understanding
Thank you so very much.  Have a great week. Lol + hugsokra eXpress


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