Bertha Dress

The Bertha Dress is Sold  Out
Alert - CopyrightPhoto above. Sold  Out. Bertha Plum Dress - an elegant dress designed by a British  designer. Copyright, 

©  Phase Eight, a boutique in Fulham, London. 

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Bertha Frilled dress

 is also 
Sold  Out
Sold  Out. The

Bertha Frilled dress


which was £795.00 is also no longer available. Unfortunately, the 

Bertha Frilled dress



no longer available - out of stock.


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Bertha Frilled dress and for alternative suggestion you can hit on this link.

Bertha draped silk-chiffon dress - Sold  Out
Alert - CopyrightPhoto above, Bertha draped silk-chiffon dress - A draped chiffon overlay lends gorgeous movement to the intrinsically feminine silhouette of Julie Haus' black dress for darkly romantic results. Copyright

© The Outlet


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