UK - China Trade Boost Event

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All Party Parliamentary China Group 

is delighted to host

UK - China Trade Boost Event

Event Theme: “Export your way out of a recession 

Portcullis House, Macmillan Room, in Parliament

Houses of Parliament, Bridge Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 2LW

Thursday, 24 May 2012 at 6pm

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Alert - CopyrightPhoto above of Chinese Premier Wen JiabaoPrime Minister David Cameron and    






After meeting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for talks, Prime Minister, David Cameron hailed what he said was a "deeper dialogue" and said the aim of the deal was to reach $100bn in bilateral trade by 2015. 

" I believe Mrs. Thatcher's emphasis on enterprise was right. "Mr. Tony Blair, former Barrister, turned Prime Minister

Confirmed Speakers

We are thrilled to be joined by the following formidable speakers and industry experts who would shed some light on key areas.

  1. Ms. Christine Shields, Head of Country Risk Research, Standard Chartered Bank
  2. Dr.Kegang Wu, Executive Director, for the British Chamber of Commerce LinkToChina Programme 
  3. Hon. Mark Hendrick MP, and Chairman, All Party Parliamentary Group China
  4. Mr. Hanqing Ma, Deputy Chief Correspondent, Economy Department, Yangcheng Evening News, Chinese Journalist will be in attendance at this event to cover the event in  Chinese 
  5. Mr. Xiao Luo Chinese interpreter and translator  for Yangcheng Evening News from China will be in attendance at this event to ensure that the discussions are not lost in translation. 

okra eXpress event presenter, journalist, Alex 

Alex is formally a business and financial reporter and presenter for the BBC. Alex worked for programmes including BBC2’s News Night, World Business Report and spent a year in Brussels as the BBC’s Europe Business Correspondent, reporting on business and economic events for BBC TV, Radio and Online.  In 2007, he was BBC's Europe business  reporter based in Brussels reporting  on business and economic events for BBC TV, Radio and Online, working to tight deadlines and presenting live "2 ways" on breaking stories. 


6pm          Guests arrive at Portcullis House, Bridge Street entrance, Houses of Parliament for airport type security clearance

                  Welcome and opening remarks

                  Presentations - Q &

7.30pm    Networking session, meet, greet and interact with guests
8pm          Event Closes


The discussion

This event will explore opportunities in Business, TradeInvestment opportunities between UK and China. Industry experts will throw some lighton the following key areas. 

  • Where are the key locations to invest in the  UK and  CHINA?
  • To what extent is trusted partnership in creating business linkages important?
  • Let's shed some light on the importance of geography-specific approach” Lessons learnt from the LinkToChina Initiative that the British Chamber of Commerce launched in 2011 and how they could apply to boost UK -Trade partnership.
  • Highlight the industry sectors where UK investors are best placed to work with  China.
  • Matchmaking  British SME with opportunities in China market -  LinkToChina Initiative  for UK's future growth in partnership".
  • How much expertise do the existing and prospective British investors have on  China? How can investors overcome social, culture and linguistic barriers whilst doing business with  China
  • How much expertise do the existing and prospective  Chinese investors have on UK? How can investors overcome social, culture and linguistic barriers whilst doing business with UK? 
  • The book: How To Do Business in the UK - A Practical Guide will be launched at this okra eXpress event. Chinese Journalist, Mr. Hanqing Ma, Deputy Chief Correspondent, Economy Department, Yangcheng Evening News will be in attendance at this event to feed into the sound bites and cover the event in  Chinese and English. Other local and overseas journalists will also be in attendance to cover this event which would focus on positive, prospects and potentials in relations to boosting trade 
Discuss all this and lots more at the UK – CHINA Trade Boost Evening Event at 6pm, Thursday, 24

About the keynote speakers: Dr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director, BBC  
 Programme, British Chamber of Commerce

Alert - CopyrightPhoto above, Dr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director, for the BCC 
 Programme, and Chief 
Adviser, British Chamber of Commerce,  



British Chamber of Commerce

About the keynote speaker, 

Dr. Kegang Wu PhD, MSc, BSc, DPSI, DipTran

Dr. Kegang Wu, has been a  
 market specialist in the UK with a track record in leading and facilitating new business partnership development for British businesses, chambers, and public sector agencies. His hand-on approach in consultancy and projects benefits his clients with his extensive experience, in-depth market know-how and wide range of contacts internationally. He was Chairman of Liverpool  
 Committee, Director of  
, and Director of International Business of Liverpool Chamber of
 Commerce. He is now Executive Director for the BCC  
 Programme, a Director of 
 UK and Chief  
 Adviser to the British Chambers of Commerce.  A native speaker of  
 and competent speaker of English, he is an established communicator for 
 relationship and business negotiator. He holds many advisory positions in on  
organisations and he is a regular speaker in 
 trade and investment forums. He is the editor of the How To Do Business in UK – A Practical Guide (in Chinese).  Dr. Wu studied his PhD at King’s College London. Prior to his  
business roles he spent 20 years on environmental teaching, research and consultancy in  
. Kegang has been also active in promoting the engagement and representation of local British  
 communities with the  
 mainstream society and politics. He was voted 2012 World Top Ten Cantonese Young Personality by the World Guangdong ( 
) Confederation of Associations. DrKegang Wu, is the editor of the How To Do Business in UK – A Practical Guide (in Chinese).

ABOUT THE BOOKHow To Do Business in the UK - A Practical Guide launched in Beijing will be launched at this okraeXpress event on UK -  
. Local and overseas journalists will be in attendance, including journalists from  
 keen to cover this event so that existing and prospective investors interested in  
 trade with the UK could feed into the swift, and punchy  
sound bites
 from this okra eXpress event. 

The Synopsis of the book: How To Do Business in the UK – A Practical Guide launched in Beijing

The 120 page guide was launched in April 2012 at the flagship national Chinese Enterprise Outbound Investment Conference, which was attended by more than 1000 governmental and business decision makers, investment agencies, chambers and media.

Published in Chinese and distributed to over 40 provinces and cities in China, in addition to the 21 offices of the LinkToChinaprogramme, How To Do Business in the UK has been written specifically for Chinese investors. It covers a wide range of business topics including UK investment from a Chinese perspective, UK science and technology, banking, legal practices, accounting and taxation, M&A, properties and immigration. Case studies of Chinese investment in the UK are highlighted to showcase good practices of professional services and local authorities. Oxfordshire, Slough (and Segro Trading Estate), Bracknell and Swindon are illustrated as examples of good locations for Chinese investment, where local authorities work closely with business community in welcoming Chinese investorsThe guide also provides advice on how to find investment projects in the UK through organisations such as the BCC LinkToChina Programme and the chamber networks. 25 UK business opportunities from the subscribers of LinkToChina are included as examples. Sound bites about the LinkToChina from Mr. Zhou Xiaoming, TheChinese Minister Counsellor of the Economy and Trade Office, Chinese Embassy in UK said: “This book offers exactly what the title says. It is very practical and offers excellent guidance. It is different from ordinary introductions of investment conditions about the country.” “What makes it especially valuable is that the book includes a large number of real investment project opportunities.”

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Success Stories - BBC reports
  • Billingsgate is London's oldest wholesale market and home to more than 50 merchants selling fish and seafood wholesale and direct to the public. About 25,000 tonnes of fish are sold every year and there is increasing demand for luxury products including crabs destined for China. The Fish Market: Inside Billingsgate is broadcasted on Thursday 24 May 2012 at 2100 BST. Or watch afterwards on iPlayer. BBC reports. Last updated, 24 May 2012, at 00.14am. © Copyright BBC
  • Upmarket fashion retailer Burberry has reported strong growth in annual profits as it continues to expand around the world. Pre-tax profits were up 24% to £366m, with sales also up 24% to £1.86bn. The company, which has been expanding fast in emerging markets where luxury items are highly sought-after, said the Asia - Pacific region accounted for 37%  of both retail and wholesales revenue. However, the company has also been performing well in Europe. The company's chief executive, says this is because they have been focussing on "flagship cities" in the West. BBC reports. Last updated, 23 May 2012, 12.48pm © Copyright, BBC
  • You can hit on this link to read more about Burberry luxury fashion brand reports increase in profi. BBC reports. Last updated, updated 25 May 2011, Last updated at 10.25am© Copyright, BBC
  • Made in UK  >>>> Businesses choose to manufacture in the UK, the Gateway to Europe The words, "Made in China" are printed on many of the goods that we buy. However, that might soon become less common. Rising costs in the Far East mean that an increasing number of businesses are considering moving production back in the UK.BBC's Beth McLeod reports on this growing trends. Last updated, 15 May 2012, at 13.20pm. © Copyright, BBC
  • How are UK exporters surviving? BBC reports. Last updated, 15 May 2012, at 11.17am. © Copyright, BBC
  • Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in the UK for the UK - China Strategic SummitMr Wen Jiabao will visited the MG car plant at Longbridge, near Birmingham.  China is keen to invest in Britain, BBC's Andy Moore reports,  




The All Party Parliamentary  
 Group , (The APPCG), was established in 1997 to strengthen and widen the UK-China bilateral relationship and to facilitate increased dialogue and understanding with the National People's Congress.

40 Years of CHINA - UK Full Diplomatic Relations

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